POST NEWS UPDATE: Juventud Guerrera was in talks to do more with AEW, but he got hurt

Juventud Guerrera-AEW, interview with Chris Jericho's son, Lacey Evans notes, Naoya Ogawa on the idea of returning, Acclaimed vs. Bucks

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** While partaking in Highspots’ ‘Sign-It-Live, Juventud Guererra shared that after he debuted in AEW as a part of the ‘Five Labours of Jericho’, he and AEW engaged in talks about him doing more with the company, but he went down with an injury.

That was great actually [experience with AEW]. That was tremendous… It was great… And then after two months, we were talking to do more but then, I got hurt. But yeah, now I’m good.

** There’s a three-part interview on Jim Varsallone’s YouTube channel with Ash Irvine, son of Chris Jericho. He was asked if he’s interested in becoming a pro wrestler and Ash is sure it’s not for him. He said his grandfather played hockey, his dad does wrestling and he wants to do his own thing.

It’s — not even a ‘required taste’ but it’s always been something I like to think about. I think deep down, I know it’s just not for me [Ash said about a career in wrestling] and my grandpa played hockey, my dad does wrestling and I’m not gonna do either. I’m gonna do my own thing, you know? 

Ash has always enjoyed watching his father perform. He talked about the legacy Chris Jericho carved out for himself in wrestling and hopes his dad gets the respect he deserves when he steps away. 

His [Chris Jericho’s] birthday was [November 9th] and everyone was singing him happy birthday and all the stadiums. It was very crazy to see all of that. Just the respect he commands after doing what he’s been doing for so long and it’s easy to look up to him for me because he does all this insane, crazy stuff that I just sit at home and watch and take for granted because that’s what’s been going on for my entire life because he’s been doing it for 30 years and I take what he does for granted but he is truly one of the greatest of all time in wrestling and I hope he gets his respect from the wrestling community when he’s finally wrapped it up. I don’t know when that will be, hopefully not for a long time. But yeah, it’s always fun to watch AEW and see him out there or my friends will tell me they saw an AEW commercial, my dad was on it. That’s always funny.

As the conversation was ongoing, Ash stated that he started writing paranormal-related articles for Chris’ website, ‘Web Is Jericho’ and his next article comes out in December.

** Earlier this month, Lacey Evans competed in her first match for WWE and in almost two months. Evans was the most recent guest on Brandi Rhodes’ ‘2 Lies and 1 Truth’ podcast and said she’s just waiting on a phone call from WWE to go back and has to keep working hard in the meantime.

Yeah, I hope so [Evans responded when Brandi said she hopes to see her soon]. I mean, some stuff may be in the works. I just gotta keep working hard and when they’re ready for me, I have to be ready so, you know how it is. I’m just waiting on that phone call.

Good or bad, good or bad, it’s a phone call man. You just gotta be ready [Evans laughed].

Evans told the story of when she was scheduled to do a run-in at a house show but she had her daughter with her. Lacey’s husband went to the restroom and she was short on time. There were multiple wrestlers who ensured Evans that they’d watch over her daughter while she went to the ring.

We [WWE] were in Germany I think and we were on tour and my daughter — so I was doing a stint with Becky [Lynch] and Seth [Rollins] and I needed to run out. It’s a live show, they improv a lot, just do a lot of fun based off the crowd reactions and stuff and they wanted me to do this run out real quick because Becky was out there and it was Seth and my husband had just went to take a crap in the bathroom so I had my daughter and I’m sitting with my daughter and I’ve already done my match, so this is at the end, like an end thing they threw in there and I was like, oh no, my daughter. She was little at this time so they’re like, ‘We got her, go’ and I look and all the guys, the boys backstage, they’re like, ‘We got her. It’s okay’ and my daughter’s tiny and I just remember thinking, my husband takes a long time to take a dump and I’m about to have to go out here and leave my kid but you know, Roman Reigns was there, there was a couple other — just all the boys and they’re like, ‘We got this’ and I had to run, producers were like, ‘Go! Go! Go!’ So I went and I come back and then my husband was just coming out and he was just smiling, hanging out with the boys but it was pretty funny, you know? Because as a mom, you’re like, what do I do? What do I do? She wasn’t old, she wasn’t ten years old… So yeah, that was pretty funny but they looked at me with not even second guessing it. They’re like, ‘We got her, go’ and I was just like, ‘Okay’ and I left my baby just out there with the boys and I ran into the crowd so it was pretty funny.

