Dream Slam Monthly Vol. 4: Graduation Season

Maika and Himeka leave together at STARDOM All-Star Grand Queendom after Himeka's Retirement Match
Maika and Himeka leave together at STARDOM All-Star Grand Queendom after Himeka's Retirement Match (c) STARDOM

So Hard to Say Good-Bye

Where has the time gone? It felt like only a few days ago, Himeka announced her intention to retire. In the last week, the Jumbo Princess concluded her Retirement Road with her special singles match against Maika at STARDOM’s All-Star Grand Queendom on Sunday and her epilogue with WAVE Pro x BushiFight: JUMBO FOREVER took place at Shinjuku FACE. Throughout her retirement road, Himeka was collected, resolved, and content with her decision to retire on her own terms. However, last night the finality of her decision finally seemed to hit her at the conclusion of the show. 

Since her arrival in STARDOM, Himeka was an instant favorite. While she never won any singles titles or tournaments in STARDOM, she was consistently someone the company could depend on for exciting, hard-hitting matches. I was very thankful that I had the opportunity to see her wrestle live back in November on back-to-back nights. Her retirement ceremony will be in two weeks at Korakuen Hall: Last Jumbo Princess (5/14). No matches have been announced yet, but STARDOM’s next big show is Fukuoka Goddess Legend on 5/4.

Recent Event Reports


POST Wrestling Cafe: STARDOM All-Star Grand Queendom POST Show! (4/23) Yokohama Arena

Content Schedule for May 2023

  • NJPW Wrestling Dontaku POST Show (5/3) Fukuoka 
  • Rewind-A-Wai: Dream Slam II (9/16) w/ John & Wai
  • NJPW Resurgence POST Show! (5/21) Long Beach, CA
  • Dream Slam Monthly vol. 5 (5/27; May 2023)


Third Annual Hana Kimura Memorial Show: PINX! (5/23) Korakuen Hall

How has it been three years already? Each spring the flowers come into bloom, but with one exception, reminding me how quickly things change and how fragile life is. While Hana is no longer with us, her family and friends celebrate her life and memory again this year. On April 16, Kyoko Kimura announced the card for PINX. The press conference was held at the Sendai Girls’ Dojo in cooperation with the event committee. The finalized match order will be announced on the day of the show.

PINX! 2023 Announced Matches

  • Battle Royal: (Participants; Entry Order TBD) Banana Senga, Tsutomu Ohsugi, Fuminori Abe, Mensore Oyaji, Super Delphin, Hanako Nakamori (PURE-J) Chihiro Hashimoto (SenJo) & multiple mystery entrants
  • Special Singles Match: Saori Anou vs. Miyuki Takase
  • Tag Match: Mika Iwata & Mio Momono (MARVELOUS) vs. Aja Kong & X
  • 6-Woman Tag: ASUKA (VENY), Natsupoi & Syuri vs. Kaori Yoneyama, Rina & Konami
  • Strongest ANIKI 4-Way Tag: Masao Hanabatake & Shotaro Ashino vs. Ryo Mizunami & Sonoko Kato (OZ Academy) vs. Yuko Miyamoto & Ram Kaicho (Triple 6) vs. Koji Kanemoto & X
  • Special Singles Match: Kyusei Hana Kimura (Sakura Hirota) vs. X

Vocal cheering will be allowed. There won’t be any streamers thrown except after the main event. Ms. Kimura requested that fans throw streamers in bright pink, yellow, and spring green, which were Hana’s signature colors. I have yet to see information about live streaming of this year’s show, but if it is announced, stay tuned to POST for details! The show is scheduled to start at 630 PM local time.

Here is some additional background information on the previous two shows: 

2AW (Active Advance Pro-Wrestling)

Ayame Sasamura is the only woman currently wrestling in 2AW, and while she has opportunities to compete against her colleagues in 2AW, she has not held any of the championships in the company. She’s held titles in DIANA, SEAdLiNNNG, and Sendai Girls.

  • 2AW Grand Slam in Korakuen (3/26) – Korakuen Hall – Singles Match: Ayame Sasamura defeated Chanyota (PPP Tokyo) (8:04)
  • 2AW ChiBattle 162 (4/16) – 2AW Square Koen – Tag Match: (Kengo Mashimo & Kunio Toshima) defeat Starlight Dreamers (Ayame Sasamura & Kotaro Yoshino) (13:35)
  • 2AW Grand Slam (4/23) 2AWE Square – Singles Match: Sakura Hirota defeats Ayame Sasamura (7:30)


BAKA GAIJIN + FRIENDS vol. 4: When Good Dogs Do Bad Things (4/18) Shimokitazawa

  • Special Tag Match: Baliyan Akki & Sayaka defeated MAO & Chie Koishikawa (14:22)
  • Special Singles Match: Masashi Takeda vs. Death Worm (9:26)
  • Special Tag Match: Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi defeated Rina Yamashita & Drew Parker (24:31)

BAKA GAIJIN + FRIENDS Vol.5: The Downward Spiral (5/23) Shimokitazawa

  • Featuring: Chris Brookes, Hyper Misao, MAO, Mei Suruga, Chie Koishikawa, Hagane Shinno, Daisuke Kios

World Woman Pro-Wrestling DIANA

Current Champions 

  • Queen Elizabeth Championship: Jaguar Yokota – 3rd Reign
  • Diana Tag Team Championship: SPiCEAP (Maika Ozaki & Tae Honma)
  • Diana World Championship: Ayako Sato – 3rd Reign

Amistad Vol 29 (3/26) Post Di Amistad

  • Single Match: Madeline defeated Miran (7:53)
  • Single Match: Haruka Umesaki defeated Nanami (10:00)
  • Single Match: Ayako Sato defeated Deborah K (10:43)
  • 3-Way Match: Jaguar Yokota defeated Kyoko Inoue vs. Himiko (10:30)

Admistad Vol 30 (4/9) Post Di Amistad

  • Singles Match: Rina Amikura defeated Deborah K (13:15)
  • Three Way: Jaguar Yokota defeated Makoto and Miran (8:47)
  • Tag Match: SPiCEAP (Maika Ozaki & Tae Honma) defeated Himiko & Nanami (17:18)
  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Ayako Sato, Kaho Kobayashi & Kyoko Inoue defeated Hanako Nakamori & Luminous (Haruka Umesaki & Miyuki Takase) (15:27)

Diana Future Sight vol. 7 (4/21) Post Di Amistad

  • Tag Match: Makoto & Saya Iida defeated Ayako Sato & Miran (15:10)
  • Singles Match:Rina Amikura defeated Nanami (11:35)
  • Singles Match: Haruka Umesaki defeated Deborah K (9:35)
  • Tag Match: Hikari Shimizu & SPiCEAP (Maika Ozaki & Tae Honma) defeated Himiko, Kakeru Sekiguchi & Madeline (11:18)

Admistad Vol 31 (4/23) Post di Amistad

  • Singles Match: Kaho Kobayashi defeated Deborah K (10:28)
  • Tag Match: SPiCEAP (Maika Ozaki & Tae Honma) defeated Madeline & Miran (15:50)
  • Three Way: Haruka Umesaki defeated Himiko and Kyoko Inoue (8:58)

RESULTS PENDING: CRYSIS (DIANA) vs. SENJO (4/14) ShinKiba 1st Ring

  • 6-Person Tag: Kenichiro Arai, Brother YASSHI & KAZUKI vs. Koju Takeda, Ikuto Hidata & Manami  
  • 3-Way Match: Gatsu Ishijima vs. Super Tiger vs. Yoshihiro Horaguchi
  • Singles Match: Ayako Sato vs. Riko Kawahata
  • Tag Match: Jaguar Yokota & ASUKA vs. Haruka Umesaki & Yurika Oka
  • Single Match: Megumi Yabushita vs. Chihiro Hashimoto

DIANA Korakuen (4/29) Korakuen Hall

  • Secret Captain’s Fall Match (20 Minutes): Nanami, Miran, Miyuki Takase, Kaori Yoneyama & Kaho Kobayashi defeated Deborah K, Himiko, Hanako Nakamori, Ayame Sasamura & Sae (15:50) with Nanami pinning Himiko to win
  • Strong Style Pro-Wrestling Special Match (1/20): Tiger Queen & Ikuto Hidaka defeated Super Tiger & Riko Kawahata ((11:31) with Tiger Queen pinning Kawahata with a Tiger Suplex
  • WWWD Tag Match (1/30): Tae Honma & Maika Ozaki © defeated Madeline & Kakeru Sekiguchi (14:59) with Honma pinning Madeline; First successful defense
  • Special Single Match (1/20): Kyoko Inoue defeated Unagi Sayaka (14:05) via pinfall
  • Semi-Final: WWWD Elizabeth Championship (1/30): Jaguar Yokota © defeated Megumi Yabushita vs. KAZUKI (8:50) with Yokota pinning Yabushita; 10th Champion’s 3rd successful defense
  • WWWD Singles Championship (1/30): Haruka Umesaki defeated Ayako Sato © (24:59) with BLAST to become the 17th Champion

Upcoming Schedule

  • Amistad Vol. 32 (5/14)
  • Future Sight Vol.8 (5/26)
  • Amistad Vol. 33 (5/28)
  • Itabashi Green Hall (6/4)
  • Nanyo City, Yamagata (6/18)

DDT/Ganbare Pro

Neither DDT nor GanbarePro currently has a women’s championship. However, female competitors are able to challenge for the Spirit of Ganbare Openweight Championship or for various championships in DDT. 

