MVP states that he’s trying his best to get Hurt Business back together, would like to work with Carmelo Hayes

MVP doing his best to get The Hurt Business back together and lists potential matchups for the group including The Bloodline

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MVP has no idea why the group was split, but he’s trying to get them back together. 

In recent months on WWE programming, MVP, Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin have been featured on-screen together in different variations. 

The group formerly known as The Hurt Business split in 2021 and present day, MVP is accompanying Shelton and Cedric to the ring and is having backstage segments with Lashley

Episode #19 of Josh Martinez’s Superstar Crossover show featured MVP and he said he’s doing his best to get the group back together. MVP added that he has no idea why Vince McMahon decided to split them. 

Vince McMahon makes decisions and that’s way above my pay grade, the decision that he made (to split up The Hurt Business). Why he chose to do it? I have no idea. But it was his choice, he’s the boss — well at the time, he was the boss and that’s just how things go. We were all scratching our head but at the end of the day, I’m doing my best to try to get the team back together. Bobby’s being a little stubborn, but I got Shelton (Benjamin) and Cedric (Alexander) back on board with me and I’m trying to get Bobby (Lashley) to come around so, we’ll see if we can get The Hurt Business back in business.

He reiterated that he wants to get The Hurt Business back in motion and would like to see a program with The Bloodline. MVP then mentioned NXT’s Carmelo Hayes and said he’d like to work with the former North American Champion. MVP views Hayes as a younger version of himself. 

Like I said, I’d really like to get The Hurt Business back together and as a faction, there’s so many talented people. I’d love to get The Hurt Business versus The Bloodline, would be spectacular. Bobby (Lashley) and Roman (Reigns), The Usos with Shelton (Benjamin) and Cedric (Alexander), me and (Paul) Heyman on the mic, I think that’s a dream matchup. The Judgment Day, I think we’d have some phenomenal work. But, there’s a young man down in NXT who — unless you’re watching NXT, you might not be familiar with him but a young man named Carmelo Hayes and Carmelo and Trick (Williams) are a couple of guys, they’re pretty tight and I always say Carmelo reminds me of a young MVP; the presence, the swagger, the confidence and he’s somebody I would like to work with in the future hopefully.

This coming weekend at WWE Elimination Chamber, Bobby Lashley is scheduled to take on Brock Lesnar. They’ll have a contract signing on Monday Night Raw. 

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