IMPACT Wrestling Over Drive: Josh Alexander retains, Trey Miguel wins X Division title

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling Over Drive

November 18th, 2022

Old Forester’s Paristown Hall in Louisville, KY

By: John Siino

Commentary: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt


·       Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Masha Slamovich

·       Josh Alexander (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian

Countdown to Over Drive

·       6-Way X-Division Match: Rich Swann def. Mike Bailey, Yuya Uemura, Bhupinder Gujjar, Kenny King & Jason Hotch by pinfall at 8:07.

·       Kenny King left the ring and let Rich Swann finish off Jason Hotch with the handspring cutter for the win. The story is that King is continuing to screw over Mike Bailey.

·       IMPACT World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match: The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) def. BULLET CLUB (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) by pinfall at 13:24.

·       Chris Sabin got the roll-up pin on Chris Bey. Ace Austin & Chris Bey will now go compete in the NJPW Super Junior Tag League.

Tables Match: Moose vs. Bully Ray

They start the match by getting into each other’s faces and talking trash, as Bully Ray was removing his chains, Moose gave him a low blow and a spear. Moose went and brought a couple of tables into the ring, but Ray took him down with a spear also. Moose starts tossing chairs into the ring and tries to suplex Ray into the timekeeper’s table, but Ray reverses and hits it on the floor. Ray takes control and prompts the crowd to ask for the table, but Moose attacks Ray from behind with a chair. Ray comes right back with chair shots to Moose’s back himself. Moose places Ray on the top rope, hits a dropkick, but Ray catches Moose and hits a sit-out power bomb from the top rope. They start trading punches until Moose blocks the Bully Bomb, and tries a dive off the ropes but Ray catches him into a cutter. Moose dodges a running Ray who goes crashing into a table, but that doesn’t count for the finish as it wasn’t an offensive move from Moose. Moose proclaims himself the winner, but the referee says no. Moose tries to whip Ray into another table in the corner, but Ray is able to block it and spear Moose through it to get the win.

Winner: Bully Ray at 10:00

Frankie is Focused

Gia Miller is on Zoom with Frankie Kazarian’s wife Traci Brooks and their son Rebel and asks how things are with Kazarian after the previous night’s contract signing. Traci says it was intense and he’s so focused and no matter what they are still proud of him.

IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka) (c) (w/ Rosemary) vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

Taya Valkyrie and Tasha Steelz start the match, as Steelz pie faces Taya who then tackles Steelz down. Taya keeps Steelz in her corner as Jessicka tags in and they continue to double team Steelz getting a two count. Jessicka calls in Savannah Evans, as they tease choke slamming each other. They start trading shots, before Jessicka hits a scoop slam and a leg drop for a two. Taya tags in, but Evans goes right after her in their corner. Steelz takes Taya down with kicks and a dropkick for a two. Evans and Steelz continue to double-team Taya in their corner until she is able to kick her way out and make the tag to Jessicka. Jessicka powers down Steelz before hitting a double cross body to both Steelz and Evans. All four women start brawling until Jessicka catches a springboarding Steelz and turns it into the Sick Driver along with a kick to the head from Taya, as Jessicka pins Steelz for the win.

Winners: Death Dollz (Jessicka & Taya Valkyrie) by pinfall at 8:35, to retain

How Many Times Have You Been to Japan?

Ace Austin & Chris Bey are backstage with The Motor City Machine Guns as Austin says they aren’t ashamed to lose to them, but they gave them a run for their money and they’ll be heading over to NJPW for the Super Junior Tag League. Alex Shelley questions how many times they’ve even been to Japan or team up compared to the times MCMG has. The Major Players interrupt and tell them to pull up a chair and see them in the tag team championship tonight.