** Next month, the ‘INOKI BOM-BA-YE’ show in honor of the late Antonio Inoki is taking place. Naoya Ogawa, who is a Judo and Olympic champion in addition to his pro wrestling career, was asked about the idea of coming out of retirement to compete at the show. He told Tokyo Sports that he’d like to carry on the Inoki-ism in that Inoki said he would never get back in the ring after retiring. Ogawa did add that it depends on whether the fans would accept it or not. Ogawa last wrestled in 2015 at an Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye event.

I don’t know about that [if I’ll be competing at the show]. Hahahahahaha. I have to carry on the Inoki-ism. Mr. Inoki also said that he would never come back, and even though he was hinting that he would, he did not come back. There are people who come back after retirement, but Inoki said, ‘It would be cheap’ (to come back). He said, ‘Antonio Inoki shouldn’t do that.’ He valued the name ‘Antonio Inoki’ as a professional wrestler.

It is a question of whether I am wanted or not. It would be strange for me to return to the ring when I am not wanted.

It depends on whether the fans accept it or not. The basic line of thinking of (show producer) Tanigawa Sadaharu is that it doesn’t matter what age you are, as long as the fans like it. But in the end, if the audience wants to see [certain things], Mr. Tanigawa has no choice but to create opportunities for them. And I think it’s our job to pick up their voices. It’s not about whether I’m back or not, but if the fans speak up, we will try to make it happen, so please speak up in any way you can.

** AEW World Tag Team Champion Anthony Bowens guest appeared on Good Karma Wrestling. He told the outlet that he’s looking forward to the day when he and Max Caster run it back with The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson).

We’re [The Acclaimed] gonna have to, at some point, get back to The Young Bucks because our very first main event, which was ten matches in which is probably unheard of, on Dynamite was against The Young Bucks and they cheated. Superkicked Rick Knox right in the face and I think that’s pretty much illegal guys.

** On a Q&A edition of the ARN podcast, Arn Anderson expressed that Brock Anderson does not feel any pressure to live up to what he accomplished in wrestling. He just wants Brock to be a good employee and to be viewed as a talent that everyone wants to work with.

I don’t think he [Brock Anderson] feels any pressure to become who I was or emulate me. I think he pretty much knows — and grown up around — the respect I have for the business and everyone that’s come before us because in any capacity, if you’ve been in the wrestling industry in a supportive role, in a star role, in a running the camera role, anything, a referee role, a commentator role, if you were in the business before myself, I look at you being responsible, partially, for me being able to live my dream and every single day, going to work, doing a job that I truly love. I just want Brock to be a good employee, be a good partner, be a good opponent, be a good person, be a good guy in the locker room, be a good spokesman for the business and do all the things where he’s a part of the crew that is liked, respected because he shows respect and be one of those kids that if I owned a company, he’d be on my crew and I’d be glad to get him and wanna have him. I think he has a ton to offer, speaks well. If you saw the thing he did with Kerry Morton, he did a great job. He’s just gonna get better at that. He speaks well, his talents in the ring, every time he gets a rep, he gets a little bit better and understands and appreciates the critiques that he gets. All the things that just go into being a part of the crew that everybody, I guess, you know, wants to work with. That would be my hope for him.

** Joining the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast was Titus O’Neil and he shared that he’s looking to venture into acting. O’Neil added that he has a ‘couple of opportunities.’

