Chris Jericho thinks news is coming soon about AEW having more opportunities to spotlight people

Chris Jericho speaks highly of the AEW locker room and says he thinks news is coming soon about more opportunities to spotlight talents

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Jericho adds that he thinks there’s more to come in regards to spotlighting talents in AEW. 

Since the launch of All Elite Wrestling, Chris Jericho has been part of the company and is their first-ever AEW World Champion. 

The company is in its fourth year of operation and the talent roster is continuing to grow in numbers. Heading into the 4/12 episode of Dynamite, Jericho guest appeared on the Battleground Podcast and was asked if there are any misconceptions about the AEW locker room. 

He would not use the word ‘misconceptions’ but expressed how great he feels it is. Jericho stated that 99 percent of the talents there do not want to be anywhere else, but said there will always be some who want to explore their options. As he was touching on the size of the roster, he said he thinks there’s news coming soon in regards to putting the spotlight on more people. 

I don’t really know if there’s a misconception (about the AEW locker room). There’s always ups and downs in any company that you have but, I’m not gonna say any misconceptions but I think the AEW locker room is a great place to be and I think we got a lot of great people and I think everyone’s got a great attitude and we’ve been doing a great job over the last year building our brand and building our locker room and I think most, I’d say 99 percent of our locker room doesn’t wanna go anywhere else and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Of course you’re always going to have some guys that wanna go other places and I’m sure that may or may not happen but for the most part — I think the only bad thing, if it is a bad thing is we only have three hours of TV a week with such a huge, talented roster so, that’s something hopefully we can work on but there’s nothing wrong with having a talented roster. We just need to get more reps for people which we’re doing with the House Rules. I think there’s some other news upcoming soon with more opportunities that we have to put the spotlight on more people so, you know, that’s the way it goes.

Jericho was in action on the 4/12 Dynamite against Keith Lee. The next pay-per-view on the docket for AEW is Double or Nothing on May 28th. 

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