Celeste Bonin (Kaitlyn) would love to work with Mercedes Moné & Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch, Mercedes Moné and Summer Rae is who Bonin named. 

From 2010-2014, Celeste Bonin (Kaitlyn) was with WWE and after that period of time, she opted to step away from the ring on a full-time basis. 

Bonin last wrestled in 2019 and she did four shows that year. She was a guest on the 76th edition of Café De René’s YouTube livestream. She was asked who she wishes she got to work with and who she would like to work with as it relates to pro wrestling and Bonin named Mercedes Moné, Becky Lynch and Summer Rae. 

Man, I would love to work with Becky (Lynch), I would love to work with Sasha (Mercedes Moné), I would love to work with Summer (Rae). They’re so talented and have done so many amazing things. I’ve actually gotten to connect a little bit with Becky, like backstage at a few things and then just in general and she has a very dope perspective on wrestling and just like life in general so, I think I would really love to work with her for sure.

In 2018, Bonin returned to WWE as a part of the Mae Young Classic tournament. She lost to Mia Yim in the second round. 

She shared that it was Canyon Ceman, former WWE Senior Director of Talent Development who suggested her for the tourney. Celeste and Ceman had a close friendship.

My buddy, Canyon Ceman, I don’t think he’s with the company (WWE) anymore but, Canyon and I became friends over the years so they had brought him on to develop the talent portion and acquiring talent and that whole process and he and I talked a lot because he knew my process, how I had gotten on the road really fast without having experience and just kind of feeling really lost and so we talked a lot and he was really trying to refine the process and everything that the Performance Center is now, I attribute so much to him and his ideas and his perceptions of how we can change it. Guys, this is like a billion dollar company. The process of bringing in talent should be different, it can be different and so I just had a lot of respect for him and we had such a great friendship and so he reached out to me. He’s like, ‘Hey, I brought your name up for the Mae Young. Do you wanna do it?’ And I was like, ‘Yes’ and I jumped on saying yes so fast because I felt like I had really gained something in my life by just getting back in the ring for a few months, and so it felt really awesome and I got to wrestle Mia Yim who I have so much love and respect for.

Throughout her time in WWE, Bonin became Divas Champion and she is the winner of NXT season three. 

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