GCW vs. DDT: Cole Radrick vs. Yoshihiko, BUSSY vs. Pheromones

Photo Courtesy: GCW

Friday, March 31, 2023
Ukrainian Cultural Center
Los Angeles, California 

Match Recommendations: 

Alec Price, Gringo Loco, Marcus Mathers, and Dyln McKay vs. Daisuke Saski, KANON, Sanshiro Takagi, Takeshi Masada 

Moonlight Express (MAO and Mike Bailey) vs. East West Express (Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver)

Joey Janela vs. Yuki Ueno

Chris Brookes, Mizuki Watase, and Shunma Katsumata vs. Second Gear Crew

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Alec Price, Gringo Loco, Marcus Mathers, and Dyln McKay vs. Daisuke Saski, KANON, Sanshiro Takagi, Takeshi Masada 

Takagi and Cartwheel started the match for their respective teams. Cartwheel performed a cartwheel, and Takagi hit one of his own, which sent the crowd into a frenzy. Both men tagged out, and Mathers and Sasaki entered the match with a stiff lock-up. Sasaki poked Mathers in the eyes, followed by a slap to his face. Mathers didn’t back down as he kicked Sasaki a couple of times in the face and hit him with a Northern Lights Suplex. Mathers tagged in McKay, and Masada made his way into the match for Team DDT. McKay and Masada fought each other for a little while, with McKay getting the best of the situation. McKay went for a satellite DDT, followed by a spinning brainbuster for the first nearfall of the match. Mathers tagged back in and hit Masada with their tandem tag team maneuvers. Team DDT had enough of this, so they attacked Wasted Youth from behind. Masada made the tag to KANON, who went to work on Mathers’s mid-section with a series of strikes and chops. Mathers tried to fight back, but there was no one in his corner to make the tag to. Sasaki taped Gringo Loco’s wrists together on the floor. Takagi beat down Mathers for a little bit before he made the tag to Masada, who picked up where Takagi left off. Gringo Loco was able to break free of the tape. Sasaki stood on the side of Mathers’s face and baited Team GCW to get into the ring, but no one budged. Mathers hit a flurry of chops, followed by a hook kick. Despite this, Mathers was unable to make his way to his corner and make a tag. Finally, Gringo Loco made his way into the match and took it to both KANON and Masada with a handspring back elbow. Jack Cartwheel returned to the match and sent Masada to the floor. He evaded KANON’s offense and hit him with an elbow drop. Cartwheel hit a beautiful Sasuke Special while Loco hit KANON with a springboard cutter, which resulted in a two count. Loco hit KANON with a series of overhand chops across his chest and locked him in an abdominal stretch. Takagi hit Loco with a stunner, followed by Cartwheel. Wasted Youth got caught with a stunner of their own. Masada kicked Loco in the head, but McKay was able to break up the pin attempt, allowing Gringo Loco to go to the top rope, where he and Mathers planted Masada on the mat. Loco hit him with a moonsault, followed by a shooting star press from McKay, a 450 from Mathers, and a phoenix splash from Jack Cartwheel to seal the deal for Team GCW.

Team GCW Defeated Team DDT 

Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Saki Akai

Sheik and Akai started off with a stiff headlock with neither one of them gaining an advantage, Sheik took Akai down with a shoulder block but she was caught with a big boot in the face from Akai, Sheik hit a slingshot leg drop followed by a slingshot senton for a close nearfall. Sheik hit Akai with a split-legged leg drop for another nearfall, Akai caught Sheik with repeated boots to her face and took her out with a crossbody. Akai kept kicking Sheik in the head but Sheik lazily kicked out. The crowd was very flat for this match and I understand why. Sheik got a quick roll-up and ended our misery. 

