GCW Lifestyle Results: Rina Yamashita retains, Vikingo vs. Komander vs. Gringo Loco

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GCW: Lifestyle
Friday, May 26, 2023
Silver Nugget Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada 

Match Recommendations: 

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Jordan Oliver
Rina Yamashita vs. Cole Radrick
Komander vs. Gringo Loco vs. Vikingo 
Matt Cardona and SDL vs. Janela and Wreck

Scramble Match: Sam Stackhouse vs. Damian Drake vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Matt Vandagriff vs. Billie Starkz vs. Alec Price

Everyone ganged up on Sam Stackhouse, but he brushed them all off and took them out. Stackhouse attempted a dive to the floor, but Vandagriff took him off his feet with a missile dropkick, sending Stackhouse to the floor. Vandagriff and Jimmy Lloyd paired off and ran a couple of spots, resulting in Lloyd sending Vandagriff to the floor. Billie Starkz dropped Drake with a neckbreaker, and Price took advantage by knocking Starkz off her feet with a crossbody. Stackhouse returned to the ring, and Price tried to move him, but he didn’t have enough leverage. Stackhouse sent Price flying with a shoulder tackle. Everyone tried to gang up on Stackhouse again, but they were once again unsuccessful. Price finally got the upper hand and took Stackhouse off his feet with a dropkick. Vandagriff wiped everyone out with a flipping senton to the floor. Lloyd went for a drive, but Price cut him off with a series of running boots and a leg lariat, followed by a dive to the floor. Price returned to the ring and went for a kick, but Lloyd caught him and planted him on his head with a piledriver. Lloyd went for the pin, but Billie cut him off with a senton, followed by a destroyer. Before she could capitalize, she was cut in half with a spear from Matt Vandagriff. Vandagriff started celebrating, not realizing Stackhouse was back in the ring, who wiped him out with a big spinning kick. Drake hit a DDT on Stackhouse, Price hit a Fosbury flop to the floor and delivered a kick to Drake’s head for the victory.

Alec Price wins the Scramble

Singles Match: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Jordan Oliver

ZSJ grabbed hold of Oliver’s foot, but Oliver was able to escape. They locked up again, and ZSJ took down Oliver, starting to work him over with a wrist lock. Oliver transitioned out of it and quickly attempted a pin on ZSJ, showing he wasn’t intimidated by the legend. Sabre took Oliver down again with a wrist lock, and although Oliver tried to escape, Sabre kept him locked in the hold. Oliver fired up and managed to take Sabre off his feet with an arm drag. Sabre tried to escape, but Oliver maintained control with the hold. Sabre momentarily broke free with a head-scissor, but Oliver remained in control. They eventually broke apart and faced off in the ring, resetting the match. Sabre locked in a cravat followed by a shot to the midsection, then shot Oliver off the ropes, only for Oliver to catch him with a running side slam.

Oliver attempted to chop Sabre, but the strikes were weak, with Sabre even shaking his head. Sabre sent Oliver into the corner, causing Oliver’s arm to hit the turnbuckle. Sabre took advantage with small joint manipulation and a stomp to the injured arm. Oliver slapped Sabre in the chest, but it only fired up ZSJ, who leveled him with an uppercut followed by another stomp to Oliver’s arm. Oliver retaliated with chops, but they only further damaged his injured arm. Oliver sent ZSJ to the floor with a dropkick and followed up with a pescado to take him out. The crowd chanted for both men as Oliver tossed Sabre back into the ring. Sabre caught Oliver with a boot, but Oliver responded with an overhead suplex for a nearfall.

Oliver continued his momentum by throwing Sabre across the ring, causing Sabre to injure his back. Oliver attempted a powerbomb but struggled due to his injured arm. Sabre focused on targeting Oliver’s injured arm, applying various holds and twists. Oliver tried to fire up, but Sabre kicked him in the face, only further fueling Oliver’s determination. The two men traded chops in the center of the ring, with one chop taking Sabre off his feet. However, Sabre countered with a kick to Oliver’s arm and locked him in a submission hold. Oliver managed to reach the second rope with his foot, his only free limb.