Ganbare Pro Heroes Never Die 2023 (3/25) BASEMENT MONSTAR 

  • GanJo Singles Match: Moeka Haruhi defeated YuuRI (11:17)

Mizuki Watase’s Self-Produced Show 2023 (3/25) BASEMENT MONSTAR

  • Special Singles Match: Hartley Jackson defeated HARUKAZE (11:25)
  • Tag Match: Shuichiro Katsumura &Moeka Haruhi defeated Shinichiro Tominaga & Munetatsu Nakamura (13:29)
  • 3-Way Match: Soma Takao defeated Ken Ohka & YuuRI (8:24)

GanPro Special Show March 2023 (3/25) BASEMENT MONSTAR

  • GanJo Tag Match: Rina Amikura & YuuRI defeated Moeka Haruhi & Yoshiko Hasegawa (10:56)  

DDT Goes Hollywood (3/30) Ukrainian Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA – Singles Match: Saki Akai defeated Vert Vixen (6:07)

GCW vs. DDT (3/31) Ukrainian Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA – Singles Match: Dark Sheik defeated Saki Akai (7:19)

Yuna Manase has been out for several months now due to needing surgery on her knee. As one of the leaders of GanbarePro, and Ganbare Joshi in particular, she was named the Manager of Ganbare Joshi while she is unable to compete. No one loves GanPro the way she does, and it is exciting to see a woman involved in their women’s division.

GanJo ReStart ’23 (4/1) Yokohama Radiant Hall

  • Exhibition Match (1/5): RIARA vs. Moeka Haruhi (5:00) – Time Limit Draw
  • Special Gatoh MoveMatch: Sayaka Obihiro defeated Chie Koishikawa (10:10)
  • Special Tag Team Match: Moeka Haruhi & Ami Manase defeated Marika Kobashi & Echika Miyavi (17:27)
  • Special Singles Match: YuuRI defeated Yoshiko Hasegawa (11:42)

GanPro Bloody Sunday 2023 (4/21) BASEMENT MONSTAR

  • GanJo Singles Match: Moeka Haruhi defeats Yoshiko Hasegawa (12:38)
  • Secret Captain’s Fall Six Man Tag Team Elimination: Ken Ohka, Soma Takao [c] & YuuRI defeat Hartley Jackson [c], HARUKAZE & Yumehito Imanari (17:18)

Shota’s 15th Anniversary Show (4/22) BASEMENT MONSTAR

  • Tag Team Gauntlet: Miss Mongol & Yumehito Imanari defeated Echika Miyabi & Kabuto Mitomi and HARUKAZE & Mizuki Watase and Moeka Haruhi & Shuichiro Katsumura and Soma Takao & YuuRI

Bourne Ultimatum 2023 (4/22) BASEMENT MONSTAR

  • Singles Match: Ancham defeats YuuRI (13:11)

GanPro Run Lola Run 2023 (4/22) 176BOX, Osaka

  • Singles Match: Yoshiko Hasegaw vs. Marika Kobashi
  • GanPro Mixed Tag Match: Shota & HARUKAZE vs. YuuRI & Soma Takao

GanJo Fire Emblem ‘23 (5/2) Takashimadaira Ward Municipal Center

  • 5-Minute Exhibition Match: RAIRA vs. Moeka Haruhi
  • Gatoh Move Special Match: Chie Koishikawa vs. Tokiko Kirihara
  • Special Singles Match: Ami Manase vs. Marika Kobashi
  • Special Tag Match: Moeka Haruhi & YuuRI vs. HisokA & Tomoka Inaba (JTO)
  • Special Singles Match: Yoshiko Hasegawa vs. Tae Honma

LOVE PHANTOM 2023 (5/5) Korakuen Hall

  • RAIRA’s Debut Match: RAIRA vs. YuuRI
  • Mixed Tag Match: Moeka Haruhi & Shuichiro Katsumura vs. Hartley Jackson & HARUKAZE
  • Special Singles Match: Yoshiko Hasegawa vs. Nao Kakuta (TJPW)

INHERENT VICE 2023 (5/6) Takashimadaira Ward Municipal Center

  • Special Singles Match: Yoshiko Hasegawa vs. Shanghai Police Man
  • GanJo Special Tag Match: YuuRI&RAIRA vs Moeka Haruhi & HARUKAZE

Upcoming Schedule – All shows at BASEMENT MONSTAR unless noted

  • For You, I’ll Become a Butterfly 2023 (5/27)
  • Yumehito’s Wrestle Factory (5/28)
  • GanPro Special Show May 2023 (5/28)

Gatoh Move/ChocoPro

March-April ChocoPro Streams all held at Ichigaya Chocolate Square unless otherwise noted 

  • Choco Pro #302 (3/26) 3rd Anniversary Special Rumble!
  • Choco Pro #303 (4/2) Sekine & Mochi vs. EggTart!
  • Choco Pro #304 (4/7) BestBros vs. TAMURA & Chie!
  • Choco Pro #305 (4/16) Mei & Miya vs. Chie & Mochi!
  • Choco Pro #306 (4/23) Emi & Fujita vs. Chie & Akki!
  • Choco Pro #307 (4/2) Obi’s 13th Anniversary Show!

GMCP x Deadlock Pro-Wrestling! IN JAPAN!!

Tokyo Crossover (4/25) Shikiba 1st Ring

  • Singles Match: Mochi Natsumi (PROMINENCE) defeated Miya Yotsuba (8:37)
  • Three Way Tag Team: SAKI & Sayaka Obihiro defeated Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara and Chon Shiryu & Shin Suzuki (7:02)
  • Tag Match: Emi Sakura & Kaori Yoneyama vs. Luminous (Haruka Umesaki & Miyuki Takase)(15:00) – Time Limit Draw 
  • Singles Match: Baliyan Akki defeats Rina Yamashita (13:18)
  • Tag Match: Mei Suruga & Ryo Mizunami defeated Chie Koishikawa & Kaho Kobayashi (16:23)
  • DPW Worlds Tag Team Championship: Violence Is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) © defeated Calamari Drunken Kings (Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi) (17:20)

Tokyo Crossover 2 (4/27) Shinjuku FACE

  • Tag Match: Antonio Honda, Chon Shiryu, Shin Suzuki & Tokiko Kirihara defeated Death Worm, KOJIO, Sayaka Obihiro & Tiger Jet Shinjuku (7:26)
  • Tag Match: Hikari Shimizu & SAKI defeated Ryo Mizunami & Sayaka (8:00)
  • Minoru Fujita & Rina Yamashita defeated Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno (13:54)
  • Singles Match: Mei Suruga defeated Arisu Endo (8:54)
  • Tag Match: Baliyan Akki, Calamari Drunken Kings (Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi) & Ken Ohka defeated Isami Kodaka, Masashi Takeda & Violence Is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) (18:42)
  • DPW Women’s Worlds Championship: Emi Sakura © defeated Miyuki Takase (18:24)

COLOR’S (Girls’ Pro-Wrestling Unit)

Current COLOR’S Champion: Rina Amikura

NEW! Yes, My Way, Vol. 6 (5/6) ShinKiba 1st Ring; Tickets on sale Sunday; Participants/Card TBA

  • 6-Person Tag Match: Sakaran Bonita, Aiger & Natsu Sumire vs. Hikari Shimizu, Kaho Kobayashi & Miyuki Takase
  • Special Singles Match: Ryo Mizunami vs. Yuko Sakurai
  • Semi-Final Tag Match: SAKI & Baliyan Akki vs. Momoka Hanazono & Takoyakiida
  • Main Event: Rina Amikura’s 5th Anniversary Battle Royal: Rina Amikura © vs. Kaori Yoneyama vs. Tae Honma vs. Momo Tani vs. Kakeru Sekiguchi vs. Riko Kawahata


GLEAT does not have any women’s championships. However, the match-ups they’ve brought in for Michiko Miyagi, Maya Fukuda, and Yukari Hosoda have been quite interesting. The company also allowed mixed tags. GLEAT offers standard pro-wrestling, LIDET UWF rules wrestling, and has recently launched an MMA brand.

G PRO WRESTLING Ver. 49 ~Origin~ (4/2) Naha City Tenbusu Fureai Hall, Okinawa

G PRO WRESTLING Ver. 49 ~Origin~ (4/12) Korakuen Hall; UWF Rules Tournament

G PRO WRESTLING Ver. 50 ~Origin~ (4/23) Azalea Hall, Osaka

2023 Schedule (Calendar)

  • G PRO WRESTLING Ver. 51 ~Origin~ (5/6) Korakuen HallShinjuku FACE
    • Special Singles Match: Yukari Hosokawa vs. Unagi Sayaka 
  • G PRO WRESTLING Ver. 52 ~Origin~ (5/14) Sapporo E1 Stadium, Hokkaido
  • G PRO WRESTLING Ver. 53 ~Origin~ (5/21) Umeda Sky Building, Osaka
  • GLEAT Ver.Ex: FACE-OFF ACCESS 2 TDCH (6/7) Korakuen Hall
  • GLEAT Ver. 6 Second Anniversary Show (7/1) Tokyo Dome City Hall

Ice Ribbon

Current Champions *Indicates a recent title defense (see below) 

  • FantastICE Champion: Akane Fujita (PROMINENCE)
  • ICExInfinity Champion: Totoro Satsuki
  • International Ribbon Tag Team Champions: Hamuko Hoshi & Makoto
  • Triangle Ribbon Championship: Vacant

Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #1268 (3/25) Ice Ribbon Dojo

  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Kiku, Totoro Satsuki & Yappy defeated Momo Tani, Saran & Tsuki Umino (10:41)
  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Kyuri, Misa Kagura & Sumika Yanagawa defeated Chie Ozora, Kaho Matsushita & Yura Suzuki (9:54)
  • Singles Match: Ibuki Hoshi defeated Asahi (9:14)
  • Nao Ishikawa’s Last Ice Ribbon Match (1/60s per entrant): Nao Ishikawa vs. Arisa Shinose, Asahi, Banny Oikawa, Chie Ozora, Ibuki Hoshi, Kaho Matsushita, Kiku, Kyuri, Mio Shirai, Misa Kagura, Momo Tani, Saran, Sumika Yanagawa, Totoro Satsuki, Tsuki Umino, Yappy & Yura Suzuki (19:48)

Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #1269 (4/1) Ota City Industrial Plaza PiO Small Exhibition Hall

  • Singles Match: AKARI defeated Saran (6:56)
  • Singles Match: Submission: Yura Suzuki defeated Tsuki Umino (7:31)
  • Tag Match:Kiku & Totoro Satsuki defeated HisokA & Yappy (8:15)
  • Tag Match: Chie Ozora & Yuko Sakurai defeated Kaho Matsushita & Momo Tani (12:11)
  • Singles Match: Ibuki Hoshi vs. Saori Anou (15:00) – Time Limit Draw
  • International Ribbon Tag Team Title: Hamuko Hoshi & Makoto © defeated Misa Kagura & Sumika Yanagawa (18:06) – 59th Champion’s first defense

Ice Ribbon Princess’s Party #24 (4/5) Ice Ribbon Dojo 

  • Tag Match: Chie Ozora & YuuRI defeated Saran & Tsuki Umino (10:10)
  • Tag Match: Crea & Ibuki Hoshi defeated Kaho Matsushita & Totoro Satsuki (10:23)

Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #1270 (4/8) Ice Ribbon Dojo

  • Singles Match: Kyuri defeated Tsuki Umino (3:37)
  • Tag Match: AKARI & Misa Kagura defeated Kaho Matsushita & Yuko Sakurai (8:29)
  • Singles Match: YuuRI defeated Yura Suzuki (8:37)
  • Tag Match: Ibuki Hoshi & Sumika Yanagawa defeated Momo Tani & Totoro Satsuki (11:06)

Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #1272 (4/16) SKIP City Multipurpose Hall

  • Tag Match: Ancham & Misa Kagura defeated Saran & Yura Suzuki (13:00)
  • Singles Match: YuuRI defeated Kiku (8:49)
  • Tag Match: Hikari Shimizu & Kaho Matsushita defeated Aoi & HisokA (13:49)
  • Tag Match: Kyuri & Mio Momono defeated Ai Houzan & Tsuki Umino (16:40)
  • Tag Match: Sumika Yanagawa & Totoro Satsuki defeated Hamuko Hoshi & Yuko Sakurai (15:16)

Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #1273 (4/22) Ice Ribbon Dojo

  • Singles Match: Kaho Matsushita defeated Saran (6:50)
  • Singles Match: Hamuko Hoshi defeated Ru Rururu (8:26)
  • Tag Match: Chie Ozora & Kyuri defeated Kiku & Tsuki Umino (12:14)
  • Singles Match: Rina Yamashita defeated Ibuki Hoshi (13:08)

Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #1274 ~ Osaka Ribbon 2023~ (4/29) Osaka Ikuno Municipal Center

  • Tag Match: HisokA & Sumika Yanagawa defeated Miyu & Saran (11:55)
  • Tag Match: May Lee & YuuRI defeated Chie Ozora & Yura Suzuki (10:07)
  • Singles Match: Tsuki Umino defeated Aki Shizuku (11:32)
  • Tag Match: Hikari Shimizu & Kaho Matsushita defeated Hamuko Hoshi & Momo Tani (13:16)
  • ICExInfinity Title: Totoro Satsuki © defeated Ibuki Hoshi (15:26)

Ice Ribbon Mother’s Day Special: Hamuko Hoshi’s 15th Anniversary (5/14)  ShinKiba 1st Ring

  • Tag Match (1/20): JTO (Misa Kagura & Sumika Yanagawa) vs. Kiku & Tsuki Umino 
  • Tag Match (1/20): Kyuri & Anchamu vs. YuuRI & Miran
  • Singles Match (1/15): Yuu vs. Yappy
  • Singles Match (1/15): Hanako Nakamori vs. Kaho Matsushita
  • Semi-Main Tag Match (1/30): Makoto & ASUKA vs. Ryo Mizunami & Ibuki Hoshi
  • Singles Match (1/30): Hamuko Hoshi vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto

Upcoming Schedule 

  • Ice Ribbon #1271 (5/6)  Ice Ribbon Dojo
  • Ice Ribbon #1275 (5/13)  Ice Ribbon Dojo
  • Ice Ribbon Mother’s Day Special: Hamuko Hoshi’s 15th Anniversary (5/14)  ShinKiba 1st Ring
  • Ice Ribbon #1277 (5/20)  Ice Ribbon Dojo
  • Ice Ribbon #1278 (5/27)  Ice Ribbon Dojo
  • Ice Ribbon #1279 (5/29)  SKIP City
  • Ice Ribbon #1280 (6/3)  Ice Ribbon Dojo
  • Ice Ribbon #1281 in Osaka (6/4) 176BOX, Osaka International Ribbon Tag Championships: Hamuko Hoshi & Makoto © vs. Hikari Shimizu & Kaho Matsushita – 59th Champions’ 2nd Defense 
  • Ice Ribbon SKIP City (6/18)  SKIP City
  • Ice Ribbon SKIP City (12/31)  SKIP City

IMPACT Wrestling x NJPW

Multiverse United 2: For Whom The Bell Tolls (8/20) 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, PA

After a successful co-promoted show during WrestleCon last month, NJPW and IMPACT Wrestling have announced the second show in their Multiverse United series. No participants or matches are announced at this time. 


JTO only has one women’s singles championship and no women’s tag championship. Their roster is less than ten participants.

  • Current Queen of JTO Champion: Tomoka Inaba

JTO (4/9) Shin-Kiba 1st RING 

  • Singles Match: HisokA defeated Azusa Inaba (9:58)
  • Singles Match: rhythm defeated Aoi (8:32)
  • Tag Match: Yuu & Yuu Yamagata defeated Misa Kagura & Sumika Yanagawa (8:19)
  • Queen Of JTO Championship: Tomoka Inaba © defeated YuuRI (GanJo) (14:36)

JTO GIRLS House (4/15) JTO Arena

  • Singles Match: Aoi defeated Azusa Inaba (5:32)
  • Singles Match: Tomoka Inaba defeated HisokA (4:45)
  • Tag Match: Aoi & Tomoka Inaba defeated Azusa Inaba & HisokA (5:40)

NEW! Kenta Kobashi’s Fortune Dream 8 (6/14) Korakuen Hall

  • Special Singles Match: KAIRI vs. Unagi Sayaka


Current Champions

  • AAAW Championship: Chikayo Nagashima 
  • AAAW Tag Team Championship: Chikayo Nagashima & Takumi Iroha 

MARVELOUS Yokohama (3/26) Yokohama Sanbo Hall 

  • Singles Match (1/15): Leo Isaka defeated Takumi Saito (9:21)
  • Singles Match (1/15): Unagi Sayaka defeated Ai Houzan (9:15)
  • Semi-Main Tag Match (1/20): Chikayo Nagashima & Takumi Iroha defeated Hikari Shimizu & Rina Amikura (17:13)
  • Main Event: Tag Match(1/20): Mio Momono & Tomoko Watanabe defeated Maria & Riko Kawahata (18:06)

RESULTS PENDING: MARVELOUS (4/22) Osaka Azalea Taisho Hall

  • Singles Match (1/15): HisokA vs. Hibiscus Mii
  • Singles Match (1/15): Leo Isaka vs. Shinji Kamakura
  • Tag Match (1/20): Riko Kawahata & Maria vs. Tomoko Watanabe & Unagi Sayaka
  • Tag Match (1/20): Takumi Iroha & Yurika Oka vs. Chikayo Nagashima & Ai Houzan
  • Special Singles Match: Mio Momono Challenges Series #5: Mio Momono vs. ASUKA

RESULTS PENDING: MARVELOUS (4/23) Kariya Fureai Hall

  • Singles Match (1/15): Leo Isaka vs. Yuki Toki (ZERO-1)
  • Tag Match (1/20): HisokA & ASUKA vs. Riko Kawahata & Maria
  • Singles Match (1/15): Takumi Iroha vs. Yurika Oka
  • Tag Match (1/20): Ai Houzan & Chikayo Nagashima vs. Unagi Sayaka
  • Tag Match (1/20): Takumi Iroha & Yurika Oka vs. Chikayo Nagashima & Ai Houzan & Aoi
  • Special Singles Match: Mio Momono Challenges Series Final: Mio Momono vs. Tomoko Watanabe

MARVELOUS (4/26) Shinkiba 1st Ring

  • Tag Match: Itsuki Aoki & Maya Yukihi defeated Ai Houzan & Tomoko Watanabe (14:32)
  • Singles Match: Leo Isaka defeated Big Ban Belly (9:48)
  • Singles Match: Maria defeated Riko Kawahata (8:41)
  • Tag Match: Chikayo Nagashima & Takumi Iroha defeated Mio Momono & Unagi Sayaka (18:06)

Taku Iroha celebrates her 10th Anniversary!

