IWS vs. GCW – UnFnSanctioned – Team GCW vs. Team IWS, Nick Gage appears

IWS vs. GCW: UnFnSanctioned 
Saturday, March 11, 2023
L’Olympia, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

Tag Team Match: East West Express vs. Fresh Air

Oliver and Macrae started the match for their respective teams and exchanged handshakes before locking up. Oliver took him down and locked Macrae into a submission. Macrae escaped and brought the fight to Oliver with various offensive sequences before they wrestled to a stalemate. Nick Wayne and Junior Benito entered the match and engaged in a knuckle lock test of strength. Wayne had the height advantage and forced a couple of pins on Junior Benito, who kept kicking out. Wayne took Junior off his feet with a rana, followed by a big dropkick. Wayne was firmly in control, but Junior put on the brakes and tagged Macrae, who planted Wayne with a back suplex. Fresh Air hit a couple of tag team maneuvers on Jordan Oliver while Wayne was on the floor. Wayne and Oliver fired back up and took the fight to Junior with various submission holds. Benito fought off East West Express and tagged Macrae, who took Wayne out with a fall-away slam followed by a pop-up powerbomb for a close near fall. Wayne responded with a quick snapdragon suplex and tagged Jordan Oliver. Oliver tossed Macrae with an overhead suplex followed by an Acid Kick. Oliver planted Macrae with a Batista Bomb, but Macrae kicked out. Oliver was caught in mid-air after a Cloutcutter attempt and was planted with a Black Hole Slam. Junior returned to the match and ran wild on Oliver and Wayne, climbed to the top rope, and went for a Frog Splash, but Oliver got out of the way. Oliver hit Benito with a standing Spanish fly, and Macrae spiked Wayne with a Canadian Destroyer. Both teams willed themselves back up and started trading fists in the center of the ring. Macrae took Oliver out with a vicious tope, and Benito hit The Big Boy Splash, but Wayne still kicked out. The crowd started chanting “fuck you, ref” as Fresh Air set Wayne up for an Assault Driver, but Wayne reversed it into a Poisonrana followed by a double Cloutcutter for the victory.

East West Express Defeated Fresh Air.

Singles Match: LuFisto vs. Sawyer Wreck

The two women wasted no time and started trading stiff forearm shots in the center of the ring. LuFisto got the better of Wreck, who sent her to the outside with a baseball slide into a cannonball from the apron. LuFisto retrieved a table from underneath the ring and set it up. She started battering Sawyer’s chest with clubbing blows. LuFisto fought out of a powerbomb, and Sawyer went to the floor and threw a bunch of chairs into the ring. She set up a pair in the center of the ring, and the two ladies punched each other in the face. Sawyer Sabu’d a chair into LuFisto’s head, muscled Lufisto up, and slammed her through a chair for the first near fall of the match. Sawyer continued to suplex LuFisto onto the pile of chairs, but the Hall of Famer kept kicking out. Sawyer hit a Moonsault, but LuFisto moved out of the way and connected with a spinning back fist. Sawyer still managed to kick out. Sawyer hot-shotted LuFisto’s neck on the top rope and hit her with a rolling Death Valley Driver onto a pile of chairs, but LuFisto still kicked out. They fought on the apron. Sawyer attempted to chokeslam LuFisto through the table, but LuFisto muscled Sawyer up and hit her with a Burning Hammer off the apron through the table for the victory.

LuFisto Defeated Sawyer Wreck

Tag Team Match: Le Tabarnak De Team vs. Los Macizos

The match started off hot, with both teams exchanging forearms in the center of the ring. TDT overpowered the former Tag Team Champions and stacked them up in the corner, taking them out with a series of clotheslines. Los Macizos bailed to the floor and cut off TDT with two chairs to their heads, and they continued to brawl on the floor. and Miedo unloaded on TDT with some vicious chair shots. They rolled one member of TDT back into the ring and hit them with some tag team maneuvers, but TDT kept kicking out. Los Macizos looked like they were loving playing the heels. St-Jacques was able to save his partner and tossed both members of Los Macizos with an overhead suplex, which sent them to the floor, and this time TDT was able to connect with their stereo topes. TDT retrieved a table and set it up in the corner. St-Jacques sent Ciclope crashing through the table with a spear and locked in a Texas Cloverleaf. Miedo was locked in a Cobra Clutch, but Ciclope was able to make it to the ropes, which broke the hold. Miedo fired up and took out both members of TDT with a big cross-body into some more tandem moves from the former champs. The pin attempt was broken up after St-Jacques hit Miedo over the head with a steel chair. Ciclope was set up on the top rope as St-Jacques set up a table in the center of the ring. St-Jacques attempted to superplex Ciclope through the table, but Miedo cut him off, and they sent St-Jacques through the table with an Electric Chair. They all Sabu’d chairs at each other’s heads, which Los Macizos got the best of. Ciclope climbed to the top rope and curb-stomped St-Jacques’s head. Miedo brought another table into the ring, but TDT was able to send Ciclope through the table with a suplex. They spiked Miedo on his head with a chair, followed by a double submission for the victory.

