ICW No Holds Barred Vol: 40: Brandon Kirk vs. John Wayne Murdoch

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ICW No Holds Barred Vol: 40
Saturday, January 21, 2023, Skid Row Academy, Westville, New Jersey 

Commentary: The Struggles and Jack Solomon 

Deathmatch: AKIRA vs. Eric Dillinger

AKIRA jumped Eric from behind and took him down with a big spinebuster, the two battled for position on the mat, and AKIRA landed some knee strikes to the shoulders from the clinch. Eric slapped AKIRA across the face two times but AKIRA was able to continue to pinpoint Eric’s elbow with repeated strikes. They traded near falls for a little bit but that sequence ended when Eric tossed AKIRA over the chains onto a door on the floor. Eric continued his momentum with a big dive over the top but AKIRA was able to grab his arm as he landed, like Darby and Kushida on Wednesday. AKIRA locked in a sleeper hold and Eric sacrificed his own body and cannonballed himself into the front row of chairs in order to break the hold. Dillinger smashed AKIRA over the head with a street sign for a near fall, he propped AKIRA back up and started to lay in with a series of chops. Dillinger rushed in and was caught with a back body drop that sent him crashing through a door in the corner. AKIRA connected with a kick to Dillinger’s head followed by a shining wizard and a couple of chair shots across Dillingers back. AKIRA hit Dillinger with two consecutive backdrop drivers but Dillinger popped back up on the second one and hit a couple of his own. AKIRA was able to hit a Pele kick that created some space between the two men, AKIRA was placed on the platform in the corner and threw a couple of street signs in the center of the ring. Dillinger took too long and AKIRA came off the top with a knee strike to the back of Dillinger’s head and another one to the small of his back. AKIRA grabbed more street signs and slammed Dillinger into them with an exploder suplex followed by a straight double stomp to Dillinger’s chest for another two count. Dillinger grounded AKIRA and came off the top with a huge frog splash but AKIRA still managed to kick out; Dillinger stacked AKIRA up on the platform and hit him with an overhand chop, AKIRA muscled through and threw him off the top onto a pile of chairs followed by a Death Penalty for the victory. 

AKIRA Defeated Eric Dillinger 

Deathmatch: Crowbar vs. Tommy Vendetta

Crowbar backed Tommy up in the corner and connected with a couple of forearm strikes to the jaw and a back elbow to his ear. Tommy fired back with a double leg and repeatedly slammed Crowbar’s head onto the mat, Crowbar responded with a big boot and a close near fall. Crowbar locked in the stranglehold and started to stretch Tommy Vendetta, Vendetta escaped and sent Crowbar to the floor with a clothesline. Crowbar tried to escape backstage but Crowbar grabbed him and laid in strikes to the top of Crowbar’s head. Tommy grabbed a bundle of tubes and attempted to break them over the veteran’s back but Crowbar wrestled it away from him and booted him in the stomach. Crowbar seated Tommy Vendetta on a chair and launched himself over the top chain and hit Vendetta with a crossbody followed by a bundle of tubes to his back. Crowbar threw Vendetta back into the ring and started to go to work on his arms and chest with repeated kicks followed by a top chain Frankensteiner for a two count. Crowbar hit Vendetta with a chair-assisted northern lights suplex followed by a swinging neck breaker for another two-count. Crowbar retrieved a door from the floor but he took too long to set it up in the corner and was sent through it via a running powerslam from Tommy Vendetta. Both men traded fists in the center of the ring, Crowbar dumped Tommy on his head with a German Suplex and grabbed Tommy’s box of Lego, and emptied it in the center of the ring. This pissed off Tommy who took Crowbar down with a repeated clothesline and a couple of fists to Crowbar’s face. Crowbar fought back and placed Vendetta’s face on the Lego and leg dropped him but Tommy kicked out at one and hit Crowbar with a stunner and a piledriver on the Lego for the victory. 

Tommy Vendetta Defeated Crowbar

Deathmatch: Bobby Beverly vs. Jeff Cannonball

Bobby tried to take Cannonball off of his feet with a Saito suplex but was unsuccessful, Cannonball whipped Beverly into a barbed wire door that was set up in the corner. Cannonball grabbed a fork and started to stab Beverly in the head with it, but Beverly tripped Cannonball up and started to blast him over the head with a couple of bundles of tubes. The fight spilled to the floor with Bobby firmly in control, Cannonball was able to hit Bobby over the head a couple of times with a thumbtack bat and Sabu’d a chair into Bev’s head as well. Jack Solomon worked in an RD Dickey reference so he’s already in the running for the commentator of the year. Jeff set Bev up on a chair and ran around ringside only to blow himself up and just blast him over the head with a bundle of tubes. Back in the ring, both men started unloading on each other with bundles of tubes sending shards of glass flying everywhere. Cannonball was sent crashing through a door with a Saito suplex that resulted in another near fall, Bobby set up a bundle of tubes in the center of the ring and hit Cannonball with a DDT for the victory. 