MARVELOUS 7th Anniversary Show: TRUTH OF THE 7 (5/3) Korakuen Hall; iPPV will be available internationally

  • To The Future Singles Match (1/15): Ai Houzan vs. Aoi (JTO)
  • International 6-Man Tag (1/20): Leo Isaka, James Thorne & Syouki Kitamura vs. ASTRO, Ryo Hoshino & SHINO
  • Dangerous Power Tag Match (1/15): Kaoru Ito & Tomoko Watanabe vs. Maya Yukihi & Itsuki Aoki
  • Challenge Tag Match (1/20): Kyoko Inoue & Jaguar Yokota vs. Maria & Riko Kawahata
  • Semi-Final Special Singles Match (1/20): Takumi Iroha vs. Unagi Sayaka
  • Main Event: AAAW Singles Championship Match (1/30): Chikayo Nagashima © vs. Mio Momono

Upcoming Schedule (Full)

  • MARVELOUS (5/19) Shinkiba 1st Ring
  • MARVELOUS (6/16) Shinkiba 1st Ring
  • MARVELOUS (7/16) Koyama Cultural Center, Tochigi
  • MARVELOUS (7/22) Osaka
  • MARVELOUS (7/23) Kariya Fureai Hall
  • MARVELOUS (7/27) Shinkiba 1st Ring
  • MARVELOUS Korakuen (8/7) Korakuen Hall
  • MARVELOUS Korakuen (12/10) Korakuen Hall

New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW)

  • Current IWGP Women’s Champion: Mayu Iwatani – defeated Mercedes Mone at STARDOM All-Star Grand Queendom (4/23) at Yokohama Arena; No championship defenses scheduled currently. 
  • NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion: VACANT – see below

NJPW Resurgence (5/21) Walter Pyramid, Long Beach, CA

Inaugural NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship Single Day Tournament Announced!

  • Round One (1/30): Mercedes Moné vs. Stephanie Vaquer (CMLL)
  • Round One (1/30): Momo Kohgo* (STARDOM) vs. Willow Nightingale (AEW/ROH)
  • Finals: Winner Vaquer/Moné vs. Winner Kohgo/Nightingale

NOTE: At STARDOM ASGQ, Kohgo had to drop out of English commentary after “getting her bell rung” (per commentary) at the Yokohama Rumble. Mariah May substituted (and did an amazing job). Kohgo was pulled from WAVE x BushiFight JUMBO FOREVER: Himeka Epilogue show (4/28) as well as subsequent show dates during STARDOM’s Golden Week Fight Tour Series (4/29-5/9) for medical observation. While she is optimistic of a quick return for Resurgence, we’re hoping for a speedy, but healthy recovery first! (4/25/23)

Additional Resurgence Announcements

IWGP US Championship #1 Contenders Tournament 1st Round (1/60): Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Will Ospreay

  • Tanahashi cracked a rib while at Capital Collision earlier in the month, resulting in him being pulled from the Wrestling Dontaku series for recuperation. 
  • Will Ospreay previously dropped out of the 2023 New Japan Cup due a shoulder injury, but recently returned at a show in the UK. 
  • The winner will advance to Dominion (6/4) at Osaka-jo Hall to face Lance Archer with the winner of that match to face Kenny Omega at a future date (with suspiciously familiar Forbidden Door 2 branding). 
  • PPV Availability in both English and Japanese on NJPW World (approximately $22 USD). 
  • Talent Promoted: Kazuchika Okada, KENTA ©STRONG

Pro-Wrestling NOAH

Pro-Wrestling NOAH does not currently have a women’s division or a women’s championship. However, earlier this year at The Great Muta Grand Final, they had a women’s freelancer tag showcase. A singles match was added to the pre-show of their recent show at Sendai’s Xebio Arena. 

NOAH Green Journey 2023 (4/16) Xebio Arena, Sendai

  • Pre-show Special Singles Match: Maya Yukihi defeated Natsu Sumire (6:31)

NOMAD’s Freelance Summit vol. 3 (4/14) Shinjuku FACE

  • Tag Team Match: Kaho Kobayashi & Kakeru Sekiguchi defeated Rina Amikura & Yuko Sakurai (11:44) – Kobayashi pinned Amikura with a 120% Schoolboy
  • Tag Team Match: Marika Kobashi & Momoka Hanazono defeated Miyako Matsumoto & Natsu Sumire (13:53) – Hanazono pinned Sumire
  • Singles Match: Cherry defeated Miyuki Takase (12:04) – with Haruyokoi
  • Three-Way Tag Team Match: SPiCEAP (Maika Ozaki & Tae Honma) defeated galaxyPunch! (Hikari Shimizu & SAKI) and Maya Yukihi & Saori Anou (10:58) – Ozaki pinned SAKI with a modified buster.
  • 6-Woman Tag Team Match: Nanae Takahashi, Rina Yamashita & Ryo Mizunami defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto, Jungle Kyona & Yuu (27:02) – Yamashita pinned Kyona after Spanish Mountain

OZ Academy

Current Champions

  • OZ Academy Openweight Champion: AKINO*
  • OZ Academy Pioneer Championship: Momoka Hanazono*
  • OZ Academy Tag Team Championship: AGE 115 (Jaguar Yokota & Mayumi Ozaki)

~WHO KNOWS~ NAGOYA (3/26) Nagoya Diamond Hall

  • Opening Singles Match (1/20): Yuu defeated Ram Kaicho (9:49)
  • 3-Way Match (1/30): YAKO defeated Kakeru Sekiguchi and Momoka Hanazono (12:34)
  • Tag Match (1/30): Hiroyo Matsumoto & Itsuki Aoki defeated Kaori Yoneyama & Rina Yamashita (13:54)
  • Main Event Best Two Out Of Three Falls:  (3/60): AKINO, Ryo Mizunami & Sonoko Kato defeated Ozaki-gun (Maya Yukihi, Mayumi Ozaki & Saori Anou) [2:1] (22:13)

OZ Academy Battle Big Bonus in Korakuen 2023 (4/23) Korakuen Hall

  • Tag Match: Masked Hanahana & Yuu defeated Aja Kong & Riko Kaiju (11:13)
  • OZ Academy Pioneer Title Three Way: Kaori Yoneyama defeated Kohaku and Momoka Hanazono © (9:28)
  • 6-Woman Tag: Ozaki-gun (Kakeru Sekiguchi, Maya Yukihi & Saori Anou) defeated Hikari Shimizu, Hiroyo Matsumoto & Rina Yamashita (16:35)
  • OZ Academy Tag Team Championship: AGE 115 (Jaguar Yokota & Mayumi) Ozaki defeated Ryo Mizunami & Sonoko Kato (c) (18:44) 
  • OZ Academy Openweight Championship: AKINO © defeated Itsuki Aoki (18:13)

ANNOUNCED: OZ Academy Tag Championship Number One Contenders Tournament 

Winners will challenge the current champions AGE 115 (Jaguar Yokota & Mayumi Ozaki) at Korakuen Hall on August 20th. Eight teams announced: 

  1. AKINO & Arisa Nakajima
  2. Sonoko Kato & Ryo Mizunami
  3. Maya Yukihi & Saori Anou
  4. COHAKU & Rico Kaiju
  5. Kaori Yoneyama & Momoka Hanazono
  6. YAKO & Hikari Shimizu
  7. Yuu & Itsuki Aoki
  8. Ram Kaicho & Maika Ozaki

Valley of the Dolls (5/14) Shinjuku FACE; any additional match stipulations will be announced at a later date

  • OZ Academy Tag #1 Contenders Tournament First Round: Yuu & Itsuki Aoki vs. Ram Kaicho & Maika Ozaki
  • OZ Academy Tag #1 Contenders Tournament First Round: AKINO & Arisa Nakajima vs. Sonoko Kato & Ryo Mizunami
  • Semi-Final 3-Way Tag (1/30): Hikaru Shida (AEW) vs. Rina Yamashita vs. Saori Anou
  • Main Event 6-Woman ⅔ Falls Tag Match (3/60): Hiroyo Matsumoto, Kaori Yoneyama & Rico Kaiju vs. Mayumi Ozaki, Maya Yukihi & Kakeru (Sekiguchi)

Upcoming Schedule

  • OZ Academy (5/28) 176BOX, Osaka
  • OZ Academy (6/11) Shinjuku FACE
  • OZ Academy AKINO’s 25th Anniversary Show (6/25) ANaha, Okinawa
  • OZ Academy (7/9) Shinjuku FACE
  • OZ Academy (7/30) Diamond Hall, Nagoya
  • OZ Academy (8/30) Korakuen Hall
  • OZ Academy (9/10) Shinjuku FACE
  • OZ Academy (9/24) 176BOX, Osaka
  • OZ Academy (10/22) Yokohama Budokan
  • OZ Academy (11/12) Shinjuku FACE
  • OZ Academy (11/26) Diamond Hall, Nagoya
  • OZ Academy (12/10) 176BOX, Osaka
  • OZ Academy (12/30) Korakuen Hall


NEWS! Suzu Suzuki departs PROMINENCE!? After her match on 4/24 against Jun Kasai, she announced that she would be setting out on her own to become the face of professional wrestling. While it was noted that she would be a freelancer, less than 48 hours later STARDOM announced her for multiple dates, including the Golden Week Fight Series and an exhibition match at Osaka Comic Con!

PROMINENCE will continue as a four-woman troupe with Risa Sera, Kurumi Hiiragi, Akane Fujita & Mochi Natsumi

#13 PROMINENCE 1st Anniversary Show (4/24) Korakuen Hall

  • Battle Royal: Miyako Matsumoto defeated Cherry, Chon Shiryu, Gabai Ji-chan, Itsuki Aok, Miyuki Takase, Orca Uto, Sakura Hirota, Super Hardcore Machine, and Toshiyuki Sakuda (9:50)
  • Hardcore Tag Team: Hartley Jackson & Yuki Miyazaki defeated Chris Brookes & Kohaku (13:26)
  • Tag Match: ASUKA & MAO defeated Masahiro Takanashi & Mochi Natsumi (14:12)
  • EVE International Title: Yuu © defeated Hiragi Kurumi (13:30)
  • Suzu Suzuki Ten DeathMatch Series Final: Jun Kasai defeated Suzu Suzuki (14:15)
  • Six-Man Tag Team Death: Risa Sera, Takashi Sasaki & Violento Jack defeated Akane Fujita, Masashi Takeda & Takumi Tsukamoto (22:05)

“If you’re wondering where I’m here in STARDOM , I’m here to become the face of pro-wrestling. That’s why.”

