Cyrus The Destroyer open to signing full-time contract with AJPW, says he’s on a per-tournament deal

Photo Courtesy: All Japan Pro-Wrestling

Cyrus most recently competed in block A of the Champion Carnival. 

For nearly a full year, Cyrus The Destroyer has worked dates for All Japan Pro Wrestling. He recently competed in the 2023 Champion Carnival tournament which was won by Shotaro Ashino

Cyrus has been brought into AJPW to compete on tours and in their Royal Road, Real World Tag League and Champion Carnival tourneys. While speaking to Alliance Pro Wrestling Podcast Network, Cyrus clarified his status with AJPW. 

He expressed that he’d be open to signing a full-time contract, but as of the interview recording, he’s on a per-tournament basis with the company. 

I’m under contract (to AJPW) with the tournaments. So when I’m home, I’m free but when I’m over there, I’m under contract of course. It’s basically how it goes. Not a per-show but, a per-tournament basis for contracts so I think now I’ve been — after this tournament (Champion Carnival), I think I’ve competed in every tournament that All Japan does. The World Tag League, the (Royal) Road and Champion Carnival I believe. So, I’m trying to think if there’s another tournament. I’m not sure (he laughed). 

If it came down to it and they wanted to sit down and talk full-time contract, we could definitely talk. It’s not out of the question. 

Cyrus finished out Champion Carnival with six points in his block. He was in an eight-man tag on the 5/7 show in Tokyo.

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