Shinjiro Otani sends message Takashi Sugiura, tells him to enjoy wrestling & he’ll stand in front of him again one day

Sugiura receives positive words from Shinjiro Otani

Otani sends positive words to Takashi Sugiura. 

In April of 2022, Shinjiro Otani and Takashi Sugiura were competing for the ZERO1 World Heavyweight Championship. The match ended after Sugiura gave Otani a German suplex into a corner pad and he suffered a cervical spinal cord injury.

The latest update on Otani came in late 2022 and he remains paralyzed from the neck down but his respiratory dysfunction improved. 

Otani has been able to communicate on his Twitter page via a setup that was made for him while in the hospital. He sent a message to Sugiura and thanked him for giving him everything they had in their match and said he’ll stand in front of Sugiura again. Otani added that he wants Sugiura to enjoy wrestling and the next time they fight, he will not let him down. 

Takashi Sugiura… It’s been quite a few months already. Last year on 4/10 at Ryogoku Kokugikan. Thank you so much for fighting with me with all your might! I will definitely stand in front of you again! So… Whenever you want. Fight like crazy. Enjoy wrestling. Be a strong pro-wrestler! I just want to say… Next time we fight, I won’t let you down!

After the injury to Otani, Sugiura was present for a press conference that Pro Wrestling NOAH hosted. All questions about the Otani injury were directed over to NOAH’s Director, Narihiro Takeda, who stated that Sugiura received a great deal of backlash on social media after the incident.

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