Bobby Beverly Defeated Jeff Cannonball

Deathmatch: Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Dr. Redacted

The two traded overhand chops in the center of the ring, Redacted went to the floor but was flattened when NDC came flying out of the ring with a tope. Redacted was able to recover and slammed NDC into the ring post and wiped him out with a cannonball. NDC was strung up in the chains and Dr. Redacted put tubes in his shirt and jumped off the top platform breaking the tubes across NDC’s back followed by a running DVD through a gusset plate door. NDC took some skewers out of his pocket and drove them into the Doctor’s head and Doctor reversed NDC’s pursuit with a bundle of tubes over his back and skewers into his head. NDC tried to fire up but he was Sabu’d in the head with a chair followed by a bundle across the chest. Dr. Redacted set NDC up on some chairs on the floor and put a trash can over his head, he took too long and NDC popped up and threw him off the top to the floor. NDC placed a bunch of tubes on The Doctor’s chest and hit a massive splash for the victory. 

Neil Diamond Cutter Defeated Dr. Redacted

Deathmatch: Eric Ryan vs. Toshiyuki Sakuda

There were a bunch of broken pieces of terracotta pots scattered across the mat as they two engaged in some chain wrestling. They locked up and Eric tried to drive Sakuda into a bundle of tubes in the corner but Sakuda fought out and used a piece of broken terracotta and dragged it across the forehead of Eric Ryan. Ryan returned the favor after he tied Sakuda up in an STF, Ryan swung wildly with a bundle of tubes, and Sakuda was able to evade and smash the bundle across Ryan’s chest. Ryan responded with a Tiger Driver but Sakuda kicked out and retrieved one of his metal skewers, Ryan was able to fight him off briefly with a tube-assisted drop kick and stuck the metal skewer through Sakuda’s cheeks. Sakuda tried to fight Ryan off but he was met with a tube-assisted knee lift but retaliated by sending Ryan into a bundle in the corner. They fought on the platform, Sakuda smashed Eric over the head with a bundle, he pulled the skewer out of his face and hit Ryan with a top rope sliced bread for a two count. Sakuda put a bundle over Ryan’s chest and came off the top with a tube-assisted cannonball but Eric Ryan kicked out much to the surprise of Sakuda. Sakuda connected with a tube-assisted crucifix bomb for the victory. 

Sakuda Defeated Eric Ryan

Four Corners Texas Bull Rope Deathmatch: Matt Tremont vs. Hoodfoot

The two men traded fists in the center of the ring, Tremont sent Hoodfoot face-first into a chair laced with light tubes and followed that up by driving the cowbell into his head and sending him crashing through a barbed wire door in the corner. Hoodfoot went to the floor but he didn’t make it too far due to the rope attaching them to each other, Tremont got sick of playing tug of war and threw a bundle of tubes at the bleeding Hoodfoot. They traded chops in the center of the ring, Hoodfoot got control of the cowbell and started to hit him over the head with it a couple of times but that didn’t do much as Tremont responded with a ZigZag for a near fall. Tremont was leaking from his forehead as he continued to inflict more punishment on Hoodfoot with several bundles of tubes across Hoodfoot’s back. Hoodfoot was taken off of his feet with a vicious lariat from The Bulldozer, Tremont tried to climb to the top platform but Hoodfoot pulled him off with the bull rope and sent him crashing through a bundle of tubes. Hoodfoot laid into Tremont with some more tubes and headbutts, but Hoodfoot came off the second rope Tremont caught him with an RKO out of nowhere. Tremont hit Hoodfoot with a thudding headbutt, Tremont drove Hoodfoot into a corner and hit the fourth corner for the victory.

The crowd didn’t know they were doing Texas Bull Rope Deathmatch rules so some people started booing. 

Matt Tremont Defeated Hoodfoot

ICW American Deathmatch Championship Match: Brandon Kirk (Champion) vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

The champion blasted Murdoch over the head with three consecutive bundles of tubes but Murdoch was able to reverse an Irish whip and sent Brandon Kirk crashing through a wine rack laced with tubes. Murdoch started to carve away at Brandon Kirk’s forehead with a broken piece of tube causing him to start bleeding. Murdoch placed a full box of tubes in the center of the ring and hit Kirk with a backdrop on the box causing them to break. To add insult to injury, Murdoch dumped the box of broken glass onto Kirk as he went for the pinfall. Murdoch brought another full box of tubes in the center of the ring and started to unload on each others bundles of tubes, Kirk fired up and sent Murdoch through a light tube door after breaking an entire tube over Murdoch’s head. The room is THICK with spooky dust as the two men continued to battle in the glass-filled ring. Kirk placed a bundle of tubes over the chest of Murdoch and climbed to the top rope, Murdoch recovered and brought Kirk back into the ring with a superplex that resulted in a two count. Murdoch set up a couple of chairs and attempted to hit a Tiger Driver but Kirk fought out of it but was still caught with a Deep South Destroyer onto a box of light tubes, Murdoch hit Kirk with a Cactus piledriver and pulled him up at 2 in order to inflict more punishment. Murdoch hit another Cactus Piledirver onto a bundle of tubes and refused to go for the cover, instead he placed a chair over Kirk’s head and went to hit him but Kasey Kirk made the save only for her to be brainbustered on the broken glass. Murdoch hit Brandon Kirk with a brainbuster but Kirk still kicked out at 2, Murdoch rolled over and locked in the Koji clutch but Kirk was able to escape. Murdoch got in the face of the ref, Kirk locked in a Koji clutch of his own, Kirk released the hold and set up four chairs for the Physco Driver which he hit for the victory.

Brandon Kirk Retained the American Deathmatch Championship 

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