GCW vs. New South: Los Macizos vs. Infrared, Team GCW vs. Team New South

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GCW vs. New South 
Sunday, January 22, 2023
Singin’ River Brewing, Florence, Alabama

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Tyler Franks

The two exchanged some holds as they battled for position on the mat, Franks hit Oliver with a swinging neck breaker that brought the pace of the match down. Franks got aggressive in the corner with Oliver landing stiff strikes to his jaw and chest resulting in a near fall. Franks continued to hit Oliver with uppercuts as he gloated to the hometown crowd; Franks started to run the ropes but he was caught by Oliver who hit him with his jumping side slam followed by a big boot in the corner. Oliver called for the cloutcutter but hit Cleopatra instead followed by an attempted powerbomb but Franks was able to escape. Later on in the match the two men traded strikes in the center of the ring, Oliver fired up and hit a tiger suplex followed by an acid kick into a sit-out powerbomb. Oliver Called for the Cloutcutter for the victory. 

Jordan Oliver Defeated Tyler Franks 

Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Cabana Man Dan

Brandon Williams was supposed to face Deppen but he was injured. Deppen attacked Williams anyways and Cabana Man Dan ran in to make the save. The fight goes to the floor right away with both men laying in chops and strikes as they worked their way around the brewery. Deppen took Cabana Man Dan off of his feet with a double leg which resulted in Dan’s head smashing off of the side of a chair. They eventually made their way back into the ring where Deppen continued to dominate the match, Cabana caught Deppen with a Kangaroo kick to the jaw which briefly stunned the GCW star, Cabana went to the top rope, and he was briefly cut off by Deppen but he still managed to hit a sunset bomb followed by a Code Red for a two count. Deppen teased using Cabana Man’s flip-flop but threw it away instead Cabana grabbed the other one and the two had a tug-of-war battle over it. Dan bit Deppen’s hand and chopped him across the chest with it for a close near fall, Cabana went for the sliced bread but Deppen hit him with a Tombstone and Cabana kicked out. Deppen went to the floor and grabbed a steel chair and hit Dan with it, Deppen was going to Pilmanize Dan’s leg but Williams hobbled back to the ring and distracted Deppen. Deppen then beat down Williams while Cabana Man Dan recovered in the corner, Deppen put Dan up on his shoulders but Dan escaped and shot Deppen into the ropes where Williams hit him with his boot. Dan then hit Deppen with sliced bread and pinned him to even the score. 

Cabana Man Dan Defeated Tony Deppen 

Singles Match: Sawyer Wreck vs. Donnie Primetime 

Sawyer looked for the Greco-Roman knuckle lock which gave her a chance to show off her impressive height advantage, Donnie bailed to the floor and retrieved two steel chairs, and placed them into the ring. Sawyer used them to her advantage as she placed Donnie in the corner and hit a chair into his balls followed by repeated headbutts. The fight spilled to the floor with Sawyer in control, she bounced Donnie’s head off the ring post a couple of times before he eventually fired up, and hit her across the back with his weight lifter’s belt. He brought her around the Brewery but she reversed a suplex attempt and slammed him onto a wooden ramp; Donnie writhed in pain as he made his way back to ringside. Sawyer tried to pull him back into the ring by his hair but he hit her in the head with a chair both inside and outside of the ring. Sawyer grabbed the weightlifter’s belt and started to whip Donnie across the chest and back, Donnie grounded her with a short forearm to the jaw. He set her up in a chair, and teased taking her out with a lariat but hooked in a chin lock instead. He then hit her with a drop-toe hold into a chair followed by a suplex into a super kick but Sawyer was still able to get her shoulder up. Donnie got a door from underneath the ring, the crowd cheered so he dropped it and started to bite Sawyer’s eye, and grounded her with a leg lariat. He bailed to the floor and grabbed a bundle of skewers and slammed them into Sawyer’s, this only fired her up as she pulled them out and repeatedly beat them into Donnie’s head and hit him with a tree slam for a two count. Sawyer hit him with a superplex but Donnie was again able to kick out, Sawyer went to the floor and retrieved a Door, Donnie caught her with a kick and then went coast to coast followed by a package piledriver for another near fall.  Donnie set up a door bridge in the center of the ring and emptied a bag of thumbtacks on it, Sawyer choke slammed Donnie through the door for the victory. 

Sawyer Wreck Defeated Donnie Primetime 

New South Heavyweight Championship Match: Billie Starkz vs. Kenzie Paige (Champion)

Hard lock up to start the match off as they both brought extreme intensity to this championship match. They traded near falls until they reached a stalemate, Paige bailed to the outside but Billie took her out with a tope, she rammed her into the ring apron before throwing her back into the ring. Billie went for a Swanton bomb but Kenzie got her knees up and rolled her up with a victory roll for a two-count, Billie responded with a spike piledriver and forearms to the jaw. Kenzie botched a couple of spots in a row before taking Billie off of her feet and locking in a modified Rings of Saturn, Billie was able to make it to the bottom rope which broke the hold and reset the match. Billie hit consecutive sit-out powerbombs but Kenzie kept kicking them out, Kenzie caught Billie with a posionrana but it didn’t matter as Billie pinned her with a powerbomb for the victory. Kenzie claimed that Billie used a chain so the match was restarted and Kenzie pinned Billie Starkz after a package piledriver. 

