EC3 feels CYN would’ve grown too quickly & collapsed under its own weight if it continued as it was

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Control Your Narrative is something EC3 described as a ‘struggling foundation with a giant mantlepiece on top’. 

The Control Your Narrative promotion was funded by EC3 and Braun Strowman. Their first event as a traveling promotion was in March 2022. 

When Strowman returned to WWE in September 2022, a statement was issued by EC3 and he noted that the vision of C.Y.N. remains the same but the immediate future was unknown. He further spoke on C.Y.N. while on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast

With C.Y.N. heading in the direction it was headed under EC3 and Strowman, EC3 thinks it would have grown too quickly and their infrastructure was not prepared for that. He added that it would’ve collapsed under its own weight if it continued as it was. 

I think it added too much pressure early (Braun Strowman’s name value being added to Control Your Narrative). So everything happened the way it should have happened. When you have a high level, you know, former main eventer, former worlds champion, you have that pressure to do something immediately and the infrastructure, like I said, wasn’t prepared or ready so, I’m very happy he’s happy, we’re pals, everything is good. I think we would have grown too quickly and probably collapsed under our own weight if things went on as they did too. Just based on that name value and what it attracted that we needed a foundation before we have anything and if we have a struggling foundation but a giant mantlepiece on top of it, dude’s big, it’s gonna crumble.

In 2020, EC3’s second stint with WWE, which was a two-year run, came to an end. He was asked if he’d be interested in making a return and has a ‘never say never’ mindset about it. 

I guess it’s an internal conversation and it would just depend on the means and the plans so, I would never say never, I would not say no (to a WWE return). But, I’m not gonna go, yep! I think about it all the time and it’s not happening because that would manifest failure, which I don’t so, considering, I would consider any option and there’s no ill will or bad blood there so…

EC3 is currently signed to the National Wrestling Alliance and at the upcoming Crockett Cup pay-per-view, he’ll be defending the National Heavyweight Championship against ‘Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason. 

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