Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong) writing a memoir

When jokingly asked about Bully Ray, Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong) mentioned that she's writing a memoir

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A new project for Kia Stevens. 

The Busted Open Radio podcast crew hosted a ‘Women’s History Month’ special edition of their show that featured a conversation between IMPACT Knockouts World Champion Mickie James and IMPACT/TNA Hall of Famers, Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong) and Gail Kim. 

Dave LaGreca was a part of the conversation and he jokingly asked Stevens how to deal with co-host Bully Ray. Stevens mentioned that she is writing her memoirs and Bully is one of the people that has a chapter. 

Since I am retired, I am technically writing my memoirs and everyone has a chapter and he (Bully Ray) does too. (So I’ll) give you a little snippet of what I found is the best way to get along with him. Show him respect because he has earned respect in this business. However, do not roll over. He does not respect people that just roll over and just dish out sh*t. He will not respect you for that so if he does something that’s out of line, you must speak up for yourself and give it to him as good as it gets. Now give him respect and if he gets out of line and he’s treating you like boo boo, you gotta give it to him as good as it gets and then he will actually respect you. That’s what I discovered.

Back in 2021, Stevens appeared at NWA EmPowerrr and had an in-ring segment with Gail. She formally announced her retirement from wrestling and neither Gail nor Mickie knew she was going to do that. 

If the quote in this article is used, please credit Busted Open Radio with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription. 

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