Dark Sheik Defeated Saki Akai 

Tag Team Match: Moonlight Express (MAO and Mike Bailey) vs. East West Express (Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver)

All four men shook hands before the start of the match, and then Wayne and Bailey began for their respective teams. Speedball and Wayne took each other down with head scissors as they wrestled to a stalemate. Next, MAO and Oliver entered the ring, and MAO tried to take Oliver off his feet with a series of shoulder tackles, but he was unsuccessful. MAO then switched to a dropkick, which did take the bigger man down. MAO laid into Jordan’s chest with a couple of thudding chops, but Oliver caught him with the running side slam. Wayne entered the match, and they hit Bailey with a double team hip toss and stereo dives to the floor, taking out both members of the Moonlight Express. Bailey and MAO then punched Oliver and Wayne out of the air and started to isolate Oliver inside the ring. They worked him over with a series of kicks, a double knee, and a springboard knee drop. Bailey worked over Oliver’s shoulder and rushed in to hit him in the jaw with a forearm. The tag was made to MAO, who kicked Oliver in the chest while Nick Wayne looked on. MAO then rolled back into an abdominal stretch. Wayne got sick of watching his partner get worked over and broke the hold but was quickly sent to the floor. Oliver was hit with a split-leg moonsault, and Bailey hit Wayne with the triangle moonsault, but Oliver was still able to kick out. Oliver fired up and clotheslined MAO and Bailey, giving Wayne enough time to get back to the apron and get the hot tag from his partner. Wayne hit an uppercut to Bailey, a superkick to MAO’s face, followed by a shotgun dropkick that sent MAO to the floor. Wayne hit Bailey with a one-man Spanish fly for a close nearfall. Wayne went for a handspring, but Bailey kicked him in the chest, and MAO dropped double knees onto Wayne’s chest. Wayne ducked a clothesline but ate a dropkick to his face, followed by a palm strike. MAO bridged out of some of Wayne’s offense, and Wayne gave the NXT shocked face. MAO fired up and leveled Wayne with a kick to his head, but Wayne responded with a handspring cutter. Both men were down in the center of the ring as their tag team partners begged them to make the tag. Wayne and MAO made tags to their partners. Bailey missed a standing shooting star press and was tossed with an overhead suplex into a Batista Bomb for another close two count. Oliver wrenched Bailey’s arms in an attempt for the tiger suplex, but Bailey got out of it and lit up Wayne with Speedball kicks followed by Double Drop Kicks. MAO and Speedball hit tandem moonsaults, and Nick Wayne busted his head open after the moonsaults to the floor as Oliver took on both members of the Moonlight Express. Wayne and Oliver kicked Bailey in the head and went for a double cloutcutter, but Bailey moved out of the way, and East West was hit with a double green tea plunge. MAO climbed to the top rope and went for a 450, but Wayne moved out of the way and still ate a kick from MAO. Bailey hit the ultimate weapon but was superkicked by Wayne. Moonlight Express hit Oliver with the Tornado Driver, but Jordan was still able to kick out. Bailey stacked Oliver up in the corner to set him up for the Flamingo driver, but Oliver countered it as they traded pinfalls. Wayne hit a destroyer on MAO and followed by a cloutcutter on Bailey for the victory.

East West Express Defeated Moonlight Express 

Singles Match: Kazusada Higuchi vs. Starboy Charlie

Charlie found himself backed up in the corner by the much larger Higuchi several times, showcasing the latter’s strength advantage. Despite this, Charlie was able to evade Higuchi with his quick offense and even landed a shooting star press, but Higuchi kicked out at one. Starboy made the mistake of asking Higuchi to chop him, resulting in the big man leveling him with a brutal chop, followed by an overhead chop and a bodyslam into a splash for a two count.

Higuchi got caught in the ropes and was put into an abdominal stretch, but he powered out of it and delivered a big elbow drop that resulted in another close nearfall. For some reason, Charlie continued to chop Higuchi, which did not affect the big man, who then swatted at Starboy’s chest. Higuchi was caught with a Thez Press, but he powered out of it again and hit a series of running lariats to the much smaller Starboy Charlie. Higuchi placed Starboy on the top rope, but Starboy blocked a superplex and powerbombed Higuchi in the center of the ring.

The two men traded chops in the center of the ring, with Charlie routinely taken off of his feet due to the impact of Higuchi’s chops. Higuchi messed up and was sent to the floor, where Starboy was able to hit him with a moonsault followed by a shotgun dropkick into the corner. Starboy followed that up with a cosmic swirl, but Higuchi kept kicking out. Higuchi then planted Starboy with a vicious Doctor Bomb, but Starboy still managed to kick out. Higuchi slammed Starboy into the corner and followed it up with another slam, but Charlie finally succumbed to a huge slam from Higuchi for the victory.

