Gable Steveson: WWE has not approved me for 2024 Olympics yet, but they’ve approved that I can chase a couple tournaments

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Steveson is going after more amateur wrestling accolades while preparing for his pro wrestling career. 

In late April, Gable Steveson returned to amateur wrestling competition for the U.S. Men’s Freestyle Open in Las Vegas, Nevada and came out of the competition with the Outstanding Wrestler award.

Steveson advanced to the Final X which is taking place in Newark, New Jersey in June.

The 2024 Olympics came up during Steveson’s sit-down chat with KSTP. He clarified that WWE has not approved him for the Olympics, but they’ve approved him to do a couple of tournaments. He thinks him and WWE are in good strides to make that progression concerning the Olympics. 

Not yet (WWE hasn’t approved me to do the 2024 Olympics). They’ve approved the fact that I can chase a couple tournaments. I think time will tell the Olympics story and who knows because it’s a year away but, I think we’re in good strides to make that progression.

Looking back at his performance at the Freestyle Open, Steveson said he’s not surprised about it. 

No (I was not surprised I dominated in my return to amateur wrestling). No, no surprise. I’ve been doing this for a long time, I’ve been used to those guys, I’ve wrestled them before. This is nothing new but respect to those guys putting their best foot forward. I just had my two feet forward (he smiled)… They might be (ticked off that I’m back) but that don’t revolve around me. I got my own shoes to fill, I got my own shoes to walk in and nobody else can walk in ‘em and they got theirs too so, when we cross paths, we cross paths and I’ll be ready for those days.

On top of his amateur wrestling training, Steveson trains at the WWE Performance Center. In December 2022, he was featured throughout an episode of Friday Night SmackDown alongside Kurt Angle. 

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