Booker T discusses Ivy Nile competing for ROW, addresses headlines about partnership with WWE

Booker T speaks candidly about Ivy Nile competing for Reality of Wrestling and the headlines that followed the news

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Nile will be in action for the promotion on February 11th. 

Come February 11th, WWE NXT’s Ivy Nile is scheduled to compete for Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion in a match against Promise Braxton. 

It’ll be the Diamond Mine member’s first non-WWE in-ring appearance. Booker discussed Ivy coming into Reality of Wrestling on the latest edition of his ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast

He expressed his appreciation to Shawn Michaels for clearing it and went on to state that Nile’s opponent, Promise Braxton, is the next Roxanne Perez and hopes she makes it to WWE. 

This is gonna be like a double main event show (for Reality of Wrestling) because everybody know, it’s all over the internet, Ivy Nile will be making her way inside the Reality of Wrestling World Gym Arena and she’ll be taking on truly, truly the next — and I’m talking about the next Roxanne Perez and we talking about Promise Braxton. Stone cold killer, you know what I mean? That’s gonna put that scope on you, right on your chest and ba, ba, ba, ba-bing! Like Patterson used to say. That match is gonna be something special and for me to be able to give this opportunity to a young Promise Braxton who has worked so hard at Reality of Wrestling over these last what? Two or three years?… Three years and know she’s gonna be on her A-game. I know she’s gonna go out there and she’s gonna bring the noise but for me to work with the next generation, the future talent at WWE as well, you know what I mean? In an Ivy Nile. That’s my passion. That’s where I do my best work I think, working with young people and trying to guide them along this journey that I love so much and I’m still living my best life right now. I’m totally content where I am right now and so for me to see something like this come together is so awesome and I appreciate Shawn Michaels and the WWE for giving me this opportunity to let one of my young talent in Reality of Wrestling shine because I hope to see her in the WWE one day.

Booker later addressed the headlines coming out of the announcement of Ivy Nile working an R.O.W. date. He focused in on the note that there is a partnership going on between Reality of Wrestling and WWE. Booker explained that he simply asked for a favor and it was granted. 

The thing is, there again, like I said, you try to do something good and immediately, we posted that Ivy Nile was gonna be coming to Reality of Wrestling and we were gonna be giving the wrestling world, the independent wrestling world a match that they can’t see anywhere else between Ivy and Promise Braxton, that’s what we’re talking about, and then immediately after we post that, stories start just popping up on the internet pretty much saying that Reality of Wrestling, in quotations, ‘Reality of Wrestling is partnering with the WWE’ and that right there, for me, if you get that as a journalist from someone in the WWE, okay, fine. But if you see a print, an advertisement of someone being at a show and then you formulate your own thought and create your own story, that’s when the embellishment becomes something totally different. That’s when the embellishment becomes blatant, outright lying, okay? And I’m just being frank here.

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