ICW No Holds Barred Pitfighter X15: Ultraviolent Vortex – JWM vs. Tremont

ICW No Holds Barred Pitfighter X15: Ultraviolent Vortex
Friday, March 10, 2023, TWE Arena, Red Bank, Tennessee 

Deathmatch: AKIRA vs. Hardway Heeter

The two men shook hands before starting to throw elbows. Hardway got the best of the exchange, but AKIRA was able to ground Heeter with a shotgun dropkick followed by an arm breaker. Tired of chain wrestling, they started to hit each other over the head and back with vinyl records. AKIRA fired up and hit Heeter over the head with a couple of vinyl records before frisbeeing them into Heeter’s body, which looked much more painful than breaking them over his head. Heeter was caught with a Northern Lights Suplex, and then AKIRA started to stab his head with a couple of nails. AKIRA sent Heeter headfirst into a support beam, giving him time to retrieve a gusset plate and stomp it into the back of Heeter’s head. Heeter turned the tables on AKIRA and slammed a gusset plate into his forehead. They traded standing switches before AKIRA nearly rolled Heeter up. Heeter responded with a half-and-half suplex through a door covered in vinyl records, but AKIRA was able to kick out. Heeter locked on a crossface, but AKIRA ended up biting Heeter’s head and planted him through a door with the Death Penalty followed by the Bully Choke for the victory.

AKIRA defeated Hardway Heeter.

Deathmatch: MM3 vs. Sean Campbell

MM3 showed off his technical wrestling prowess early on before laying some hard forearm shots on Campbell. Campbell found an opening and sent MM3 through a door, hitting him with a steel chair. They both evaded putting each other through a door before MM3 lawn-darted Campbell headfirst through one. Campbell tried to fire up, but MM3 rocked him with a stiff kick to the back of his head followed by a pump kick into the chainlink fence. Campbell connected with a couple of headbutts and placed MM3 in a chair. Campbell asked the ref to duct-tape the chair to him and climbed to the top of the cage. He came off the top with a coffin drop, but MM3 hit him with a chair on the way down for a very close nearfall. MM3 finally put Campbell away with a vicious kick to the head for the TKO victory.

MM3 defeated Sean Campbell

Deathmatch: Hoodfoot vs. Noah Hossman

Noah spat beer into Hoodfoot’s face and started to light his back up with a couple of chair shots. Noah asked the crowd if they wanted to see some hardcore shit and attempted to attack Hoodfoot with a cheesegrater, but Hoodfoot took control and hit Noah in the balls with the grater. They then started to hit each other over the head with cookie sheets. They tried to take each other down with clubbing forearms, and they exchanged a couple before Noah was finally able to ground Hoodfoot for a nearfall. Hossman speared Hoodfoot through a barbed wire door. Hossman dumped thumbtacks in the center of the ring but was caught with a nasty backdrop driver for the victory.

Hoodfoot Defeated Noah Hossman

Deathmatch: Danny Demanto vs. Lizzy Blair 

Danny piefaced Lizzy which only pissed her off as she delivered a straight right hand to the boss’s chest, Danny was unphased by this and piefaced her again and began to toy with her. Danny grabbed a gusset plate and slammed it into her forehead, he then squeezed a couple of lemons on Lizzy’s forehead for a nearfall. Danny went back to his shopping bag and retrieved some salt and dumped it over Lizzy’s head, and sent her face-first into the cage. Lizzy sent Danny shoulder-first into a support beam and laid him out with a running crossbody; Lizzy brought Danny back into the cage and slammed a gusset into his forehead. He fired up and spiked her with a Demanto driver for the victory.

Danny Demanto Defeated Lizzy Blair 

Deathmatch: Tommy Vendetta vs. Chris Bradley

They started trading fists, and Bradley was able to take control of Tommy, sending him flying into the cage a couple of times for a near fall. Bradley then started to unload onto Tommy’s back with a steel chair and ground Tommy’s face against the cage. Tommy Sabu’d a chair at Bradley and placed a trash can on his head, which he then hit with a steel chair for another near fall. They each grabbed a cookie sheet and hit each other over the head, with Tommy ending up winning and spiking Bradley with a piledriver for another near fall. Tommy set up a door against the cage and attempted to send Bradley through it, but Bradley muscled him up and slammed him through the door for a two-count. Bradley attempted to put Tommy through a door with Legos on it, but Tommy caught him with a stunner followed by a Death Valley Driver through the door for the victory.

Tommy Vendetta Defeated Chris Bradley

Deathmatch: Tank vs. Kristian Ross

Ross slapped Tank across the face and started to lay in forearm shots on the veteran’s head. Tank responded with a series of headbutts and took Ross outside of the cage. The two brawled around the cage, where Tank continued to hit Ross with headbutts. Ross no sold the last series and smashed Tank’s face into the chainlink. Tank fired up with a series of chops, only to be sent again face-first into the cage. Ross grabbed two gusset plates and slammed them into Tank’s shoulders. Tank grounded Ross and returned the favor, slamming one into Ross’s head for good measure. Tank tried to send Ross through a door, but Ross turned the tables and sent Tank crashing through the door, which gave him the chance to set up a ladder bridge in the center of the cage. The two battled near the ladder, with Tank eventually putting Ross “through” the ladder with a flatliner for the victory.

Tank Defeated Kristian Ross

Deathmatch: Bob “Wired” Bunny (John Wayne Murdoch in a bunny costume) vs. Matt Tremont 

The bunny hit Tremont over the head with a bundle of tubes and removed the rabbit’s head to reveal himself as John Wayne Murdoch. Tremont hit Murdoch over the head with a bundle of tubes and punched him in the face. Tremont ran Murdoch’s face against the chain-link fence before headbutting a gusset plate into the Duke’s head. Tremont kicked a bundle of tubes into Murdoch’s balls and attempted to kick him again, but Murdoch moved out of the way and ran Tremont’s face into the cage. Murdoch unloaded on Tremont with a couple of bundles of tubes across his head. Murdoch grabbed a gusset plate and slammed it into Tremont’s shoulder. Murdoch asked the very large ring announcer if he ate Larry Legend, which was a pretty funny line. The ring announcer punched Murdoch in the head, which allowed Tremont to hit some Dusty Rhodes elbows for a close near fall. Tremont was caught with a bundle across his head. Murdoch sent him crashing into the cage repeatedly. Murdoch cut Tremont up pretty badly. The ref tried to tape up the wound, but Murdoch kept interfering. Murdoch got sick of waiting, and he broke a bundle across the ref’s back. Murdoch got a visual pinfall. Tremont recovered, and they started to trade headbutts as Murdoch’s wife looked on with a displeased look on her face. Murdoch went to throw a cinder block at Tremont’s head, but Tremont blocked him but still managed to get his face smashed into the block. Murdoch and Tremont traded fists on the outside of the cage, with Murdoch landing a knockout blow. Murdoch made his way back into the ring. Tremont grabbed a BBQ fork from his wife and attempted to stab Murdoch, but Murdoch kicked him in the balls and gained control of the fork and started to stab Tremont’s shoulder. Tremont recovered and hit Murdoch across the arm with a gusset plate bat but was still only able to get a two-count. They knelt in the center of the cage and hit each other with broken pieces of the door. Neither man would budge, so Tremont went back to the light tube bundles. Tremont broke a series of bundles across Murdoch’s head. Murdoch was able to cut him off with a bundle of his own and set up a door in the corner. Tremont sent Murdoch crashing through the door with a Death Valley Driver for the victory.

Matt Tremont Defeated John Wayne Murdoch

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