Bully Ray will be “sticking around for a while” in IMPACT Wrestling

Following his Full Metal Mayhem match at Hard To Kill, Bully Ray reflects on the match and addresses his future in IMPACT Wrestling

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Bully Ray addresses his future in IMPACT. 

Kicking off IMPACT Wrestling’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view was Josh Alexander defending the IMPACT World Championship against Bully Ray in a Full Metal Mayhem match. 

The final result of the bout saw Alexander retain with some assistance from his wife, former wrestler Jennifer Chung, who had been involved in the build up to Bully versus Josh. 

Coming out of the match, Bully appeared on Busted Open Radio as a guest and when asked about his future, he said he’ll be “sticking around for a while” in IMPACT. He added that revenge is definitely on his mind. 

I’m gonna be sticking around for a while (in IMPACT Wrestling) and revenge is definitely on my mind, whether that’s with Josh Alexander, whether that’s with his wife, whether that’s with Tommy Dreamer. So we’ll see what’s gonna happen. I am gonna stick around. [Hard To Kill] was a very violent, very brutal match as a Full Metal Mayhem always is.

Looking back at the story he and Alexander told, Bully said he envisioned it turning out like the conclusion of an action movie. He wanted the good guy and bad guy to clash but in the end, the bad guy gets what’s his coming to him and the good guy gets the girl and the big moment. 

When you take a match like that [Full Metal Mayhem] and you put it together, there’s going to be so much violence but how do you make sense of it all? So when I tell my stories, week after week after week, I always wanted to culminate with a match that kind of looks like the end of an action movie, the final scene of an action movie, where the good guys and the bad guys fight and the bad guy finally gets his and the good guy gets the girl and everybody gets to celebrate and that’s the vision I had in my mind for [the Hard To Kill match against Josh Alexander] so did it come across that way?

After Hard To Kill, POST Wrestling recorded a review of the show which was hosted by John Pollock and John Siino

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit Busted Open Radio with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. 

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