– Suzu Suzuki on why she appeared in STARDOM days after departing from PROMINENCE (4/29)

PROMINENCE GAIDEN: Akane Fujita’s 10th Anniversary Show (5/21) ShinKiba 1st Ring; Full Card TBA

  • Akane Fujita’s 10th Anniversary Special Match: Akane Fujita vs. Risa Sera

PURE-J Women’s Pro-Wrestling

Current Champions

  • Daily Sports Tag Team Champions: Rydeen Hagane & SAKI (COLOR’S)*
  • Princess of Pro-Wrestling Champion: Rico Kajiu (SEAdLINNNG)*
  • PURE-J Openweight Championship: Hanako Nakamori (5th reign)

PURE-J Rabbit Rainbow vol. 4 (3/26) Ota Ward Industrial Plaza Pio

  • Singles Match: KAZUKI defeated AKARI (9:51)
  • Singles Match: Aiger defeated Momo Tani (9:31)
  • Singles Match: Rydeen Hagane vs. Makoto (15:00) – Time Limit Draw
  • Tag Match: Cherry & SAKI (COLOR’S) defeated Leon & Crea (18:23)
  • Tag Match: Ayako Sato & Rico Kaiju (SEAdLINNNG)defeated Chie Ozora & Hanako Nakamori (14:38)

PURE-J (4/2) Kame Dojo

  • Singles Match: Leon defeated Crea (12:43)
  • Singles Match: Hanako Nakamori defeated Rina Amikura (9:33)
  • Tag Match: Chie Ozora & Kaori Yoneyama defeated AKARI & Rydeen Hagane (12:11)

PURE-J Momo Tani Debut 5th Anniversary Momo Festival (4/9) Kame Dojo 

  • Singles Match: Leon defeats Chie Ozora (11:49)
  • Tag Match: AKARI & Rydeen Hagane vs. Crea & Hanako Nakamori – Time Limit Draw (15:00)
  • Singles Match: Tae Honma defeats Momo Tani (13:49)

PURE-J MANIAX 2023 (4/16) Korakuen Hall

  • Singles Match: AKARI vs. Arisa Nakajima (SEAdLINNNG) defeated AKARI (10:57)
  • Singles Match: Cherry defeated Crea (9:17) – Give Up Only Match
  • 8-Woman Tag Match: Jaguar Yokota, KAZUKI, Momo Tani & Rina Amikura (COLOR’S) defeated Kaori Yoneyama, Makoto, Yuu & Kakeru Sekiguchi (9:07)
  • POP Championship: Chie Ozorad efeated Rico Kaiju (SEAdLINNNG) © (8:55) 
  • Daily Sports Tag Championship: Leon & Miyuki Takase defeated Rydeen Hagane & SAKI (COLOR’S) (15:43) 
  • PURE-J Openweight Championship: Hanako Nakamori © vs. Ayako Sato (30:00) – Time Limit Draw

PURE-J Osaka Festival 2023 (4/23) Osaka Yodogawa Citizens Center

  • Singles Match: KAZUKI defeated May Lee (8:03)
  • Tag Match: Rydeen Hagane & SAKI defeated Chie Ozora & Miyu (15:56)
  • Singles Match: Momo Tani defeated Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru (9:45)
  • Singles Match: Hanako Nakamori defeated AKARI (12:41)
  • Tag Match: Leon & Miyuki Takase defeated Crea & Mizuki (16:12)

PURE-J #83 (4/30) Kame Dojo

  • Singles Match (1/15): AKARI vs. Crea
  • 3-Way Match (1/15): Hanako Nakamori vs. Rydeen Hagane vs. Kaho Matsushita
  • Tag Match (1/20): Leon & Chie Ozora vs. KAZUKI & Momo Tani 

UPDATED: Sareee-ISM (5/16) Shinjuku FACE

  • Singles Match (1/10): Rico Kaiju (SEAdLINNNG) vs. Yurika Oka (SenJo)
  • Tag Match (1/20): Arisa Nakajima (SEAdLINNNG) & AKARI (PURE-J) vs. Ibuki Hoshi (Ice Ribbon) & Miyuki Takase
  • Semi-Main Tag Match (1/30): Nanae Takahashi & Jaguar Yokota vs. Kaoru Ito & X
  • Main Event Special Singles Match(1/30): Sareee vs. Chihiro Hashimoto (Sendai Girls)


Current Champions

  • SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Champion: Arisa Nakajima* (3rd reign)
  • SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Tag Champions: Las Fresa de Egoistas (ASUKA & Makoto; 2nd reign)

TOMORROW ~Endeavour 2023~ (4/30) Korakuen Hall

  • 6-Person Tag Match: Hanako Nakamori, Ryo Mizunami & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Kagura Misa, Riko Kawahata and Itsuki Aoki
  • Singles Match (1/20): AMAZON vs. MIKAMI – This will be Amazon’s last singles match before turning home to the UK. 
  • 3-Way High Speed (1/20): Mio Momono (MARVELOUS) vs. Kakeru Sekiguchi vs. La Rapita
  • Semi-Final Tag Match (1/30): ASUKA & MAKOTO vs. Natsu Sumire & Maya Yukihi
  • Main Event Tag Team #1 Contenders’ Match (1/30): Takumi Iroha (MARVELOUS) & Arisa Nakajima vs. Ayame Sasamura (2AW) & Rico Kaiju

Full 2023 Schedule

  • SEAdLINNNG (5/25) ShinKiba 1st Ring
  • SEAdLINNNG (6/28) Shinjuku FACE
  • SEAdLINNNG (7/26) ShinKiba 1st Ring
  • SEAdLINNNG’s 8th Anniversary Show (8/25) Korakuen Hall
  • SEAdLINNNG (9/15) ShinKiba 1st Ring
  • SEAdLINNNG (10/10) Shinjuku FACE
  • SEAdLINNNG (11/17) ShinKiba 1st Ring
  • SEAdLINNNG Final Show of 2023 (12/28) Korakuen Hall


Current Champions

  • Sendai Girls World Champion: ASUKA (VENY)
  • Sendai Girls Junior Championship: Vacant (293 days & counting; previously JTO’s Tomoka Inaba)
  • Sendai Girls World Tag Championships: TEAM 200KG (Chihiro Hashimoto & Yuu)

SenJo (4/16) ShinKiba 1st Ring

  • Singles Match: Maria defeated Manami (5:47)
  • Tag Match: Crea & Yukari Hosokawa defeated Ryo Mizunami & Yura Suzuki (11:57)
  • Tag Match: Mika Iwata & Miyuki Takase defeated ASUKA & Riko Kawahata (16:09)
  • Tag Match: Team 200kg (Chihiro Hashimoto & Yuu) defeated Mio Momono & Yurika Oka (16:53)

SenJo (4/21) Miyagino Ward Cultural Center

  • Singles Match: Crea vs. Manami (10:00) – Time Limit Draw
  • Tag Match: Miyuki Takase defeated Yura Suzuki (12:06)
  • Tag Match: Maya Yukihi & Saori Anou vs. Rydeen Hagane & Ryo Mizunami (15:00)– Time Limit Draw 
  • Singles Match:  Iwata defeated AKARI (12:41)
  • Tag Match: Team 200kg (Chihiro Hashimoto & Yuu) defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto & Yurika Oka (17:16)

Moment of Wholesome: Hashimoto & Yuu hold a in-ring Children’s Wrestling Lesson, which feels a lot like Red Light Green Light 

2023 Schedule

  • SenJo (5/6) ShinKiba 1st Ring 
  • SenJo (5/26) Miyagino Ward Cultural Center
  • SenJo (6/11) Shinjuku FACE
  • SenJo (6/17) Miyagino Ward Cultural Center
  • SenJo (7/16) Korakuen Hall
  • SenJo (9/2) Niigata BIG SHOW


Current Champions

  • NEO High Speed Champion: AZM
  • Future of STARDOM Champion: Ami Sohrei
  • Artists of STARDOM Champion: REstart (KAIRI, Natsupoi & Saori Anou)
  • Goddesses of STARDOM Champion: THE NEW ERAS (MIRAI & Ami Sohrei)
  • Wonder of STARDOM Champion: Mina Shirakawa
  • World of STARDOM Champion: Tam Nakano
  • SWA Women’s Champion: Vacant

The Event Report for Cinderella Tournament 2023 Opening Day (3/26) Yokohama Budokan and the POST Show for All-Star Grand Queendom 2023 (4/23) Yokohama Arena are both listed up top.

 RESULTS: NEW BLOOD Premium (3/25) Yokohama Budokan; Only first two matches streamed for free. The rest were on iPPV, but are now available on STARDOM World.

  • Pre-Show Three Way Tag Team: Hanan & Hina defeated Oedo Tai (Rina & Ruaka) and STARS (Momo Kohgo & Saya Iida) (5:44)
  • Aya Sakurai’s Debut Match: Giulia defeats Aya Sakura (8:51)
  • Tag Match: Donna del Mondo (Himeka & Maika) defeat HANAKO & Lady C (10:46)
  • Special Double Masked Match: Sexy Dynamite Princess defeated Super Strong Stardom Big Machine (5:18)
  • New Blood Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final A: God’s Eye (MIRAI & Tomoka Inaba) defeated God’s Eye (Ami Sourei & Nanami) (10:19)
  • New Blood Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final B: KARMA & Starlight Kid defeated Chanyota & Mai Sakurai (7:05)
  • Supernova Five Match Trial Series #3: Syuri defeated Miyu Amasaki (13:04)
  • New Blood Tag Team Title Tournament Finals: KARMA & Starlight Kid defeated God’s Eye (MIRAI & Tomoka Inaba) (13:07) 
  • Special Tag Match: Cosmic Angels (Tam Nakano & Waka Tsukiyama) defeat KAIRI & Nanae Takahashi (21:58) – Tsukiyama finally breaks her two-year and eight-month winless streak by pinning Nanae Takahashi.

