Bushwhacker Luke shares details of Bushwhacker Butch’s passing

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Luke speaks about Butch’s passing. 

In April, Robert Miller a.k.a. Bushwhacker Butch traveled from New Zealand to Los Angeles, California for the WrestleMania week festivities. Miller became ill while in the U.S. and passed away at the age of 78

A few details regarding Miller’s passing was shared by Bushwhacker Luke. On Gregory Iron’s Iron-On Wrestling podcast, a Cameo video that Luke sent was played for Iron’s co-host. 

In the audio, Luke shared details about Miller’s cause of death. He stated that Miller did not take his medication and his lungs filled up. He added that he’s sad about it and still mad at him for it. 

My partner just passed away three weeks ago. He flew out from New Zealand, lasted three days in the States and passed away, due to not taking some medication and he was stubborn, he had a little Irish in him. He was from New Zealand, the kiwi. But he was stubborn and he never took his water pills. His lungs filled up and then his heart (unable to make out word) and that was it. Very sad. I’m still mad at him for it.

Bushwhacker Butch’s wife, Helen Miller, spoke about his passing and that can be read here.

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