Sabre went for a penalty kick, but Oliver caught it and leveled Sabre with a chop. They exchanged near falls, and Oliver caught Sabre with a clout cutter. Sabre countered with a cross-arm breaker, but Oliver muscled him up with a sit-out powerbomb, followed by an Acid Kick and a Batista Bomb. Oliver attempted another Cloutcutter, but Sabre caught him in midair and tied Oliver up. Oliver tried to reposition for leverage, but Sabre rolled through, trapping both of Oliver’s arms and bending him back, leading to Oliver tapping out. It was an incredible match.

Zack Sabre Jr. Defeated Jordan Oliver

Singles Match: Maki Itoh vs. Sandra Moone

Moone shoved Itoh right out of the lock-up twice, but Maki called for a test of strength. However, Moone’s height advantage over Itoh made it easy for her to overpower and take her down. Itoh bridged up into a side headlock but was swiftly taken off her feet with a shoulder block. Maki started “crying” and brought Moon down with a lariat. The crowd firmly supported Itoh as she went for her ten punches in the corner. Moone played opossum, the only North American Marsupial, and hit Maki with a gut-wrench powerbomb, resulting in a quick nearfall.

Moone then delivered a running crossbody into the corner and attempted to punch Maki’s head, but it proved ineffective. Instead, Moone kicked Maki in the face for another nearfall. Moone wrenched back on Itoh’s arm, and in response, Maki unleashed a series of forearm shots and headbutts, followed by the Kokeshi. Itoh countered by hitting Moone with a swinging DDT to the floor, rolling her back in, and earning a close nearfall. She locked in a chokehold, and Moone used her strength to get to her feet and forcefully ram Maki into the corner.

Moone went for a snake eyes maneuver, but Maki managed to escape. Undeterred, Moone continued to pound down on Maki’s back and executed a Blue Thunder Bomb for another nearfall. Itoh landed a satellite DDT, crawled to make the cover, and both competitors exchanged forearms. Finally, Itoh secured the victory with another DDT.

Maki Itoh Defeated Sandra Moone

SDL and Cardona jumped Itoh, Cardona complained about getting screwed over last week, and SDL promised to kill the entire GCW roster. Nick Gage ran out to make the save and begged Cardona to get back into the ring but Cardona and SDL backed up the ramp. 

Tag Team Match: Matt Cardona and Steph De Lander vs. Joey Janela and Sawyer Wreck

As Cardona and SDL backed up the ramp, Janela and Wreck were right behind them, fighting them back toward the ring. Wreck and Janela drove SDL and Cardona into each other and both delivered ten punches in the corner. Janela attempted a DVD onto the apron, but SDL pulled his leg off the apron, causing Janela to crash to the floor. Cardona followed up with a dropkick that sent Janela flying into the crowd. SDL and Janela faced off in the center of the ring, with SDL using her strength to back Janela into the corner and deliver a couple of chops. Janela fired up, channeling Sting, and struck her with a forearm, but it had no effect as she slammed Janela’s face into Cardona’s boot. Cardona booted Janela in the face while he and SDL made quick tags back and forth, inflicting further punishment on Janela.

Cardona ripped off his shirt and started choking Janela with it. The referee admonished him, and Cardona pushed her. In retaliation, she pushed him back into a roll-up, but he kicked out. They each made hot tags with their partners, and Cardona and SDL took a lot of offense from Wreck. Meanwhile, Janela grabbed some chairs from under the ring. They hit Cardona in the groin with a chair, and Sawyer Sabu’d a chair into SDL’s face, following it up with a 3D for a nearfall. Janela climbed to the top rope and went for a double stomp, but SDL moved out of the way and shoved him into Sawyer.

Cardona and SDL executed tandem Broski Boots on Janela, and then they grabbed a door from underneath the ring and set it up in the corner. Joey fought them both off and was about to send Cardona through the door with a DVD, but Steph kicked him in the groin. Joey planted Cardona with a powerbomb, but SDL speared him through the door. Sawyer attacked SDL, and the two shared a kiss, giving Cardona the chance to hit Sawyer in the back with a chair. Sawyer no-sold it, and Cardona begged off. Wreck booted a chair into Cardona’s face, taking both him and SDL down with a double clothesline. Wreck then planted both of them with a suplex and set up a door bridge in the ring. She attempted to chokeslam Cardona, but Steph saved him, and they planned to put her through the door. However, Maki and Gage ran in to distract them.

Janela leveled SDL with a superkick, and Sawyer choke-slammed Cardona through the door, securing the victory.