Out On Medical: 

  • Komomo Minami: Sustained an injury during training. Debut has been postponed. 
  • Momo Kohgo: Removed from Golden Week Fight Series due to an accident during All-Star Grand Queendom. Potential concussion protocol as commentary mentioned her “getting her bell rung” during the match.
  • Lady C: Removed from Golden Week Fight Series due to poor physical condition.

Golden Week Fight Tour

Konami continues her annual week-long tour with God’s Eye and STARDOM as the company visits West Japan and the Island of Kyushu.

Fukuoka Goddess Legend (5/4) Fukuoka International Center

  • Fukuoka Rumble (Announced Participants; Order TBA): Saya Iida, Lady C*, Miyu Amasaki, Mai Sakurai, Thekla, Saki Kashima, Waka Tsukiyama, Yuna Mizumori, Suzu Suzuki, Super Strong STARDOM Machines, HANAKO, Aya Sakura, & Tenjin Mask*Lady C depends on if her physical condition improves before the show. She was removed from shows on 4/28
  • Tag Match: OedoTai (Starlight Kid & Ruaka) vs. COSMIC ANGELS (Tam Nakano & Saori Anou)
  • Tag Match: STARS (Mayu Iwatani & Hanan) vs. Club Venus (Mariah May & Jessi)
  • Tag Match: God’s Eye (Syuri & Konami) vs. OedoTai (Natsuko Tora & Momo Watanabe)
  • Tag Match: Donna del Mondo (Giulia & Maika) vs. Queen’s Quest (Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani)
  • High Speed Championship: AZM © (Queen’s Quest) vs. Mei Seira (Freelance)
  • Goddesses of STARDOM Championship: THE NEW ERAS © (MIRAI & Ami Sohrei; God’s Eye) vs. Fukuoka Double Crazy (STARS; Hazuki & Koguma)
  • Wonder of STARDOM Championship: Mina Shirakawa © (Club Venus) vs. Natsupoi (COSMIC ANGELS) – Champion’s 1st defense

NEW BLOOD 8 (5/12) Shinagawa InterCity Hall; Match Order TBD

  • NEW BLOOD Tag Championships: Starlight Kid & KARMA © vs. Lady C & HANAKO
  • Future of STARDOM Championship: Ami Sohrei © vs. Rina (OED)
  • Supernova Five Match Trial Series #4: Momo Watanabe vs. Miyu Amasaki
  • Passion Injection Match: Nanae Takahashi vs. Ruaka
  • Tag Match: Mai Sakurai & Chanyota (Tokyo PPP) vs. Suzu Suzuki & Mei Seira
  • Tag Match: Hanan & Hina vs. Tomoka & Azusa Inaba
  • Singles Match: Waka Tsukiyama vs. Aya Sakura
  • Singles Match: Tam Nakano vs. Tan Nakano!? (Nao Ishikawa)

Upcoming Schedule

  • Flashing Champions 2023 (5/27) Ota Ward Gymnasium
  • NEW BLOOD 9 (6/2) Shinagawa InterCity Hall
  • Five Star Grand Prix 2023 Opening Day (7/23) Ota Ward Gymnasium
  • Five Star Grand Prix 2023 Finals (9/30) Yokohama Budokan


Much like STARDOM, TJPW is one of the bigger and busier women’s promotions in Japan, also keeping a packed schedule with fewer big events annually, but plenty of tournaments and shows streamed live. 

Current Champions

  • Princess Tag Team Champions: Magic Sugar Rabbits (Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki; Third Reign) 
  • International Princess Champion: Rika Tatsumi
  • Princess of Princess Champion: Mizuki

TJPW Live Tour In Spring ’23 (4/8) Ryogoku KFC Hall

  • Singles Match: Hikari Noa defeated Shino Suzuki (6:13)
  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Arisu Endo, Haru Kazashiro & Runa Okubo defeated Mahiro Kiryu, Toga & Wakana Uehara (8:27)
  • Singles Match: Suzume defeated HIMAWARI (5:11)
  • Singles Match: Yuki Kamifuku defeated Haruna Neko (6:29)
  • Tag Match: Hakuchumu (Miu Watanabe & Rika Tatsumi) defeated Kaya Toribami & Shoko Nakajima (13:11)
  • Tag Match: Nao Kakuta & Pom Harajuku defeated Mizuki & Moka Miyamoto (13:45)

STAND ALONE ‘23 (4/15) Korakuen Hall

  • Singles Match: Moka Miyamoto defeated Kaya Toribami (7:31)
  • Tag Match: Daisy Monkey (Arisu Endo & Suzume) & Runa Okubo defeated Haru Kazashiro, Haruna Neko & Yuki Aino (10:15)
  • 8-Woman Tag Match: Maki Itoh, Toga, Wakana Uehara & Yuki Kamifuku defeated Up Up Girls (Hikari Noa, Miu Watanabe, Raku & Shino Suzuki) (13:22)
  • Tag Match (Special Referee: Shiori Aoki): Kyoraku Kyomei (Hyper Misao & Shoko Nakajima) defeated HIMAWARI & Yuki Arai (9:02)
  • Tag Match: Max The Impaler & Pom Harajuku defeated Mahiro Kiryu & Yuka Sakazaki (12:36)
  • International Princess Championship: Rika Tatsumi © defeated Vert Vixen (10:55)
  • Princess Of Princess Championship: Mizuki © defeated Nao Kakuta (15:45) – Champion’s First Defense

TJPW Shizuoka Idol Festival (4/16) Tsumagoi Resort Sai no Sato Multipurpose Plaza

  • Tag Match: Max The Impaler & Pom Harajuku defeated Shoko Nakajima & Yuki Aino (16:00)
  • Tag Match: Hikari Noa & Vert Vixen defeated Maki Ito & Raku (12:07)
  • Tag Match: Hakuchumu (Miu Watanabe & Rika Tatsumi) defeated Shino Suzuki & Suzume (17:42)

TJPW Climb Over ’23 (04/22) EDION Arena Osaka #2

  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Haruna Neko, Kaya Toribami & Shoko Nakajima defeated Mahiro Kiryu, Toga & Wakana Uehara (10:28)
  • Three Way: Raku defeated HIMAWARI and Hyper Misao (10:26)
  • Singles Match: Vert Vixen defeated Moka Miyamoto (6:31)
  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Yuki Aino, Yuki Arai & Yuki Kamifuku defeated Maki Ito & Up Up Girls (Hikari Noa & Shino Suzuki) (12:04)
  • Tag Match: Hakuchumu (Miu Watanabe & Rika Tatsumi) defeated Daisy Monkey (Arisu Endo & Suzume) (14:10)
  • Princess Tag Championships: Magical Sugar Rabbits (Mizuki & Yuka Sakazaki) © defeated Max The Impaler & Pom Harajuku (11:38)

TJPW Universe Members Show: Pure Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling 8 (4/23) Ryogoku KFC Hall Haru

  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Kazeshiro, Shoko Nakajima & Yuki Aino defeated Raku, Runa Okubo & Shino Suzuki (8:35)
  • Singles Match: Max The Impaler defeats Kaya Toribami (2:57)
  • Tag Match: Hikari Noa & Vert Vixen defeat Maki Ito & Toga (10:55)
  • Tetsuya Koda Title Five Way Elimination: Arisu Endo defeated HIMAWARI, Hyper Misao, Miu Watanabe and Rika Tatsumi
  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Mizuki, Pom Harajuku & Yuki Kamifuku defeated Haruna Neko, Mahiro Kiryu & Suzume (13:21)

TJPW Precious Time (4/29) Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX

  • Shinagawa Three Woman Festival First Round: Arisu Endo, Suzume & Haruna Neko defeated Hikari Noa, Nao Kakuta & Wakana Uehara 
  • Shinagawa Three Woman Festival First Round: Pom Harajuku, Raku & Yuki Aino defeated Haru Kazashiro, Maki Itoh & Runa Okubo (9:25)
  • Shinagawa Three Woman Festival First Round: Miu Watanabe, Rika Tatsumi & HIMAWARI defeated Mizuki, Yuka Sakazaki & Shino Suzuki (10:22)
  • Shinagawa Three Woman Festival First Round: Hyper Misao, Shoko Nakajima defeated Toyo Mates (Mahiro Kiryu & Yuki Kamifuku) & Toga
  • Special Singles Match: Hikari Noa defeated Wakana Uehara (5:27)
  • Shinagawa Three Woman Festival Semi Final: Pom Harajuku, Raku & Yuki Aino defeated Miu Watanabe, Rika Tatsumi & HIMAWARI (9:31)
  • Shinagawa Three Woman Festival Semi Final: Hyper Misao, Shoko Nakajima & Kaya Toribami defeated Arisu Endo, Suzume & Haruna Neko (7:32)
  • Special Singles Match: Sawyer Wreck defeated Moka Miyamoto (6:20)
  • Shinagawa Three Woman Festival Final: Pom Harajuku, Raku & Yuki Aino defeated Hyper Misao, Shoko Nakajima & Kaya Toribami (15:05)


  • Deathmatch: Sawyer Wreck vs. Hikari Noa – match parameters TBD
  • Tag Match: Suzume & Arisu Endo vs. Moka Miyamoto & Kaya Toribami
  • Singles Match: HIMAWARI vs. Touga
  • Singles Match: Mahiro Kiryu vs. Ganbai Jiichan

