Will Ospreay & Paul Robinson returning to PROGRESS & TNT Extreme Wrestling

Photo Courtesy: PROGRESS Wrestling

PROGRESS and TNT Extreme Wrestling released a statement on the matter. 

Via a statement from PROGRESS Wrestling’s official website, in conjunction with TNT Extreme Wrestling, both platforms are welcoming back Will Ospreay and Paul Robinson. 

Will Ospreay and Paul Robinson, also known as the Swords of Essex, will be returning to PROGRESS Wrestling and TNT Extreme Wrestling.

After a comprehensive investigation in which both talent complied with all requests and after taking on board all feedback internally, both TNT Extreme Wrestling and PROGRESS Wrestling now look forward to welcoming back both talent as a team or as individuals to each respective promotion.

In 2020, Robinson was named in the #SpeakingOut movement. In early 2021, PROGRESS issued a statement to confirm that Robinson worked a taping they held and they parted ways shortly after.

Ospreay last wrestled for PROGRESS in 2019. Robinson and Ospreay are collectively known as ‘The Swords of Essex’ and are former Tag Team Champions in the promotion. 

Ospreay had been accused of getting fellow pro wrestler Pollyanna ‘blackballed’ from wrestling. PROGRESS was asked why they stopped booking her for shows and responded by noting that they were told by her that she no longer wanted to wrestle.

Pollyanna confirmed that to be true, but recounted former PROGRESS co-owner Jim Smallman telling her if she needed help, then reach out. She added that she did just that when her falling out with Ospreay and Bea Priestley happened but she received no help on that front. PROGRESS’ Twitter account noted that they ‘failed’ Pollyanna.

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