GCW One Afternoon Only – Tony Deppen vs. Billy Starkz, EFFY vs. Cole Radrick

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW: One Afternoon Only 
Sunday, December 4, 2022, The Arena, Jeffersonville, IN 

All of us at Post Wrestling would like to wish Emil J a very happy 36th birthday. He shares the same birthday as Dr. Matt Leitl. 

Nick Gage: 

The King comes to the ring, thanks 2 Tuff Tony for letting GCW use The Area. Gage mentions that Tony doesn’t like the salty language and that he will try his best to keep it in check then goes right into “Where’s my Fucking Gang at” but pauses before he said fucking, which drew a laugh from the crowd and myself. “GCW runs Kentuckiana, make some noise for Kentuckiana, Emil, give them that stuff.” Emil J then recited the Nick Gage entrance, leaving out the swears, of course, another great bit. “The Freaking God of This Stuff.” The crowd then chanted “Nick Freaking Gage.” Gage ran down Tony Deppen before leaving the crowd with the MDK call and response. 

Singles Match: Starboy Charlie vs. Jeffrey John 

John has the early advantage as he worked over Charlie with a headlock, Starboy got his way out of the hold and locked in a headlock of his own. Eventually, they started running the ropes, Charlie caught John with a Manhattan Drop followed by a standing Shooting Staar Press for a quick near fall. Jeffrey John looks like he raided Strega Nona’s closet as he continued to wrestle with a headscarf on. Starboy Charlie secured the Muta Lock but John was unwilling to tap out, John muscled his way out and hit Charlie with a stiff backbreaker but was only able to get a two count. John attempted a moonsault but Starboy moved out of the way and attempted a drop toe hold that was poorly executed which allowed Starboy to hit him with a basement dropkick followed by the cosmic swirl followed by a Texas Cloverleaf for the victory.

Starboy Charlie Defeated Jeffrey John

Singles Match: Axton Ray vs. AJ Gray

AJ Gray made his return to wrestling tonight after taking a sabbatical these past couple of months, he is in the best shape of his life and looking to pick up where he left off. People forget but AJ Gray was involved in one of the best Deathmatches of 2022 when he faced Matt Tremont in VxS in January. The two started trading holds as each of them looked for an advantage, Axton took Gray off of his feet with a dropkick to his knees followed by a standing switch into a shoulder tackle. Gray took a powder on the floor but was quickly caught by two tope suicidas and a top rope dive from Axton Ray. Gray responded with a flapjack into a senton but Ray kicked out at two, Gray started to lay in some heavy chops, and Ray responded with some of his own but Gray took him down with a back elbow. Gray hit Ray with a commendation of strikes which culminated with a big slap across Ray’s ear, Gray hit a beautiful Double A Spinebuster for another two-count. Ray and Gray both exchanged heavy shots and kicks, Gray attempted a deadlift suplex but Ray backed him up in the corner and placed Gray on the top turnbuckle. Gray fought him off with a series of headbutts followed by a big superfly splash, Ray kicked out but he was unable to kick out of two giant lariats from AJ Gray. 

AJ Gray Defeated Axton Ray

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. 1 Called Manders

Oliver came to the ring with his arm taped up from his over a 30-minute bout with Tony Deppen last night. Oliver couldn’t even use his arm to sling his way into the ring like he normally does for his entrance. Oliver starts off hot with a tornado kick followed by an Acid Kick, he went for another move but was backdropped by Manders. Oliver and Mander traded chops in the center of the ring, Manders got the best of the situation but Oliver returned fire with a couple of chops Manders used his strength to throw Oliver around the ring. I really hope 2023 brings Manders to Japan. Oliver regained control of the match with a series of kicks followed by a spike piledriver and a cloutcutter for a very close near fall. Oliver went for the cloutcutter again but much like last night, he was unable to propel himself up onto the ropes due to his injured arm. Manders pounced on Oliver and hit him with a Gord buster followed by a Dr. Bomb for a near fall. Manders hit Oliver with a ripcord lariat, followed by another lariat but Oliver still managed to kick out, Manders went for his stampede but Oliver slinked into a roll-up victory. 