Mickie James vs. Taylor Wilde

This is another match in Mickie James’ Last Rodeo where she’ll retire if she loses any matches building to her Knockouts Championship opportunity. This is a first-time meet-up as they never were on the roster at the same time until now. They lock up and roll around the ring while staying connected together. They start twisting and working on each other’s arms, mixed with arm drags and a headlock takedown from Taylor Wilde. They go to dropkick each other before having a bit of a standoff. James comes back with a hurricanrana as Wilde hits a head scissors. James tosses Wilde to the outside, where she decides to take a breather before James invites her back in. Instead, Wilde knocks James off the ropes and onto the outside. Wilde starts attacking James while using the apron. Wilde attempts a pin after a suplex inside but only gets two, before transitioning into a surfboard. Wild puts on a sleeper hold, but James fights it off. They start bouncing off the ropes while delivering forearms until Wilde attacks her lower back of James. James bounces back with a Thesz Press and a neckbreaker. Wilde reverses the Mick DT, into pin attempts that they trade back and forth. James catches Wilde into a flat jack, goes to the top rope, but Wilde stops her. James knocks her off, and jumps off into a kick followed by the Wilde Ride by Wilde for a two. Wilde puts on the Camel Clutch, but James gets out and hits Mick DT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mickie James by pinfall at 12:29

Ending Your Career

As Mickie James is celebrating, Deonna Purrazzo comes into the ring with a mic. Deonna calls James a selfish bitch and she might have everybody fooled about bettering women’s wrestling and the Knockouts Division and calls that bullshit. Deonna says James is only here for herself and had to try and end her relationship with Chelsea Green. Deonna says James has been hell-bent to end her career and James is the one person she’s yet to beat and that changes now. Deonna is looking to not only ruin James’ career but end it.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: Heath & Rhino (c) vs. The Major Players (Matt Cardona & Brian Myers)

Rhino and Brian Myers start the match with Rhino having the power advantage. Rhino keeps Myers in the corner with chops before Heath and Matt Cardona tag in and goes at it. Cardona quickly tags out as they double-team on Heath. Heath puts Myers in the Tree of Woe and whips Cardona into him before Rhino and Heath pull Cardona into Myers by the legs. Myers is able to knock Heath off the apron and tags in Cardona who goes after him. Major Players continue to double Heath as Myers hits a knee strike for a two. Cardona starts choking out Heath with his knee until he slingshots Heath into the bottom rope. Heath tries to punch his way out, but Myers keeps him in the center of the ring. Eventually, Heath is able to whip Cardona into Myers’ boot and fight them both off hitting Myers with a flapjack. Heath tries to tag, but Cardona pulls Rhino off the apron. The Motor City Machine Guns come out with chairs they used to take a seat for as The Major Players had suggested. Cardona starts talking trash to MCMG as Heath back body drops Cardona to the outside. Rhino and Myers both tag in with Rhino hitting a belly-to-belly suplex, but Myers stops him with a flatliner for a two. The Major Players hit a double implant DDT, but Heath breaks up the pin. Heath tosses Cardona close to wear the MCMG are, so Cardona grabs one of their chairs and tries to get Myers to use it, but Chris Sabin is able to snatch it before he can. During this distraction, Rhino gores Myers for the pin and the win.

Winners: Heath & Rhino by pinfall at 11:27, to retain

Good Luck Tonight

Gia Miller is backstage with Bully Ray and congratulates him on his win over Moose earlier. Ray said he should be at the hotel icing himself but he’s going to the locker room to watch the main event. Ray said he will tell the winner when he will call his shot and doesn’t know why Frankie Kazarian doesn’t trust him as they have a lot of history together. Ray wishes them both good luck tonight but one of them will have to face him.

IMPACT X-Division Championship Tournament Final: Black Taurus (w/ Crazzy Steve) vs. Trey Miguel

