D-Von Dudley: One of my biggest regrets was me & Bully Ray never working with The Briscoes

D-Von stated that they could've had the opportunity to do the match had he opted to leave WWE with Bully instead of becoming a producer

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D-Von feels the match could’ve happened had he opted to depart WWE with Bully.

This past week, All Elite Wrestling honored the life of the late Jamin Pugh (Jay Briscoe) with tribute packages and the main event of the program which saw his brother, Mark Briscoe, defeat Jay Lethal with the ‘Jay Driller’ finisher. 

Tributes to and memories of Jay came raining in from those within the wrestling space after his passing. D-Von Dudley shared his thoughts about Jay as he was doing a virtual signing for Signed By Superstars. He sent his well wishes to the Pugh family and added that one of his biggest regrets is not wrestling The Briscoes. 

D-Von stated that the match could have happened if he opted to leave WWE with Bully instead of becoming a producer at the company. 

I’ve never met Jay Briscoe. That’s the funniest thing. He was actually at Team 3D Academy when we were in Kissimmee (Florida) and I saw a video on it. I didn’t even know he was down there. He came to visit and one of my biggest regrets was me and Bubba never working with The Briscoes. We would’ve had the time, the chance to do it when we left the WWE the second time, but I was thinking, you know, in terms of longevity with me, my family, things of that nature so I basically just wanted to stay there and become a producer. But I don’t regret staying and being a producer but I regret not being able to work The Briscoes because they were very, very good at what they did and again, my condolences go out to the family of The Briscoes. It was a tragic tragedy that happened and I wish the family all the best and I really hope they can bounce back from this. 

D-Von’s sons, Terrence and Terrell Hughes are wrestlers and he said that if his sons were to make it to WWE, he hopes they can have a match with The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) to decide who gets to use the ‘3D’ finisher. Dudley previously stated that he gave permission to The Usos to use the move. 

Hopefully if my boys (Terrence & Terrell Hughes) ever get to NXT, they ever make it to the main roster and The Usos are there, I hope they can do a one-off between them two. The winner of the match gets to use ‘3D’. So we’ll see what happens.

This month, D-Von wrapped up his time with WWE as a producer. He had been working with the NXT brand prior to his departure. 

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