My personal goal is to continue to be in films. I’m on my way. I have a couple of opportunities… hopefully Hollywood and doing some really cool stuff on television and working in that space. One of my best friends, Dave Bautista, obviously Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s doing well, John Cena’s doing well, so hopefully I get a chance to go out there and bust my ass, break out my acting chops and do well in that space too.

** At IMPACT Wrestling’s ‘Over Drive’ show, Trey Miguel became a two-time X Division Champion. He spoke to Lucha Libre Online about the win and said it feels like he never lost the belt.

It feels like the [X Division] Championship has never left me. It’s weird. The moment it was back in my lap and I was looking down on it, just unwrapping my wrist tape… it was like seeing an old friend, it really was, you know what I mean? Like you get back to exactly where you left off. It feels like no time has passed in between really. It felt exactly like that and I haven’t had it for maybe six months or something like that but yeah, it was a really weird feeling. It feels good to have it back though. It’s my favorite championship in all of pro wrestling so it means a lot to me to be able to hold it again and to now be a two-time X Division Champion.

** NXT’s Xyon Quinn visited Dr. Beau Hightower and during their session, Quinn said his favorite match of his pro wrestling career thus far is the bout he had with Santos Escobar on the 1/11/22 edition of NXT.

It’s a hard question [what his favorite match is]. There’s really a couple that I like. Probably Santos [Escobar] because we had that pretty cool story with Elektra [Lopez] there and Legado [Del Fantasma] so, I enjoyed that.

** NJPW World Tag League & Super Junior Tag League Results (11/27/22) Dolphin’s Arena in Nagoya, Japan
Super Junior Tag League: Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI & Titan) [6] def. Kevin Knight & KUSHIDA [2]
World Tag League: United Empire (Aaron Henare & Great-O-Khan) (w/ Gideon Grey) [4] def. Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd [4]
Super Junior Tag League: Alex Zayne & El Lindaman [6] def. House Of Torture (Dick Togo & SHO) [0]
World Tag League: Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) (w/ Gideon Grey) [6] def. Suzuki-gun (Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki) [4]
Super Junior Tag League: BULLET CLUB (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) [8] def. Clark Connors & Ryusuke Taguchi [2]
World Tag League: Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toru Yano [2] def. BULLET CLUB (Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens) [2]
Super Junior Tag League: Lio Rush & YOH [6] def. DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru [0]
World Tag League: TMDK (Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste) [4] def. House Of Torture (EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi) [0]
Super Junior Tag League: Francesco Akira & TJP (w/ Gideon Grey) [6] def. Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask [4]
World Tag League: Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI [4] def. Los Ingobernables de Japon (SANADA & Tetsuya Naito) [4]

** It is being reported by Tokyo Sports that the gravesite of the Inoki family is being renovated and a bronze statue of Antonio Inoki is going to be built.

** Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling ‘All Rise’ Results (11/27/22) Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan
– Suzume def. Yoshiko Hasegawa
Three On Two Handicap Match: Hyper Misao & Shoko Nakajima def. Haruna Neko, Kaya Toribami & Mahiro Kiryu
– Miu Watanabe & Rika Tatsumi def. Juria Nagano & Moka Miyamoto
– Mizuki def. Arisu Endo
– Nao Kakuta & Yuki Kamifuku def. Hikari Noa & Maki Ito
EVE Championship: Miyu Yamashita (c) def. Millie McKenzie
Princess Tag Team Championships: Saki Akai & Yuki Arai (c) def. Pom Harajuku & Yuki Aino
Princess Of Princess Championship: Yuka Sakazaki (c) def. Billie Starkz

** Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair’s appearance on ‘SELF’: 

** Pro Wrestling NOAH updated their schedule for January and February 2023.

** Episode #404 of Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast featured Nyla Rose.

** Carlito guest appeared on the Culture State podcast.

** Highspots hosted a virtual signing with Nick Gage.

If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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