Crazzy Steve introduces Black Taurus and says tonight Trey Miguel will have to risk life and limb and tonight’s outcome may be observed in the obituary due to the hands and hooves of Black Taurus. They start with lock-up attempts while continuing to size up each other. Taurus seems impressed by Miguel’s quickness and energy. Miguel uses the ropes for hurricanrana, but Taurus runs the ropes and does one himself. They continue with a barrage of lightning-fast offense, as Taurus hits two sling blades and a backbreaker for a two. They start trading punches and chops in the corner until Taurus gets whipped into the other corner where he uses it to flip off the tope rope with a dive followed by a power slam for a two. Taurus starts tying Miguel into a cloverleaf, but Miguel rolls over onto the ropes to break it up. Taurus hits Miguel with a pop-up Samoan Drop for a two. Miguel comes back with super-fast kicks as the crowd chants ‘this is awesome’.  Miguel follows with a running Meteora for a two count. More crazy back and forth while running the ropes, until they collide and lay in the middle of the ring. Taurus goes for a gut wrench suplex, but Miguel rolls him up for a two followed by an Enziguri for two. They head to the ropes where Taurus takes Miguel down with a top rope Gorilla press slam, but only gets a two count. Taurus tries a knee strike but Miguel moves as Taurus goes falling to the outside where Miguel meets him with a dive into a hurricanrana on the floor. Miguel quickly tosses Taurus back inside for a Meteora but only gets a two. Miguel ends up on the shoulders of Taurus but they both spill over the ropes to the outside. Taurus grabs Miguel and power bombs him into a ring post. Back inside, Miguel tosses a spray can cap to distract the referee as he then sprays Taurus right in the eyes, followed by a Lightning Spiral for the pin to become a two-time X-Division Champion.

Winner: Trey Miguel by pinfall at 15:50, to become NEW IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion

IMPACT Knockouts World Championship Last Knockout Standing Match: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Masha Slamovich

They face off to start the match before trading forearms. They quickly head to the outside as Jordynne Grace starts working on the left leg of Masha Slamovich followed by a stalled suplex to the floor. Grace teases a piledriver, but Masha back body drops her and starts working on Grace’s leg now. The count by the referee starts as Masha struggles to get on her feet. They take it inside where Masha hits a swinging neckbreaker and starts working on Grace’s back. Grace starts landing boots while telling the referee to count with one suplex knocking Masha leg first into the ropes as she screams in pain but gets up at 8. Grace starts tossing a bunch of chairs inside followed by a dragon screw on Masha’s injured leg. Masha tries to fight back but struggles, as Grace is able to grab onto Masha and power bomb her into the set-up chairs. Masha gets up at nine as Grace grabs a metal rod from the stair that she uses on Masha, before wedging another chair into a corner. Masha is able to take Grace into another chair with an Air Raid Crash. Masha hits a snap suplex before tossing the trash can into the ring. A bit of back and forth before Grace hits a Vertebreaker (or Vertebreak-Her as she calls it) onto the trash can. Grace goes right after the legs again, places Masha on the top rope, and tries a Muscle Buster, but Masha headbutts her way out and hits a ‘Moscow Sunrise’. They both get up at nine before Grace works on the leg again by putting on a figure four while turning until they head to the apron while keeping the move on before Grace lets go. They fight on the outside as Masha takes Grace down with a piledriver. Masha grabs a door and places it between the ring and a trash can before attacking Grace with a toilet seat. Masha teases a Grace Driver on Grace but ends up tossing her into the ring post. They head to the apron, as Grace grabs Masha, walks up the steel steps, and hits a Muscle Buster onto the door. They both slowly get up, but Masha fails to get up at the 10 count as Grace is able to and win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace at 21:22 by Knockout standing, to retain

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·       IPWF Throwback Throwdown III – Friday, December 2nd

·       Hard to Kill – Friday, January 13th at Center Stage in Atlanta, GA

·       Sacrifice – Friday, March 24th at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

·       Sacrifice Fallout – Saturday, March 25th at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