YES! WONDERLAND ‘23 (5/5) Korakuen Hall 

  • Singles Match: HIMAWARI vs. Shino Suzuki
  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Hyper Misao, Haru Kazashiro & Runa Okubo vs. Raku, Pom Harajuku & Neko Haruna
  • Tag Match: Yuki Kamifuku & Wakana Uehara vs. Mahiro Kiryu & Touga
  • 6-Woman Tag Match: Ryo Mizunami, Moka Miyamoto & Kaya Toribami vs. Hikari Noa, Nao Kakuta & Yuki Aino
  • Singles Match: Miu Watanabe vs. Arisu Endo
  • Yuki Arai’s Second Anniversary Match: Yuki Arai & Maki Itoh vs. Yuka Sakazaki & Shoko Nakajima
  • International Princess Championship: Rika Tatsumi © vs. Suzume – 10th CHampions 3rd Defense 
  • Princess of Princess Championship: Mizuki © vs. Sawyer Wreck – 12th Champion’s 2nd Defense

Upcoming 2023 Calendar

  • TJPW LIVE TOUR IN SPRING ‘23 (5/13) ACT City Hamamatsu
  • TJPW LIVE TOUR IN SPRING ‘23 (5/20) Otemachi Mitsui Hall
  • Hyper Misao’s Special Production: HYPE! (5/25) Kitazawa Town Hall
  • TJPW LIVE TOUR IN SPRING ‘23 (5/27) Fujisawa City Shonan Cultural Center


Current Champions 

  • Regina Di WAVE Championship: Hikaru Shida (AEW)
  • WAVE Tag Team Championship: Ikuto Hidaka & Itsuki Aoki

WAVE PHASE 2 Reboot 4th ~ NAMI 1 (4/2) Shinjuku FACE

  • Tag Match: Cohaku & Manami defeated Haruka Umesaki & Rina Amikura (10:50)
  • Three Way: Yuko Sakurai defeated Cherry and Sakura Hirota (10:37)
  • Singles Match: Itsuki Aoki defeated Mizuki Endo (8:46)
  • Singles Match: Honoka defeated Kizuna Tanaka (7:33)
  • Hardcore Tag Team: Jun Kasai & SAKI defeated ASUKA & Yuki Miyazaki (18:02)

WAVE Happy Birthday Wave ~ Cherry Blossoms Blooming (4/8) ShinKiba 1st RING

  • Tag Match:Itsuki Aoki & Risa Sera defeated Kizuna Tanaka & Yuki Miyazaki (14:39)
  • Singles Match: Rina Amikura defeated Honoka (9:06)
  • Exhibition: Mizuki Endo vs. Yumi Ohka [0:0] (5:00) – Time Limit Draw 
  • Singles Match: Hikari Shimizu defeated Sakura Hirota (11:07)
  • Singles Match: Cohaku vs. Suzu Suzuki (18:29) – No Contest 

WAVE Chiba WAVE Vol. 6 (4/16) 2AW Square

  • Tag Match: Itsuki Aoki & Kakeru Sekiguchi defeated Haruka Umesaki & Honoka (15:18)
  • Tag Match: Cherry & Kaori Yoneyama defeated Rina Amikura & Sakura Hirota (11:37)
  • Singles Match: Mizuki Endo defeated Momo Tani (8:19)
  • Singles Match: Ayame Sasamura defeated Kizuna Tanaka (8:36)
  • Hardcore Tag Team: Prominence (Hiragi Kurumi & Suzu Suzuki) defeated Kohaku & Yuki Miyazaki (24:52)

JUMBO FOREVER: WAVE x BushiFight (4/28) Shinjuku FACE

This was a special co-produced epilogue for Himeka by WAVE and BushiFight, the Bushiroad brand that oversees STARDOM. While STADOM talent were featured on the card, most of the competitors are from WAVE and Freelancers who also got their start with Himeka (then Himeka Arita/Jumbo) at Actwres Girl’Z.

  • Battle of Young Stars (1/20): Starlight Kid, Haruka Umesaki & COHAKU defeated Kizuna Tanaka, Honoka & HANAKO (17:16) – with Umesaki pinning Tanaka
  • JUMBO FRIENDS Battle Royal: Kakeru Sekiguchi defeated Ami Sohrei (34:22); Eliminations: 
    • Hikari Shimizu (1:54; OTTR)
    • Miyuki Takase pinned Waka Tsukiyama (18:24)
    • Tae Honma (20:55; OTTR)
    • Miyuki Takase (23:22; pinned after a brainbuster)
    • Riko Kawahata (24:53; pinned)
    • Saori Anou (25:54; OTTR)
    • Momo Tani (27:26; Sohrei’s Death Valley Bomb, pinned by all remaining competitors)
    • Rina Amikura (29:59; pinned by all remaining competitors)
    • Ami Sohrei pinned SAKI (32:13; after Brainbuster)
    • Mai Sakurai & Yuko Sakurai (33:24; Double OTTR)

  • JUMBO FOREVER Mini Iron Woman Battle (1/30): Himeka vs. Kyusei Himeka (Sakura Hirota) – (0:57)

Himeka’s Retirement Ceremony: Last Jumbo Princess will be May 14th at Korakuen Hall. 

CATCH THE WAVE 2023 Tournament Opening Day (5/4) Korakuen Hall

  • Elizabeth Block: Yuki Miyazaki vs. Kyusei Sakura Hirota
  • Elizabeth Block: Mitsuki Endo vs. Kaori Yoneyama
  • Young Block: Honoka vs. Yura Suzuki
  • Young Block: Himiko vs. Kizuna Takana
  • A Block: COHAKU vs. Rina Amikura
  • A Block: ASUKA vs. Kurumi Hiiragi
  • B Block: SAKI vs. Risa Sera
  • B Block: Hikari Shimizu vs. Itsuki Aoki

Upcoming Schedule (Full Schedule)

  • CATCH THE WAVE 2023 Tournament Opening Day (5/4)
  • Kitazawa DX (5/14) Kitazawa Town Hall


YMZ Gokigen Spring Camp 2023 (3/29) ShinKiba 1st Ring

  • Singles Match: Chie Ozora & Yuu defeated Best Stretchman V3 & SAKI (11:44)
  • Singles Match: Hagane Shinnou defeated Daichi Sato (8:16)
  • 8- Person Tag: ASUKA, Kakeru Sekiguchi, Makoto & Matsuzawa-san defeated Atsushi Ishiguro, Hikaru Sato, Kengo Mashimo & Rina Yamashita (16:54)
  • World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Tag Team Title: SPiCEAP (Maika Ozaki & Tae Honma) defeated Kaho Kobayashi & Kaori Yoneyama © (13:51)

YMZ Gokigen Kawasaki #32 (4/9) Post Di Amistad

  • Singles Match: Makoto defeated Matsuzawa-san (10:27)
  • Two Count Singles: Moeka Haruhi defeated Nanami (4:46)
  • Singles Match: Kaho Kobayashi vs. Kaori Yoneyama (10:00) – Time Limit Draw 
  • Tag Match: Hagane Shinnou & Kakeru Sekiguchi defeates Rina Yamashita & Takato Nakano (9:29)

YMZ Gokigenna April! (4/28) ShinKiba 1st Ring

  • Singles Match: Momoka Hanazono defeated Best Stretchman V3 (8:49)
  • Singles Match: Daichi Sato defeated Aky (7:18)
  • Singles Match: ASUKA vs. Tatsuya Hanami (10:00) – Time Limit Draw 
  • Singles Match: Kengo Mashimo vs. Yasu Urano (22:00) – Time Limit Draw 
  • 8- Person Tag: Hikaru Sato, Kaori Yoneyama, Makoto & Matsuzawa-san defeated Minoru Fujita, Moeka Haruhi, Rina Yamashita & Yuma 24 (1:31)
  • 8- Person Tag: Minoru Fujita, Moeka Haruhi, Rina Yamashita & Yuma 24 defeated Hikaru Sato, Kaori Yoneyama, Makoto & Matsuzawa-san (1:08)
  • 8- Person Tag: Hikaru Sato, Kaori Yoneyama, Makoto & Matsuzawa-san vs. Minoru Fujita, Moeka Haruhi, Rina Yamashita & Yuma 24  (14:22) – No Contest

YMZ Gokigenna Kawasaki #38 (4/29) Post Di Amistad

  • Singles Match: Kaori Yoneyama defeated Nanami (6:53)
  • Tag Match: Matsuzawa-san & Rina Yamashita defeated Best Stretchman V3 & Isami Kodaka (11:45)
  • Singles Match: Kunio Toshima defeated Moeka Haruhi (9:43)
  • Tag Match: Hagane Shinnou & Kakeru Sekiguchi vs. Hikaru Sato & Makoto (11:44) – No Contest 

Meanwhile in North America 

UPDATES! Miyu Yamashita’s US Excursion Tour! [TJPW]

After Tokyo Joshi Pro’s WrestleCon show on 3/31, where she will main event tagging with Maki Itoh against Yuka Sakazaki and Mizuki in TJPW’s stand-alone show, Yamashita will begin a three-month tour of the US which will conclude in June. Her goal is to return for TJPW’s Fukuoka show on June 25th. 