Le Tabarnak De Team defeated Los Macizos.

Beer Bash Match: Matt Falco vs. 1 Called Manders

Manders blindsided Falco before the bell rang and sent him flying to the floor. Falco was able to cut off Manders’ attempted to dive with a keg to the skull. Falco took a swig of a beer and set Manders up in a vertical suplex before Manders was able to turn the tables and power Falco into the corner with a running shoulder block and a series of chops. Manders brought the fight to the floor, where he sent Falco chest-first into the guardrail before hitting him across the back with a steel chair. Manders started to hit Falco with the keg before he wedged it between the top and second rope, but Falco was able to recover and send Manders head-first into the keg and toss him with a fallaway slam. Falco grabbed a tallboy and took a pull from it before he started to beat away at Manders’ chest. Falco brought a couple of kegs back into the ring and set them up in the middle of the ring but was caught with a low blow and sent through the kegs with an Oklahoma Stampede. Manders leveled Falco with a lariat, but Falco was still able to kick out. Manders set up a table in the center of the ring. They each sat on a keg and started to have a drinking contest. Manders won the contest and set Falco up on the top rope, Falco was able to fight Manders off and sent him crashing through the table with a top rope Chokeslam.

Matt Falco Defeated Manders

Singles Match: Gringo Loco vs. Mike Bailey 

These two have competed against each other in numerous multi-person matches, but this was the first time they met in singles competition. The two started exchanging offensive moves, but neither came up with anything significant, so they reset. Bailey took Gringo off his feet with a couple of lucha arm drags when they resumed. The fight spilled to the floor, and Bailey went for a head scissors, but Gringo caught Bailey and sent him head-first into the guardrail. Gringo continued his assault with a series of chops before rolling Bailey back inside the ring and continuing to beat him down. Bailey attempted to take Gringo off his feet with a head scissors again, but Loco cartwheeled out of it and hit Bailey with a double jump top rope cutter for a close nearfall. Loco went for a Spiral Tap, but Bailey moved out of the way and connected with a big axe kick combination followed by a shooting star press for another nearfall. Loco went to the floor, picked up Bailey’s leg, and sent him into the guardrail. Bailey quickly recovered and took Loco out with a moonsault. Bailey set Loco up on the apron and went for his moonsault double knee, but Loco moved out of the way and took Bailey out with a flip dive. The two battled on the top rope, and Bailey got the best of the exchange after a series of headbutts. Still, Loco surprised him and hit Bailey with a one-man Spanish fly for another close nearfall. Loco hit Bailey with his twisting powerbomb on the apron, sending both men crashing to the floor. Loco sent Bailey back into the ring and tried for another suplex, but Bailey muscled out of it and landed a penalty kick followed by the moonsault double knees. Loco went to the top rope, but Bailey reversed the powerbomb with a rana. Loco caught Bailey with a shotgun dropkick and stacked him up on his shoulders on the top rope. Loco went for the Base Bomb, but Bailey reversed it into a Poisonrana followed by a series of kicks to Loco’s face. Loco staggered to the corner and was nailed with the Tornado kicks and the Ultimate Weapon for the victory.

