Karrion Kross feels he has not reached full potential yet, looking forward to getting that ‘particular shot’

Kross then added that if it was up to him, he'd be beating on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania

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Kross is waiting on that one ‘particular shot’. 

Seven months have passed since Karrion Kross made his return to WWE alongside Scarlett. Kross is currently engaged in a program with Rey Mysterio and the two were a part of a Fatal 4-Way on SmackDown for an Intercontinental Title opportunity

Kross spoke to Josh Martinez on the Superstar Crossover show about how far he’s come in his career. Kross feels he has yet to reach his full potential and is seeking that one ‘particular shot’ to show everyone what he’s truly capable of. 

I don’t get emotional (when thinking about how far I’ve come in my career). This is probably unhealthy and I shouldn’t say it but I’m just gonna kind of wing it. I actually get really pissed because it’s not enough. It’s not enough. I haven’t reached my full potential yet and people haven’t seen my best work yet and I know what I can do and at this level, you need to be afforded certain types of opportunities which is difficult with a big roster and only two hours in the program and I know that once I am afforded that particular shot, because I’ve been afforded a lot, let’s not get it twisted. Once I am afforded that particular shot to demonstrate what I can really do, what I’ve done where people on a major scale haven’t seen it, people are gonna be blown away and I’m gonna fight for that every single week to get closer and closer to that shot. I’m being straight with you, I’m being very real.

To close out the conversation, Kross was asked what he would be doing at WrestleMania if it was up to him and here’s what he said: 

Caving Roman Reigns’ head in (is what I would be doing at WrestleMania if it was up to me).

Kross was part of the 2023 men’s Royal Rumble which was won by Cody Rhodes

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