Jordan Oliver Defeated 1 Called Manders

8-Person Tag Team Match: SGC*NT (Second Gear Crew, Sawyer Wreck, and Allie Katch) vs. Infrared and The Bang Bros 

The match broke down right away with SGC taking Infrared to the floor while Katch and Wreck took the fight to Bang Bros. After they sent the Bang Bro’s to the floor, Wreck and Katch kissed which was broken up by Infrared, SGC*NT didn’t take too kindly to this as they stepped up the violence, Mance started to skewer one of the members of the Bang Bro’s as Matthew Justice Sabu’d a chair into Infrared’s heads.  SGC*NT had control throughout the entirety of the match and inflicted an unlimited amount of punishment on their opponents. The Bang Bros hit stereo 450’s but their pin attempt was broken up by Sawyer Wreck who choke-slammed both of them. Logan James ran wild on Sawyer Wreck to the dismay of the crowd, and Mance Warner is in the process of growing a beautiful mullet. Sadly one of Charles Mason’s goons attacked Allie Katch which allowed Infrared to take over the match, one of the members of Infrared hit Sawyer with a twisting neck breaker off the apron through a door on the floor. Justice slammed Matthew through the door but he was able to kick out at 2, Warner and Justice took him out with a double spear, followed by a tree slam from Sawyer. All four members of SGC*NT came off the top rope with ax handles and hit James for the victory. 

SGC*NT Defeated Infrared and The Bang Bros 

Singles Match: Shane Mercer vs. Jack Cartwheel 

Cartwheel kept trying to evade Mercer’s power but he was caught every time until he was able to take Mercer off of his feet with a tilt-a-whirl into a waist lock takeover. Mercer dumped Cartwheel to the floor to which Cartwheel cartwheeled around the ring to the delight of the crowd; Mercer didn’t take too kindly to the taunting and tried to attack Cartwheel but he was tripped up on the apron. The match returned to the ring where Mercer got Cartwheel up in a Military Press where he pressed him 11 times which was incredibly impressive. Mercer turned his attention to Jack Cartwheel’s back and chest with a series of kicks and chops, they battled on the apron, Mercer went for another Military Press but Cartwheel was able to turn it into a Rana which sent Mercer into the crowd, Cartwheel waited until Mercer was back on his feet and hit a Destroyer off the apron which led to a sick thud. The crowd was chanting for both men as Mercer once again got Cartwheel up on his shoulders and gave him snake eyes on the merch table. With Mercer grounded, Jack Cartwheel climbed up to the crow’s nest and hit a beautiful moonsault onto Mercer, Cartwheel took a huge risk and it paid off. Cartwheel attempted to hit Mercer with his twisting Shooting Star Press but Mercer got his knees up and hit Jack with the Moonsault and Battery, Cartwheel was able to fight out of it and attempted a Poisonrana but Mercer landed on his feet. Mercer hit Cartwheel with a powerslam which he transitioned into a head and arm choke but the hold was broken when Cartwheel got to the ropes. The third time was the charm for Mercer as he finally hit the Moonsault and Battery into a diablo driver for the victory. 

Shane Mercer Defeated Jack Cartwheel 

Singles Match: EFFY vs. Cole Radrick 

Coming off of his win against John Wayne Murdoch, EFFY promised Cole that he was done fucking around and he wouldn’t do “any gay shit,” The story of the match was Cole was doing most of EFFY’s shtick while EFFY wasn’t having any of it and continued to attack Cole despite his playful nature. EFFY was very upset that this match wasn’t a title match and made sure to take out his frustrations throughout the match. Cole Radrick started singing “Why can’t we just kiss” the crowd was loving this as EFFY and COle started to slow dance in the ring, Cole hit EFFY with the heart punch which EFFY sold as fatal. EFFY suckered in Cole and kissed him and stretched him with the Tarantula and a clubbing blow to the back of Cole’s head. EFFY grabbed a chair and kicked it into Cole’s balls. Cole attempted an air Sabu but EFFY caught him with Under the Rainbow onto the seat of a chair for a near fall. Cole set up a door bridge in the center of the ring and placed EFFY on top of the door. Cole went to the top rope but EFFY recovered in time and put Cole through the door with a Sack Ryder. Cole rolled to the floor so he couldn’t be covered while one of Mason’s goons jumped EFFY in the ring. Mason started to attack EFFY with a chair. The match was thrown out and we were subjected to more of Mason’s garbage. Allie Katch ran dollar store MJF out of the arena. 