Speedball Mike Bailey Defeated Gringo Loco

IWS Women’s Title Match: Melanie Havok (Champion) vs. Allie Katch

The match began with some technical wrestling, and neither of them was able to gain control as they wrestled to a stalemate. Havok took Katch down with a series of arm drags, followed by a big dropkick. She backed Katch up in the corner and laid in a couple of strikes, but Katch used her strength to her advantage and cut her momentum off with a backbreaker. Katch took control with a front headlock and started speaking French to the crowd, which surprised them. Every time Melanie was able to work up any sort of momentum, Katch was there to cut it off with a power move. Melanie was finally able to hit a couple of superkicks which sent Katch to the floor. She attempted a dive, but Katch cut her off with a forearm to the jaw. Melanie was able to connect with a double stomp to Katch’s back, which resulted in a close near fall. Both women seemed exhausted as Katch went for a Pele kick, but Melanie caught it and hit her with a big boot. Melanie climbed to the top rope, but Katch cut her off. She was still taken off her feet with a crossbody. Melanie locked in a submission hold, but Katch was able to get an arm free and punched Melanie in the head, which broke the hold. Katch planted Havok with a Death Valley Driver, but the champion was still able to kick out. The two traded forearm shots in the center of the ring, and Melanie was able to get out of a piledriver attempt and connected with a couple more forearm shots. Katch was again locked in a submission hold, and this time she submitted.

Melanie Havok retained the IWS Women’s Championship.

IWS World Heavyweight Championship Match: Benjamin Tull (Champion) vs. Tony Deppen

Deppen and Tull went back and forth with some hard forearm shots. Tull was able to take Tony off his feet with a big shoulder tackle, followed by a big boot that sent Deppen reeling to the floor. The two traded more shots on the floor, and Deppen lured Tull into chopping the ring post, which swung the momentum into Deppen’s corner. Tull tried to fire up, but Deppen took him off his feet with a couple of hard shots to his head. Tull was able to create some space and unloaded on Deppen with a series of straight right hands, followed by a lariat for a close near fall. Tull went for a corkscrew senton, but Deppen moved out of the way and hit Tull with a slingshot stunner, followed by a running double knee for another near fall. Deppen connected with a series of jumping knees. He planted Tull with a Death Valley Driver, followed by a top rope double stomp, but Tull again kicked out. Deppen leveled Tull with a forearm to the back of his head, which gave him time to retrieve a table from underneath the ring and set it up in the corner. Tull blocked a knee strike and sent Tony through the table with a driver for the victory.

Benjamin Tull Retained the IWS World Heavyweight Championship

Fans Bring the Weapons Tag Team Match: PCP Crazy F’n Manny, Green Phantom, and Sexxxy Eddy vs. Nick Gage, Mance Warner, and Rina Yamashita 

Right after the bell rang to start the match, another bell tolled and it was Nick Fucking Gage. The crowd came unglued at the sight of the Game Changer Wrestling World Champion. They all paired off, with Team GCW getting the early advantage. Manny broke a bundle of tubes across Gage’s stomach as the rest of the competitors brawled on the floor. Manny took Gage to the floor, where they started breaking tubes across each other’s backs. Rina was attacked by Sexxxy Eddy on the stage with a broken bit of tube while Mance Warner did the same to Phantom inside the ring. Gage and Manny continued to unload on each other outside the ring, with both men carving each other up with the broken ends of the tubes. Phantom was hit with a bundle of tubes across the side of his head from Mance. Manny dragged Nick Gage back into the center of the ring, but before he could do anything, Mance hit Manny across the back with a chair so hard that the chair broke. Rina launched Manny out of the ring onto the stage through a bundle of tubes with a Splash Mountain. Nick Gage broke a bundle over Sexxxy Eddy’s back and started to eat the broken bits of glass. Rina broke a bundle of tubes over Eddy’s balls. Nick Gage grabbed a cheesegrater and started to go to town on Manny’s face and back. Gage brought Manny back into the ring, but Manny reversed it and sent Gage crashing through a bundle of tubes with a Death Valley Driver. Phantom skewered Mance’s head while Rina was spinebustered onto a pile of broken glass. Manny and Gage brawled through the crowd up to the balcony. Green Phantom attempted to put Mance through a table, but Mance reversed it and sent him through it with a DDT. Manny and Gage were battling on the balcony. They fought on the guardrail, and eventually, Gage hit Manny with a series of headbutts and pushed him off the balcony through a set of tables on the floor.

Gage returned to the ring and hit Phantom with a tube-assisted boot scrape. He planted Eddy with a DDT on the glass for a very close near fall. Manny broke up the pinfall, which only upset Gage even more, and started to carve away at Manny’s forehead. Phantom was able to hit Gage over the back with a bundle of tubes, but Mance was able to make the save for the champion. Mance and Gage choke slammed Manny through a bundle of tubes, but Manny was still able to kick out. All of Team GCW rained tube shots across Manny, who got a nasty cut through his ear. Gage smashed one last tube across Manny’s head and pinned him for the victory.

Team GCW Defeated Team IWS

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