Kazusada Higuchi Defeated Starboy Charlie 

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Yuki Ueno

The two men locked up and attempted to take each other off their feet with shoulder tackles, but neither man would budge. Yuki finally gained the advantage and brought Joey down with a shoulder tackle, but Joey retaliated with a series of chops, followed by an uppercut to Yuki’s jaw. Yuki fired up with a forearm across Janela’s neck, followed by a vicious half-and-half suplex, but Joey still managed to kick out. Joey took Yuki off his feet with a brutal Death Valley Driver, but Yuki kicked out once again. Joey toyed with Yuki with some kicks, followed by some stiff forearms, to which Yuki responded in kind. Janela leveled Yuki with a rolling elbow, followed by a tope sucicida, but he took too much time getting back into the ring, and Yuki capitalized with a tornillo. Yuki rolled Joey back into the ring and got a close near-fall after a big splash off the top rope. Joey turned the tables and wrenched back on Yuki’s arms and fingers, but Yuki was able to reach the ropes to break the hold. Joey went for a package piledriver, but Yuki reversed it into a snapdragon. Joey popped back up and hit Yuki with a release German suplex. They both went for clotheslines at the same time, and Yuki was able to ground Joey and register a very close near-fall. Joey spiked Yuki with a vicious brainbuster. He went to the top rope, looking for the double stomp, but Yuki popped up and took Joey down with a super hurricanrana, followed by the drive-by for the victory.

Yuki Ueno Defeated Joey Janela 

Tag Team Match: Homicide and Tony Deppen vs. Jun Akiyama and Tetsuya Endo

Homicide and Jun started the match off with a stiff lockup and worked over each other’s arms. Homicide teased a punch but continued with the technical battle. They tagged out to their partners, who picked up where they left off with some technical chain wrestling. Deppen went after Endo’s leg, but Endo maneuvered himself into a cross-arm breaker. Deppen synched in a wrist lock, which Endo was able to break free from and leveled Deppen with a shoulder tackle. Endo sent Deppen into the ropes but ended up eating a dropkick to the face. Deppen flipped off Akiyama as he tagged Homicide back into the match, who took the fight to Endo, but Jun quickly made the tag and leveled Homicide with a series of strikes to the back of his head and chest. Homicide sent Jun to the floor, where they started to brawl through the Ukrainian Cultural Center. Homicide then turned his attention to Jun’s fingers before he rolled him back into the ring, where he got a quick two-count. Homicide and Deppen worked over Jun in their corner as Endo accidentally distracted the ref. Homicide started to bite Jun’s face, which gave Deppen the chance to tag back into the match where he worked over Jun with a couple of strikes and kicks before Endo came back into the match and took out both members of Team GCW. Endo took both men out with a springboard lariat followed by a delayed vertical suplex on Homicide, but it still only resulted in a two-count. Homicide went for an ace crusher, but it was blocked. Deppen blind-tagged himself in and leveled Endo with a top-rope double stomp. Jun broke up the pin attempt with a boot to Deppen’s face. Team DDT hit Deppen with a series of tag team maneuvers, which resulted in Deppen being locked in a Boston Crab. Homicide tried to break the hold with a couple of punches to Endo’s face, but it didn’t matter. Endo broke the hold himself and ate an ace crusher from Homicide, but Homicide’s advantage didn’t last long as Jun tossed him to the outside with a suplex. Endo hit Deppen with a shooting star press for the victory.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Chris Brookes, Mizuki Watase, and Shunma Katsumata vs. Second Gear Crew

