Hikuleo comments on ‘Loser Leaves Japan’ match at NJPW New Beginning, reacts to rumors of other companies being interested in him

Hikuleo feels there is more for him to accomplish in Japan and stated that it's nice to hear other places are interested in him

Photo Courtesy: New Japan Pro-Wrestling

There’s still a lot left to learn and do in Japan for Hikuleo. 

The conclusion of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s The New Beginning tour wraps up on February 11th in Osaka, Japan. One of the matches on the marquee for that show is Jay White versus Hikuleo in a Loser Leaves Japan match

Going into the bout, NJPW1972.com pushed out the written version of their conversation with Hikuleo. He expressed that there is so much more for him to learn and do in Japan. 

It goes back to me being early on in my career. I’ve still got so much to learn. I only just came back in the fall of 2022, and the amount of reps I can get, the discipline I can develop, the things that I can achieve in Japan? There’s still so much that I have to do, still.

Earlier this year, it was first reported by Fightful Select that ‘higher ups’ within WWE expressed interest in Hikuleo internally. The site added that-that has been the word for ‘months’, even prior to Wrestle Kingdom 17

Hikuleo was asked about the rumors of ‘other promotions’ being interested in his services and said it’s nice to know, but this weekend is all about winning. He thinks it’ll do wonders for him if he’s the one to send Jay White on his way out of Japan. 

I know that Jay is valuable anywhere. It’s nice to know that I am too. But at the end of the day, this is about winning. At the end of that day in Osaka, one of us is leaving Japan, and people will remember that for a long time to come. It’s destiny. When you think of what Jay White has achieved in the last five years, it puts us on entirely different levels, and I can instantly make my value skyrocket if I’m the guy that made Jay White leave Japan.

Jay White is scheduled for NJPW Battle in the Valley on February 18th in San Jose, California. He’ll be facing Eddie Kingston in singles competition

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