GCW I Can’t Save You Results: Masha Slamovich retains against Mance Warner

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW I Can’t Save You
Sunday, May 21, 2023
The Valley Dale Ballroom
Columbus, Ohio 

Cardona and De Lander came out and cut a promo on the crowd but they were interrupted by Nick Gage and Maki Itoh. Gage challenged Cardona to a deathmatch, but Cardona backed off. 

Steph De Lander vs. Maki Itoh

Steph kicked Maki in the stomach and dumped her to the floor, Steph leveled Maki with an elbow but Maki responded with a trash can to SDL’s head. SDL tried to chop Maki but Maki moved out of the way causing Steph to hit the ring post, Maki chopped Steph and planted her with a bulldog followed by a flurry of punches in the corner into a boot scrape for a close nearfall. Maki went to the corner and retrieved her pizza cutter but Steph saw it coming and leveled Maki with a big boot for a quick nearfall. From there Steph took over the match and started to toy with Maki and booted her right in the jaw for another nearfall; Maki was placed on the top rope and was hit with an elevated fisherman’s buster, she hit Maki with a snake eyes but it only fired Maki up. Maki hit Steph with a series of headbutts followed by a draping DDT for a close nearfall of her own, Maki locked in a sleeper hold but Steph used her size and strength advantage to shake Maki off. Steph threw Maki across the ring and tried to score the pin but Maki again kicked out and hit Steph with an elbow followed by another DDT. They both went out onto the apron, where Maki was able to hit Steph with a DDT on the apron followed by a swinging DDT onto the floor. Maki retrieved her pizza cutter from the corner and went to slice Steph but Cardona came into the ring and distracted Maki which led to Steph hitting Steph with a sitout F5 for the victory. 

Steph De Lander Defeated Maki Itoh

GCW Tag Team Championship: Joey Janela and Sawyer Wreck vs. The East West Express (Champions) 

Joey and Sawyer came to the ring in ‘Fuck DeSantis’ shirts, the Rick Perry of 2024. Jordan Oliver and Joey Janela started the match for their teams, they locked up and jockeyed for position, they reset but Joey was able to work his way out of a waist lock, they exchanged a flurry of holds before eventually wrestling to a stalemate, and they both tagged in their partners as they looked to reset the match. Wayne tried to take Sawyer off her feet with a series of shoulder tackles but he was unsuccessful, Sawyer took him off his feet and lit up his chest with a series of chops. Nick Wayne ducked a clothesline and took Sawyer off of her feet with a step up Rana, Joey jumped into the ring and tried to attack Wayne but Wayne gained control and the champs started to work over Janela. Jordan yanked on Sawyer’s arm, hammer locked which allowed Wayne to do a series of dropkicks to the arm as Jordan fell backwards napping it against the mat. The champions continued to work over Sawyer’s arm. Wayne stomped on Sawyer’s hand a couple of times but still was unable to get a pinfall. Sawyer leveled Wayne and Oliver with a series of forearms and headbutts and turned them inside out with a lariat. Sawyer made the hot tag to Joey Janela who ran wild on the champions, taking them out with a moonsault press followed by a tope to Oliver on the floor. Joey caught Wayne in mid-air and launched him into the canvas with a release suplex. Joey fought off both of his opponents as Sawyer tried to regain feeling in her arm, Joey took both men over with a suplex followed by a Michinoku driver onto Wayne for a nearfall. Oliver and Janela exchanged strikes in the center of the ring, Jordan caught Joey with a leaping side slam, and Wayne and Sawyer both were tagged in, Sawyer ran wild on Wayne and tried to set him up for a rocket launcher, but Jordan cut them off and locked in tandem arm bars. They both reached the ropes in time as both teams reset, Janela got Wayne up on his shoulders on the apron, and Sawyer hit Wayne in the head with a boot which caused Joey to fall off the apron into a Death Valley Driver planting Wayne on the floor. Joey and Sawyer hit the rocket launcher on Jordan Oliver but Oliver was able to kick out as they once again traded strikes in the center of the ring. The challengers got the best of that exchange as they leveled Oliver and Wayne with forearm strikes. The champions fired up and hit Joey and Sawyer with a combination of tag team offense, Jordan took Sawyer out with a tope, Wayne isolated Janela in the ring and got the submission victory with an armbar. 

