Cain Velasquez requests permission to compete at AAA’s December 3rd show while out on bail

Cain Velasquez requested special permission to work a AAA show while he is out on bail

The AAA show is taking place in Arizona. 

Two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez is currently out on bail as he is facing multiple charges, one of which is for the attempted murder of Harry Goularte who is being accused of molesting Velasquez’s then four-year-old child. 

Nolan King of MMA Junkie provided an update from Velasquez’s arraignment on November 21st. He and his attorney, Ed Sousa, made a motion for the court to allow Velasquez to wrestle at AAA’s December 3rd show in Arizona. 

Cain has travel restrictions in addition to other bail release rules he must abide by. Velasquez’s legal team indicated that he would still he monitored by a G.P.S. and would pay fees so that police could accompany him on the trip. A district attorney who was present at the arraignment objected Velasquez’s request and asked that the hearing be rescheduled for later this month when the lead prosecutor is available. 

Velasquez’s attorney responded by saying it cannot wait that long because AAA has to promote the event. The request was redirected to a judge who is more familiar with the circumstances of Velasquez’s case and that judge is expected to make a formal decision Tuesday. 

Velasquez last wrestled for AAA in December of 2021 at Triplemanía Regia.

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