Kenzie Paige Retained the New South Heavyweight Championship 

12-Man Tag Team Match: Team GCW (Arez, Cole Radrick, Gringo Loco, Marcus Mathers, Yoya, and Jimmy Lloyd) vs. Team New South (Brayden Toon, Chris Crunk, Kevin Ryan, Marcus Dylan, Rolando Perez, and Steven Michaels)

Both teams started playing catch with Yoya before he eventually hit a rana, followed by a step-up dive by Mathers. Both teams clear the ring as it breaks down into your usual Scramble match action with each person getting their chance to shine. Crunk and Yoya paired off with Crunk getting the best of the exchange, Radrick came in to save his partner and punched Crunk in the face. His run didn’t last long as he was hit in the back of the head with a forearm by a member of team New South. All members of Team GCW surrounded him in the ring and started to land punches and strikes on his head and body. They did the old Spirit Squad spot where they threw the person in the air, Mathers planted Ryan with a cutter, Yoya took out Crunk with a lung blower followed by a top rope cutter from Gringo Loco that sent the crowd into a frenzy. Dave Prazak entered the match and hit a moonsault to the floor, and Ryan and Cole Radrick hit a Spanish Fly to the floor. Team New South secured the victory after pinning Marcus Mathers.

Team New South Defeated Team GCW

Tag Team Match: The Carnies (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy) vs. BUSSY

Iggy and EFFY started off the match for their respective teams, EFFY had control early on with a waist lock, and they did a tackle drop-down spot but Iggy’s momentum was finished after EFFY dropped to his knees, which caused Iggy to beg off. Kerry Awful entered the match and was quickly double-teamed by BUSSY, Katch got strung up on the top rope as Kerry started to work her over with various kicks and strikes. Katch attempted to make the tag to her partner but Awful pulled EFFY off of the apron which prolonged her beatdown. The hot tag was eventually made after a couple more minutes of action from the Carnies, EFFY hit the under the rainbow followed by a TKO and a vertical suplex. BUSSY set Iggy up on the top rope and hit a super sack Ryder but the pin attempt was broken up, EFFY hit another one for the victory. 

BUSSY Defeated The Carnies

Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Hunter Drake

Hunter Drake didn’t waste any time as he jumped Christian as he was still making his entrance and started to beat him down on the floor. They entered the ring where Drake continued the beatdown, Blake tried to escape to the floor but Drake hit him with a second rope moonsault that sent Christian reeling. Still with his ring jacket on, Christian fired up and took Drake out with a missile-style tope to the floor. The two battled on the top rope with both men teasing that they were going to toss the other to the floor, Christian muscled Drake up and dropped him back first on the top turnbuckle. They continued going back and forth with Drake hitting a huge one-man Spanish Fly off of the top rope that resulted in a two count, Drake went back up to the top rope but he decided against it and instead turned his focus on the chair that was in the ring. Drake picked up the chair, ref tried to take the chair out of Drake’s hands which gave Christian enough time to kick Drake in the balls and hit a chair-assisted curb stomp for the victory. 

Blake Christian Defeated Hunter Drake 

Tag Team Match: Infrared vs. Los Macizos 

Logan James rushed in and was sent to the floor leaving Matrix to get superkicked in the face by the GCW Tag Team Champions; Logan returned to the ring only to eat a double stomp to the back of his head. Matrix was able to take Miedo off of his feet with a rana followed by a double stomp to the chest of Ciclope. The New South Tag Team Champions ran wild on Miedo Extremo as Ciclope recovered on the floor, Logan James pointed to the ladder that was in the back of the brewery and brought it back to the ring, only for it to be drop-kicked into their chest by the GCW Tag Team Champions. Infrared hit an avalanche of offense consisting of tandem superkicks followed by a toss suplex into a superkick. Their advantage didn’t last long as Miedo drop-kicked the ladder into their faces. Ciclope went to the floor and brought a door out much to the delight of the crowd, James got Miedo up on his shoulders and put him through it with a running Death Valley Driver. Ciclope did the Terry Funk ladder spot and then set it up only to be superplexed off of it but Miedo hit James with an elbow off the top to break up the pin attempt. Miedo grabbed another door and brought it into the ring and set up a double door bridge in the center of the ring; Miedo got James up on his shoulders while Ciclope came off the ladder with a Doomsday Destroyer but it resulted in a two-count as Tyler Matrix pulled the ref out of the ring. Logan James hit Miedo with a low blow followed by a super kick to the side of Miedo’s head that resulted in a two-count. Ciclope got caught and was curb stomped onto the GCW Tag Team Championship belts but he still was able to kick out at 2, Ciclope hit James in the back of the head with a running Shining Wizard followed by a sit-out falcon arrow from Miedo Extremo for the victory.

Los Macizos Defeated Infrared

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