North American Mid-term Progress Report

  • National Extreme Wrestling (3/24) Nicole Matthews © defeated Yamashita (10:46)
  • Impact Wrestling: SACRIFICE Fallout (3/25) Yamashita defeated Killer Kelly (10:14)
  • Ring of Honor (3/29) Yamashita defeated Shazza McKenzie (4:45)
  • IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Championship #1 Contender 4-Way (3/30) Deonna Purrazzo defeated Gisele Shaw, Miyu Yamashita & Masha Slamovich (9:20)
  • TJPW Princess Tag Championship Defense (3/31) Magical Sugar Rabbits defeated Maki Itoh/Miyu Yamashita
  • Prestige Wrestling (3/31) Taya Valkyrie defeated Miyu Yamshita (7:34)
  • Ring of Honor Women’s Championship (4/5) Athena defeated Yamashita (13:33)
  • Wrestling Revolver’s Revolver Thursday (4/6) defeated Allie Katch (10:13)
  • West Coast Pro’s Home of the Killers (4/7): WCPro Women’s Championship: Masha Slamovich © defeated Yamashita (17:27) – Inaugural Champion’s first defense
  • Defy Wrestling: The Realest (4/8) Defy’s Women’s Championship: Vert Vixen © defeated Yamashita (18:25)
  • Battle Club Pro (4/12) Janai Kai defeated Yamashita (9:41)
  • Capital Championship Wrestling (4/15) – CCW Championship & Network Championship 4-Way: Yamashita defeated KiLynn King ©, Killer Kelly and Steph De Lander (11:05)
  • Capital Championship Wrestling (4/15) – CCW Championship & Network Championship 4-Way: Christina Marie defeated Yamashita© (1:17)
  • Deadlock Pro Wrestling (4/16) defeated Nicole Matthews (13:24)

NOTES: With as many matches as she is cramming into her schedule while in residence here in the US, she is arguably in the running of workhorse of the year. Sheeeeeeeh!

Upcoming Schedule

  • TONIGHT: Prestige Wrestling’s Roseland 5 (4/29) Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR – vs. Queen Aminata
  • TOMORROW: Republic of Lucha ROL VI (4/30) South Pasadena, CA – vs. Kidd Bandit
  • Absolute Intense Wrestling (5/20) Eastlake, OH – Opponent TBA
  • Enjoy Wrestling (6/17) Mr. Smalls Theater – vs. Ray Lyn 

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) & Ring of Honor (ROH)

Current Champions

  • AEW Women’s World Champion: Jamie Hayter*
  • AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill
  • ROH Women’s World Champion: Athena

Recent Matches

  • AEW Dark #193 (3/24) Tag Match: Emi Sakura & Mei Suruga (w/Baliyan Akki) defeated Ashley D’Amboise & Reka Tehaka (3:35)
  • AEW Dynamite #183 (4/5) AEW Women’s World Championship: Jamie Hayter © defeated Riho (12:05)
  • AEW Dark: Elevation #111 (4/17) Singles Match: Maki Itoh defeated Ashley D’Amboise (3:11) Singles Match: Emi Sakura defeated Mizuki (TJPW) (3:26)
  • AEW Rampage #90 (3/8) Singles Match: Taya Valkyrie defeated Emi Sakura (8:30)
  • AEW Dark: Elevation #112 Best of Elevation (4/24) Tag Match: Diamante, Emi Sakura, Nyla Rose & The Bunny (w/Mei Suruga & Vickie Guerrero) defeat Julia Hart, Leyla Hirsch, Ryo Mizunami & Skye Blue (6:39)

Deadlock Pro-Wrestling (DPW)

– for Tokyo Crossover with Gatoh Move Choco Pro, see GMCP above

DPW Women’s Worlds Title: Emi Sakura © 

Prestige Wrestling 

Nervous Breakdown (3/31) The Globe Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

  • Singles Match: Taya Valkyrie defeated Miyu Yamashita (7:34)
  • Singles Match: Aja Kong defeated Masha Slamovich (8:55)

TONIGHT: Roseland 5 (4/29) Miyu Yamashita vs. Queen Aminata

NEW! SPARK! Joshi Puroresu of America

IGNITE EAST (6/11) The Heart Ballroom, Newark, NJ

  • Announced: Miyu Yamashita, SAKI

IGNITE WEST (6/16) East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Cultural Center West Covina, California

  • Announced: Miyu Yamashita, Ram Kaicho

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) & NXT 

Current Champions* WWE is currently holding a draft, so these could change rather soon.

  • NXT Women’s Champion: Indi Hartwell* Drafted 
  • NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions: Alba Fire & Isla Dawn* Drafted
  • WWE Women’s Champion: Bianca Belair; Next Defense: IYO SKY at Backlash
  • WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion: Rhea Ripley
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez

WrestleMania 2023 (4/1-2/23) SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles, California

  • SmackDownWomen’s Championship: Rhea Ripley (2023 Royal Rumble Winner) defeated Charlotte Flair © 
  • RAW Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair © defeated Asuka (2023 Elimination Chamber Winner)
  • 6-Woman Tag: Becky Lynch, Lita & Trish Stratus defeated Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai & IYO SKY)

West Coast Pro

  • WCPro Women’s Champion: Masha Slamovich

Home of the Killers (4/7) The State Room, South San Francisco, CA

  • Singles Match: Aja Kong defeated Vert Vixen (8:22)
  • WCPro’s Women’s Championship: Masha Slamovich © defeated  Miyu Yamashita (17:27)

Queen of Indies (5/13) United Irish Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA; First Round Matches Announced (4/24)

  • QoI 1st Round: Masha Slamovich vs. Hyan
  • QoI 1st Round: Queen Aminata vs. Maria (MARVELOUS)
  • QoI 1st Round: Lady Frost vs. Dulce Tormenta
  • QoI 1st Round: Unagi Sayaka vs. Billie Starkz
  • Trios Match: Chigusa Nagayo, Takumi Iroha & Sandra Moone vs. Lade Apache, Nicole Savoy & Karisma
  • Tag Match: Mac Daddy Mylo & Rachelle Riveter vs. Johnnie Robbie & Brooke Havok
  • Special Attraction: Mio Momono vs. MARVELOUS Tryout Winner

Over in the United Kingdom/Europe

Pro-Wrestling EVE 

Current Champions

  • EVE Tag Team Championship: Laura Di Matteo & Rayne Leverkusen
  • EVE International Champion: Yuu; most recent defense against Kurumi Hiiragi at PROMINENCE’s 1st Anniversary Show 
  • EVE Champion: Miyu Yamashita (TJPW) 

That’s No Moonsault (4/7) The Dome London

  • RCW Women’s Title Eliminator: Nightshade (w/Skye Smitson) defeated Sara Leon (8:06)
  • EVE Tag Team Title #1 Contendership: Royal Aces (Charlie Morgan & Jetta) defeated M62 Wrecking Crew (Alexxis Falcon & Lizzy Evo) (13:08)
  • Singles Match: The Ava defeats Amarah Jayde (4:58)
  • Singles Match: Rhio defeats Safire Reed (14:56)
  • Singles Match: Emersyn Jayne vs. Millie McKenzie (15:00) – Time Limit Draw 
  • EVE Tag Team Title Three Stages Of Hell: Laura Di Matteo & Rayne Leverkusen © defeated The Uprising (Rhia O’Reilly & Skye Smitson) (w/Nightshade) [2:1] (29:06)

Lucky 13 Anniversary Show Night 1 (5/5) The Dome London; Full Card TBA

  • EVE Generations Future Block: Billie Starkz vs Safire Reed 
  • EVE Generations Modern Era Block: Emersyn Jayne [4] vs Laura Di Matteo [3]
  • Tournament Winner will face either Miyu Yamashita or Millie McKenzie for the EVE Championship on 7/2.
  • Iron Woman Match EVE Championship (1/30): Miyu Yamashita © vs Millie McKenzie

Lucky 13 Anniversary Show Night 2 (5/6) The Dome London; remainder of card dependent on 5/5 Results

  • EVE Tag Team Championship: Laura Di Matteo & Rayne LEverkusen © vs. The Royal Aces (Charlie Morgan & Jetta)
  • Special Singles Match: Miyu Yamashita © vs Billie Starkz

Monthly Match Recommendation

As part of her Retirement Road, Himeka requested a special tag match with her former ActWres Girl’Z friends, Miyuki Takase, Kakeru Sekiguchi and Natsupoi (then Natsumi Maki). STARDOM honored her wish and brought in freelancers Takase and Sekiguchi for their April 2nd Korakuen Show. As someone completely unfamiliar with AWG or the pre-STARDOM history of many of the wrestlers, I was very curious to see if I could find a match that would have prompted this request by The Jumbo Princess. AWG decided to make my life a little easier by releasing the following match in its entirety. 


It’s outstanding to see how much everyone has grown since their time in AWG, but the only problem is … now I want to watch MORE AWG!

  • Promotion: ActWres Girl’Z
  • Event: AgZ Actwres girl’Z In Korakuen
  • Tag Match: Miyuki Takase & Himeka Arita vs. Kakeru Sekiguchi & Natsumi Maki (now: Natsupoi) (result)
  • Date/Location: Korakuen Hall (11/15/2018)


I simply could not resist this comedic birthday match fearing Kyusei Sakura Hirota. She’s known for cosplaying as other wrestlers including Hana Kimura, Himeka, and Konosuke Takeshita. COLOR’S Hikari Shimizu gives the Queen of Comedic Cosplay a run for her money with her own DIY costume and character impersonation. Hirota takes heavy doses of her own medicine, but also playfully coached Shimizu on how to do a better impersonation. 

 If you need a pick-me-up, might I suggest this one!

  • Promotion: WAVE Pro-Wrestling
  • Event: WAVE Happy Birthday Wave ~ Cherry Blossoms Blooming~
  • Special Singles Match: Kyusei Sakura Hirota vs. Hikari Shimizu (result)
  • Date/Location: ShinKiba 1st Ring (4/8/2023)

Thanks for catching up with me this month! See you at the end of May with another monster monthly wrap-up!!

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