No Contest

6-Man Tag Team Match: The Rejects with Mad Man Pondo vs. Los Macizos and Jimmy Lloyd 

Murdoch and Ciclope started the match off, Ciclope was able to take out Murdoch but was met with a stop sign to the head from Mad Man Pondo, Miedo Extremo suffered the same fate as his partner. Pondo took his knife and ‘dragged’ it across Extremo’s mouth as Ciclope continued to beat Murdoch down on the floor. Pondo grabbed the staple gun and did the usual bit with the dollar bills, Reed threw a broken piece of the door at Jimmy Lloyd but Ciclope made the save and hit Reed and Murdoch with the other half of the broken door. In the ring, Miedo was able to get the staple gun out of Pondo’s hands and returned the favor by stapling dollars to Pondo’s head. The Rejects grounded Lloyd with a forearm into an exploder suplex which caused the match to fully spill to the floor. Pondo and Ciclope did the bar fight spot as the others battled around ringside; Pondo brained both Jimmy and Miedo with the stop sign before they did a misdirection spot where Pondo hit his partners in the head with the sign. Pondo retrieved a cinder block and a sledgehammer and hit them in the groin of Ciclope. Pondo set up a door bridge in the corner He placed Ciclope on the top turnbuckle but Miedo was able to make the save and the champs hit Pondo with a Heart Attack through the door. A very impressive feat of strength from Miedo. The Rejects hit Lloyd with a Hero’s Welcome but the door didn’t break which caused JImmy to immediately clutched his ribs, the champs, and the Rejects traded fists in the center of the ring, and Pondo grabbed a bundle of tubes, Dave Prazak noted that there is no glass allowed in The Arena, 2 Tuff Tony came to the ring and took the bundle away from Pondo. The fans chanted “just one time” at Tony as he jaw-jacked with Pondo. “You can’t do this shit, but I can” as Tony broke the tubes over Lloyd’s head who was then hit by a Deep South Destroyer for the victory. 

The Rejects and Mad Man Pondo Defeated Los Macizos and Jimmy Lloyd 

Main Event: Billie Starkz vs. Tony Deppen

17-year-old Billie Starkz is coming off her first-ever tour of Japan where she worked a two-week tour with Tokyo Joshi Pro, where she became the youngest ever American Pro Wrestler to ever compete in the main event at Korakuen Hall. While Emil was still introducing Billie, Tony Deppen jumped her from behind and started to work her over. Billie attempted a tope but Deppen caught her and dumped her on the apron, back in the ring, Tony continued to work over Billie’s back. Tony had the advantage in the first half of the match, Billie kept trying to fire up but every time Deppen would level her with a forearm combination. Billie briefly fired up with a series of forearms of her own but Deppen took her down with a Russian Leg Sweep into an arm-based submission maneuver; Billie was able to get out of the hold and kicked Deppen in the chest a couple of times but they didn’t phase Deppen. Billie hit Deppen with a spin kick German suplex combination but Deppen was able to kick out at 2. Billie hit Deppen with a brutal knee strike followed by a release German Suplex but she was caught with a stiff clothesline from Tony Deppen. They started to trade forearms in the center of the ring, Billie cut Deppen down and hit him with a series of kicks to the chest. Before she was able to fully capitalize, Deppen smoked her with a forearm and a clothesline. Billie fired back up and hit a pump kick into a forearm and chop exchange, Billie sent Tony to the floor with a half-and-half suplex followed by a tope. Starkz climbed to the top and attempted a Swanton Bomb but Deppen got his knees up, she attempted a backslide but he was again able to kick out at 2. Billie hit Tony with a Gory Bomb but it still wasn’t enough to keep Tony down for three. Deppen hit a headbutt followed by a brutal double stomp to Billie’s chest, he followed that up with a running double knee into the corner and a northern lights suplex but Billie kicked out at 2. Billie hit Deppen with a rolling clothesline followed by a brainbuster onto her knee but Deppen still kicked out. Deppen locked in the crossface for the victory. After the bell, Deppen didn’t release the hold and laid some hammer fists onto Billie’s face. Tony kept attacking Billie until Nick Gage made the save and took Tony out with a Chokebreaker. 

Tony Deppen Defeated Billie Starkz

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