Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian open up about suffering a miscarriage

Image Courtesy: Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian

This story contains details of pregnancy loss.

Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian have filmed a special message about having gone through a miscarriage.

The couple said that they wanted to be open with fans before restarting their YouTube channel, which has been dormant for about a year. They also said that telling their story was part of the healing process.

In the video, the pair take turns to tell their story. They explained that Penelope became pregnant last year, saying that they were excited because they wanted kids, but nervous because the pregnancy was unplanned.

Penelope said:

When we told our boss, Tony Khan, that we were expecting, he had this stack of papers at his hands and as soon as he heard the news he just threw them and they went all over the room.

Kip added that Khan then gave the pair a hug:

If you’ve ever seen on the stage when a new person has debuted in AEW and smashed it out of the park and Tony gives them that jumping hug, that’s the hug that we got.

And as soon as that happened, all of the nerves and the fears that we had completely turned into just pure excitement and we were excited for what was to come.

The couple then told of how they began to make medical appointments, come up with ideas for decorating a nursery, and think about ideas for names.

They then spoke about an incident at around the 10-week pregnancy mark. Penelope experienced severe pain and bleeding. Sadly, the confirmation of a miscarriage came shortly after.

The couple did not want to go into detail on the final part of the hospital experience but did outline that some surgery was required a few weeks later to remove fibroid tissue.

Kip said:

The main reason we wanted to get our story out and we felt it was important was because people just don’t talk about miscarriages.

Penelope pointed out, “One in four people will have one and it’s not your fault.”

Turning to his partner, Kip added:

It not being your fault — that’s something that has taken you a long time to get past and for me seeing you blame yourself for something that is not your fault is a hard process to go through.

We wanted to get this video out for our healing process and know that it’s okay to talk about this kind of thing…Without this baby, we wouldn’t have known that the fibroid would have this effect which would have caused complications.

And now you’ve had the surgery to remove it so when we next get pregnant, the baby has sacrificed itself for its brother or sister to come.

“In a weird way, beautiful,” added Penelope.

The couple closed out the video by saying that their hearts go out to anyone else who is going through something similar, or has in the past.

We at POST Wrestling wish Penelope and Kip every best wish as they continue their journey of healing.

If you have been affected by this issue, please search ‘miscarriage support’ to find organizations that can help in your local region.


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