East West Express Retained the GCW Tag Team Champions

Jimmy Lloyd, Chico Suave, Kaleb Konley vs. Los Macizos 

The moment the bell rang everyone bailed to the floor to look for weapons, all 6 of them grabbed chairs and Sabu’d each other with Kaleb and Ciclope left standing tall. Konley launched himself out of the ring onto Miedo, Jimmy did the same to Crazy Kid, Chico finished it off with a flip dive of his own. Miedo and Chico wrestled for a little bit but Ciclope eventually came to his partner’s aid and started to beat their opponents over their heads with steel chairs. All three members of Los Macizos beat up on Konley but he was quickly saved by Jimmy Lloyd, Lloyd’s momentum was quickly snuffed out by Ciclope as the Macizos again retook control of the match. Ciclope hit Konley with a double stomp to the back of his head followed by a cutter to Jimmy Lloyd, they took out Chico with three Sabu’s to the face. Crazy King retrieved a door from underneath the ring and set up a door bridge in the center of the ring; Jimmy tried a dive to the floor but was met with a chair to his head from Ciclope and Miedo. Chico took out the rest of the competitors on the floor with a flip dive and isolated Ciclope in the ring and attempt to take him off the top through the door but Miedo hit him in the back with a steel chair and they hit him with a Doomsday Destroyer through the door for the victory. 

Los Macizos Defeated Jimmy Lloyd, Chico Suave, and Kaleb Konley 

Trey Miguel vs. Blake Christian 

They talked some smack before they eventually locked up, Miguel got the best of the exchange at first but Christian used his agility to get back into the match. They started exchanging holds, Christian quickly escaped to the floor as he tried to create some separation and dictate the pace of the match-up. Blake returned to the ring and caught Trey with a kick to the face, and sent Trey to the floor, Trey popped back into the ring, showing off his own agility as they once again wrestled to a stalemate. Christian caught Trey with a casadora followed by a big splash to Trey’s midsection, Trey kicked out at two and lured Christian to the floor but was quickly taken out with a tope from the charging Christian. Blake threw Trey back into the ring but Trey kicked him in the face and hit him with a tope of his own, Christian took Trey off of his feet with a kick and then tied up his legs into the ropes for good measure, Christian got caught with a victory roll but Trey over extended him and caught Blake with a dropkick to the back of his head. He tried for another move but was caught with a spear on the apron followed by another dive to the floor, CHristian connected with a  moonsault press but was only able to get a two count. They battled on the top rope, Trey slinked threw and caught Christian with a kick to the side of his head followed by top rope Meteroa but Christian kicked out once again. Christian grabbed Miguel’s X-Division Championship and used that to distract the ref who threw the belt out of the ring which gave Blake the chance to low blow Miguel and curb stomp him for the victory. 

Blake Christian Defeated Trey Miguel 

Ninja Mack vs. Gringo Loco 

The two tried to gain an advantage over each other but each was able to show off their lucha prowess, they wrestled to several stalemates. Mack went to the top rope but Gringo Loco pushed him off sending him crashing to the floor, the two battled on the floor, Mack connected with several kicks to Loco’s legs and a suplex on the floor, they battled back into the ring and Loco planted Mack with a back suplex. Mack fired up and leveled Loco with an uppercut followed by a Sasuke Special to the floor, Mack rolled Loco back into the ring and hit him with a 450 but was still unable to get the victory. Mack connected with a spin kick followed by a flurry of strikes to Loco’s head but it still wasn’t enough.  Mack sent Loco shoulder-first into the turnbuckle but Loco powered out of whatever Mack had planned next and tossed him across the ring with another suplex. Loco went for his double jump moonsault but Mack moved out of the way, Mack went for a Phoneix Splash but Loco moved out fo the way as they stared at each other in the center of the ring. They battled on the top rope with both men trying to get the advantage, Loco hit Mack with an inverted Spanish Fly for a very close nearfall. The entire GCW crowd was on their feet for that pinfall. Mack fired up and connected with some kicks to Loco’s head, they once again battled on the top rope, and Loco again got the advantage and hit him with a top rope powerbomb for the victory. 

