Jungle Kyona discusses pushing herself despite knee injury, needing that motivation

After April, Jungle Kyona is going to be taking a break from pro wrestling to undergo surgery for the knee injury

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That motivation was what Kyona needed. 

Coming up in April, Jungle Kyona is going to be undergoing surgery for a meniscus injury in her right knee that has been troubling her for the past several years. 

Kyona will be in action at NOMADS’ Freelance Summit Vol. 3 on April 14th and after that, she’ll be taking a break from wrestling. She has shared that when she wrestled in the U.S. last fall, her knee was not 100 percent healthy. 

In a new interview with Proresu-TODAY, Kyona talked about competing during that stretch despite not being her best self physically. She mentioned that without that motivation to push forward, she not only would have lost wrestling, but she would have lost the motivation to live. 

Looking back, it is probably not a good thing that I was in such a hurry to return to the sport despite the discomfort in my knee. Still, I am very glad that I went to the U.S. and wrestled a few matches. I pushed myself a little too hard, but without that motivation, I think I would have lost not just wrestling, but even the motivation to live. At that time, my motivation to live was to go to the ring even if I had to push myself, and I wanted to return to the world of pro wrestling to live. The president of the company I worked for (while I was away from wrestling) also sent me to the U.S., and I don’t think I would be where I am today if I had not competed then.

In January, Kyona competed in Japan for the first time since May 2022. She was in action at Great Muta’s Final BYE-BYE event

She shared that after the match, she had to be stretchered to an ambulance because her knee was troubling her. Kyona had anesthesia injected into the area that was in pain. 

My doctor also seemed to have found a clue that I might be able to do so in the future, and at that point, I was not even told to stop by the doctor. I knew that there were many people in professional wrestling who were dealing with injuries in their matches, so I thought, I can still do this, and I want more offers. However, after the match (at Great Muta’s Final BYE-BYE), I had a rocking injury in my daily life, and I had to be taken to the ambulance because I couldn’t get it off by myself easily. It hurt and I lost control of what I had been able to control. I was able to get anesthesia injected into my knee and have it repositioned like a dislocation, but I thought, finally, what about this? I told the doctor that I couldn’t trust my knee any longer with a doctor who had already failed me, and I told him properly, ‘Please give me your medical records and images. I’m considering a second opinion.’

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