Team DDT attacked SGC from behind and brawled around the Ukrainian Cultural Center (UCC), where Mance was sent head-first into the ring post, and Manders was thrown into a wall, causing him to bleed heavily. Mance used a steel chair to attack the backs of Team DDT, while Chris Brookes hit Justice with a Sabu-style chair shot. Shunma then took out all three members of SGC with a crossbody, and Brookes removed Manders’ boots. Team DDT threw Legos into the ring, and Brookes broke a plastic bin over Justice’s head, but Mance hit him with a series of jabs. Mance attempted the Terry Funk spinning ladder spot, but Shunma punched him in the groin and took the ladder, only to be speared with it by Manders. SGC unloaded chairs onto the ladder on Shunma’s chest, and Brookes sent Justice to the floor. Team DDT set up plastic bins in the corner, and Justice ate a senton from Brookes, sending both men through the bins. All six men brawled in the center of the ring, and Team DDT hit SGC with triple superkicks and introduced a staple gun. Both teams stapled each other’s heads before SGC set up a door bridge in the center of the ring, and Manders and Mance sent Shunma through the door with a superplex. Team DDT attempted coast-to-coast moves, but they couldn’t secure the victory. Brookes set up another door bridge on the floor, placed Justice on the door and had Shunma splash him through it from a ladder. Team DDT rolled both men back into the ring, but Shunma only received a two-count. Manders then hit Shunma with a lariat, and Mancer followed up with a running knee to secure the victory.

Second Gear Crew Defeated Chris Brookes, Mizuki Watase, and Shunma Katsumata

Tag Team Match: BUSSY vs. Pheromones (Danshoku Dino and Yuki Ino)

Allie and Ino started the match for their respective teams. Ino used his strength advantage and took Allie down. Dino and EFFY tagged in, and they did a grinding bit. Ino distracted EFFY with his zipper, and Dino and Ino double-teamed EFFY with a series of tag team moves. However, it didn’t last long as EFFY and Katch hit some tandem offense of their own. Ino did his bit when he took off his singlet after getting hit by his opponent. Dino and Ino rubbed their butts on Katch, and EFFY sent Allie to the floor to get butt-rubbed. I can hear the Deathmatch Elite Facebook screaming various “what-aboutisms.” EFFY took off his trunks and joined the butt-rub party on Katch. Dino and Ino did more of their sexual-based offense, and EFFY made the save for his partner, but he was sent to the floor as Ino sat on Katch’s face. Allie took off her trunks and hit her running hip attack/cannonball combination followed by the pedigree/stunner combination for a close nearfall. Ino sat on the top rope and presented himself as Katch’s face was slammed into his open ass. EFFY put on the brakes and put Dino’s face in Allie’s ass, followed by the ref into Dino’s face. More refs kept coming into the ring and were placed in the human centipede.

“As a result of too much ass eating, the match has been ruled a No Contest”- Emil J 

No Contest

DDT Ironman HeavyMetalWeight Championship Match: Cole Radrick vs. Yoshihiko (Champion)

The two shook hands but Hiko quickly took Raddy off of his feet with a headlock takeover, they stayed like this for a couple of minutes before Cole punched him in the face. Hiko reversed and sent Radrick crashing to the floor, Hiko tried to dive on him but Cole caught him and threw him into the wall. I called my dad over to watch this spot and he enjoyed it, I didn’t tell him about the prior match. Hiko took Cole down with a head scissor DDT, Hiko rolled Radrick back into the ring where he secured a two count. Hiko fired back up and launched himself at Radrick but he was caught and hit with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a tight chin lock, Hiko spike Cole on the top of his head after a very long head scissors spot, Hiko went for a splash in the corner but Cole moved out of the way and climbed with the doll on his shoulders, Hiko reversed it and hit Cole with a top rope rana followed by a Sasuke Special. Back inside the ring, Hiko hit Radrick with a destroyer which took out Cole Radrick but still wasn’t enough to put Cole away. Radrick flattened Hiko with a DVD into the corner, Radrick brought two doors into the ring and set up a door bridge, HIko fired up and sent Radrick crashing through the door but Radrick was able to get his shoulder up at the last second. Radrick responded by putting Hiko through the door with a running Death Valley Driver, Hiko was bent in half but still was able to kick out at the last second. Hiko Sabu’d a chair at Radrick’s head but Cole hit LIl Sebastians Curse to win the DDT Ironman HeavyMetalweight Championship. 

Cole Radrick won the DDT Ironman HeavyMetalWeight Champion 

Yoshihiko pinned Radrick to win back the DDT Ironman HeavyMetalWeight Championship

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