IMPACT World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian

Josh Alexander’s wife and son are ringside, as Frankie Kazarian has chosen to keep his family home to not cause a distraction. They rush fast into a lock-up that has them spill right to the outside as they quickly go back in. They roll around a bit before having a bit of a stand-off. Alexander tries to go for the ankle lock, as Kazarian turns it into a quick Chicken Wing. They trade wrist locks and arm drags before Alexander puts on another ankle lock. Alexander starts showing some pain in his arm before clubbing the back of Kazarian. Alexander catches Kazarian off the corner and hits two German suplexes, before being tossed to the outside where Kazarian hits him with a head scissors and a clothesline. Kazarian hits a slingshot leg drop to the inside for a two-count followed by a fisherman suplex for another two. Alexander comes back with chops, but Kazarian comes back with a swinging neckbreaker and a slingshot leg drop. Alexander goes back to German Suplexes, but Kazarian only takes one and sends Alexander into the corner with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kazarian starts stomping away but Alexander stops him with a butterfly suplex. Alexander hits a back body drop and ten back-to-back German Suplexes. Unbelievable. Alexander tries the C4 Spike, but Kazarian stops it with a Chicken Wing attempt. Alexander goes into the ropes to stop it, and as they run the ropes, Kazarian bumps into the referee taking him out.

Kazarian hits Alexander with a DDT off the apron to the outside right in front of his wife and son. Kazarian grabs the world title and teases using it on Alexander, but Jade pleads for him not to. Kazarian struggles with what to do but ends up tossing the title back on the table. They head back inside, where Alexander reverses the chicken wing into the ankle lock, but Kazarian flips him into the corner, into a couple more chicken wing attempts. Kazarian knocks Alexander’s mouth guard out with a punch and hits the Killswitch for a two. They go to the apron, but Alexander dodges Kazarian’s leg drop and runs into him with a crossbody as they spill to the outside. Back inside, Alexander hits a UFO powerbomb for a two. Kazarian is able to reverse a roll-up and puts on the chicken wing in the middle of the ring, but Alexander turns it into an ankle lock before Alexander eventually suplexes him off. They head to the top rope, where on a superplex attempt they end up crashing awkwardly. Kazarian catches Alexander on his shoulders and hits Back to the Future for a two. They go back and forth until Alexander hits a Tombstone for two. They start fighting on the apron, as Kazarian hits a slingshot cutter for a close two-count. Kazarian starts hammering punches to Alexander in the corner, even knocking his headpiece off but Alexander comes right back. Kazarian then puts on an ankle lock, but Alexander reverses it. Kazarian looks like he’s about to submit but eventually crawls over and reaches the bottom rope. Kazarian comes back with a clothesline and a Styles Clash for a two. Kazarian places Alexander on the top rope, as Alexander tries a top rope C4 Spike, but Kazarian is able to toss Alexander off. Kazarian heads to the top rope and hits a flying leg drop for a two and right into a chicken wing. Alexander breaks out of it as they trade roll-up pin attempts. Eventually Alexander traps Kazarian and hits the C4 Spike for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander by pinfall at 32:51, to retain

Why Would You Ever Trust Me?

Frankie Kazarian looks really frustrated after the match but gets a great reaction as he embraces Josh Alexander and raises his hand. Bully Ray heads to the ring with his Call Your Shot trophy and asks for a mic. Ray says he just watched an incredible professional wrestling match and that’s what professional wrestling is all about. Ray calls Alexander the most credible world champion on the planet right now, chooses him out of any company, and says that the match deserves a standing ovation. Ray says now it’s time for business and challenges Alexander at Hard to Kill and if he shakes his hand that means he accepts, which Alexander did. As Alexander goes to his family, he gets attacked from behind by Ray. Ray starts attacking Alexander with chair shots to his back as Jade is screaming for Ray to stop. Their son isn’t there during this attack. Ray grabs a zip tie and ties Alexander to the bottom rope. Ray says he kept his word and asks Alexander why he would ever trust him. As he’s about to hit Alexander with the chair, he instead goes and grabs Jade as Alexander rips off the zip tie but before he can do anything Ray teases to piledrive Jade on the concrete if Alexander moves. Ray tells Alexander to him his title, which he does, Ray holds it up and tosses Jade off of him. Alexander goes and holds his wife as Ray holds a chair in front of them and tells him not to move or she will eat the chair and says that from this range he won’t miss. Ray asks if Alexander loves his wife and if he’ll do anything to save her before he walks with the chair and the title.

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