Jake Roberts reacts to MJF tossing drink at a fan, thinks he has a problem with ‘going too far’

Jake Roberts weighs in on the situation from the Iron Man match at AEW Revolution and explains why he doesn't want to be an agent

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Roberts also explains why he’s not interested in being a producer or agent. 

Closing out AEW’s 2023 Revolution pay-per-view was a 60-minute Iron Man match between AEW World Champion MJF and Bryan Danielson. 

During the match, while MJF was on the outside of the barricade, he took a beverage from a woman who was next to her son and tossed the beverage at the child. That situation was addressed by AEW and photos were shown of the child getting to meet Powerhouse Hobbs at the pay-per-view. 

The situation was discussed by Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts while he was on Café De René With René Duprée. Roberts expressed that there’s no reason to attack fans and added that MJF has a problem with going too far. He believes MJF gets going and just lets go. 

Yeah, yeah, by far (MJF is the best talker). 

Anything when you do something to a fan is too much (Roberts said about the situation with MJF throwing a drink on a kid). Here’s the thing guys, the fans are the ones that make you. Don’t, ‘Hey, you fat f*cking b*tch.’ There’s no need for that. Number one, she probably is a fat b*tch, and the kids beside her know mama’s fat. She don’t need to be reminded. Is she coming back? I doubt it, because the kids are crying, that guy made fun of my momma. I’m not f*cking coming back for that sh*t. There’s absolutely no need to attack the fans, none, zero, zilch… MJF does have a problem with going too far. I think he just gets going and he just lets go. You can’t let go. You gotta keep control of your sh*t.

In a past media appearance, Roberts stated that he feels talent do not listen to him. On the topic of doing agent or producer work, he said he’s not interested in that and would probably end up killing someone. 

No, I don’t agent matches (in AEW). I don’t do that… No (that’s not something I’m interested in). No, because I’d probably kill somebody. I would be so frustrated. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it.

Roberts has been paired with Lance Archer in AEW since 2020. Lance returned to AEW television on the 2/24 episode of Rampage after not competing for the company since November 2022. 

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