Gringo Loco Defeated Ninja Mack 

Matt Cardona vs. Cole Radrick 

They traded near falls to start, Cole connected with a straight right hand to Cardona’s face which caused him to take a powder on the floor and cut a promo on the crowd and Cole. Cole got sick of Cardona’s talking so he attacked Matt with a series of punches to his face but Cardona again ran away from the fight and asked for the mic. SDL joined Cardona at ringside, Cole took them both out with a tope, and Cole attempted a Springboard but Steph pulled his feet out from under him which gave Cardona the opportunity to dropkick Cole in the face. Cardona took the fight to Cole with repeated shots to the back of his head and locked him in a stiff headlock. Cardona whipped Cole hard into the corner and hit him with a boot scrape for a close near fall. Cole fired up and hit Cardona with a big back suplex and followed that up with a combination of strikes to his head and a lariat for a close near fall. Cardona hit Cole with a maneuver but was distracted as Nick Gage rushed to the ringside and took out Steph De Lander. The King stalked the ringside as Cardona begged off in the center of the ring, Cole got a couple of close roll-ups followed by a stunner but Cardona kept kicking out. Cardona pulled the ref in front of Cole and kicked him in the balls followed by a Rough Ryder but Cole managed to kick out. Steph slid the championship belt into the ring but Gage intercepted it, as Maki took the fight to Steph on the floor. Gage hit Cardona in the head with the Internet Championship, Cole hit Cardona with Lil Sebastian’s curse for the victory. 

Cole Radrick Defeated Matt Cardona 

Alec Price vs. Alex Shelley 

The two began a feeling-out process, Shelley used his strength advantage early on as Price tried to play catchup. Shelley used his technical wrestling ability to continually grind Price down and to try and take his speed advantage away from him. Shelley connected with a series of overhand chops, which only fired up Price even more as he connected with a big dropkick that sent Shelley to the floor, Price went for a dropkick but Shelley moved out of the way and sent Price crashing back first on the ring apron, Price was able to get back into it with a series of forearms but was quickly hit with a drop toe hold which sent him crashing face first onto the entrance steps. Shelley hung Price up in the corner and connected with a hesitation dropkick which firmly put Shelley in the driver’s seat. Price ducked a clothesline and connected with a kick off the second rope and took down Shelley on the floor with a top rope splash, Price kicked Shelley in the back of the head and hit a spinning European Uppercut for a close nearfall, Shelley sidestepped a diving crossbody but was met with another uppercut from Price. Shelley managed to climb to the top rope and hit Price with a frog splash followed by the Border City Stretch but Price was able to make it to the ropes which broke up the hold. They traded knees in the corner, Price hit his signature knee lift followed by a top rope blockbuster which Shelley was able to kick out of at two. Shelley hit Price with the Shellshock for the victory. 

Alex Shelley Defeated Alec Price 

Team GCW (EFFY, Matthew Justice, One Called Manders, and Rina Yamashita) vs. Team Unsanctioned Pro (August Matthews, Davey Bang, Jeffrey John, The Swinger)

Swinger and Manders started the match off, Manders sought advice from EFFY after The Swinger grinded on Manders. Manders and EFFY lit up Swinger with chops as EFFY came into the ring to take control of the match, he was quickly taken off of his feet and was locked in a submission maneuver. Davey Bang was tagged in and took EFFY off of his feet with a spear. Jeffrey John came in and attacked EFFY but Matthew Justice returned from injury and cleared house, Rina took everyone out with a crossbody to the floor followed by a dive from Justice. The battle continued at ringside as SGC’s music still played as they retrieved a door from underneath the ring, they hit a Doomsday Sack Ryder but Davey Bang was able to kick out as they were quickly hit in the back with steel chairs and put Swinger through the door for the victory. 

Team GCW Defeated Team Unsanctioned Pro

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Mance Warner vs. Masha Slamovich (Champion)

Mance attacked Masha early on but she took him off of his feet with a lariat as Mance reset on the floor but was caught with a flip dive from the champion. They continued to battle on the floor with Mance lighting up the champ with straight right hands to her face, he bounced her face off of a high-heeled boot which got a great reaction from the crowd. Warner Sabu’d a chair into Masha’s face as he continued to throw a bunch of chairs into the ring. Masha was thrown on top of the merch table as Mance retrieved even more chairs from underneath the ring, along with a door for good measure. Masha beat Mance over the head with a chair which only pissed Mance off even more as he hurled a chair at her face. Masha set up a door in the corner and threw another chair at Mance’s head which caused him to bust wide open but it still wasn’t enough to put Mance away. Masha raked a screwdriver across the already lacerated forehead of Mance Warner which only caused him to bleed even more, Mance tossed Masha into a door and he started to stab Masha’s fingernails with the screwdriver. Mance repeatedly bounced Masha’s face off a chair and called for a DDT but Masha was able to fight out of it and she suplexed Mance onto an open chair followed by a cannonball for a close nearfall. Mance tried to spear Masha through a door but the door didn’t break and the impact made a disgusting thudding noise. Mance set up a door bridge in the center of the ring and choke-slammed Masha through the door for another close nearfall. Eventually, Masha was able to fire up and she choked out Mance Warner for the victory.

Masha Slamovich Retained the GCW World Championship

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