Joey Janela and Sawyer Wreck Defeated Matt Cardona and Steph De Lander 

Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Blake Christian 

Blake shrugged Sheik off and mocked her as they circled each other, Christian locked in a side headlock and unloaded on her with forearms and kicks. Sheik fired up and hit Blake with a couple of kicks, and took Blake off of his feet with a big boot followed by repeated boot scrapes. Sheik grabbed a staple gun off her belt, Christian set up a chair in the corner as they tried to work the situation out, Sheik grabbed hold of Sheik and sent her face first into the chair, he slide the staple gun out of the way and hit her with repeated knees to the midsection followed by a dropkick to the back of her head as he continued to pick her apart. Sheik found an opening and connected with a flurry of offense followed by a  leg drop, she tied up his hands with her shirt but Christian was still able to fire up and sent her flying into the corner with a dropkick. Sheik hit a spin kick off the top for a close nearfall which further dazed Christian. Christian hit her with a springboard knee strike but Sheik again kicked out and hit Christian with a bridging German, Sheik climbed to the top and hit a top rope leg drop across the back of the neck of Christian. He fired up and sent Sheik all the way up the ramp with a dropkick and hit her with a pedigree on the entrance ramp, he scooped Sheik back up and threw her back into the ring but she kicked out at one. Christian went to hit her in the head with a chair but she ducked and it ricocheted off the top back into Christian’s face. Sheik climbed to the top rope but was cut off after he Sabu’d a chair in her face, curb stomped her, and choked her out for the victory. 

Blake Christian Defeated Dark Sheik 

Six Man Tag Team Three Way Match: Jack Cartwheel, Starboy Charlie and Titus Alexander vs. Second Gear BUSSY vs. Los Macizos and John Wayne Murdoch 

Everyone started beating up on Cartwheel, Starboy, and Titus, and sent them to the floor, the remaining 6 faced off laying in series of tandem offensive maneuvers. Titus retired to the ring and took out Murdoch with a backbreaker and then launched himself out the ring with a tope. Starboy and Cartwheel took Los Macizos off their feet with a series of dropkicks, Cartwheel took Allie off of her feet which drew EFFY into the ring, Titus blindsided EFFY with a forearm, and they sent everyone to the floor as Carthwheel flew over the top rope with a Sasuke Special. They all started to brawl on the floor, Mance started to hit people in the face with chairs as the crowd started to go wild. EFFY threw in a chair, Mance retrieved a door and they set up a door bridge in the center of the ring. Los Macizos jumped EFFY from behind and send him crashing through the door but the pin attempt was broken up by Allie Katch. Meido Extremo Sabu’d his suitcase into Allie’s face, followed by a suitcase-assisted basement dropkick for a close nearfall. Starboy and Titus hit topes, Cartwheel got Murdoch up on his shoulders and hit him with a DVD into the chair, Cartwheel climbed ot the top rope, but was cut off by Mance Warner who Sabu’d a chair into his head and hit a Tower of London onto Cartwheel. BUSSY teamed up on Titus, Mance hit Charlie with a running knee but Charlie kicked out. Murdoch and Ciclope hit stereo Destroyers, Meido hit Cartwheel with a spinning Blue Thunder Bomb for a close nearfall. Los Macizos set up a door bridge in the corner, they went for a Doomsday Destroyer but Mance poked Ciclope in th eyes and superplexed Ciclope through the door. EFFY hit Cartwheel with a Doomsday Sack Ryder for the victory. 

Second Gear BUSSY won the Six Man Tag Team Threeway

Triple Threat Match: Gringo Loco vs. Komander vs. El Hijo del Vikingo 

The crowd was going wild even before anything happened, with everyone running wild and dropping down on each other until one competitor gained an advantage. However, they eventually faced off in a stalemate. Loco flew over the top rope with a tope, taking out his other two competitors on the floor. Loco started chopping Komander in the corner. Komander countered with a big arm drag from the top rope, followed by a series of arm drags and a dropkick that sent Vikingo to the floor. Komander then executed a twisting press over the top rope to the floor. Air horns don’t add anything to pro wrestling.

Komander celebrated on the outside and grabbed Vikingo, tossing him back into the ring for a quick nearfall. Komander faked him out with a chop and then slapped him across the face, only firing up Vikingo. Vikingo responded with a back handspring, landing on his feet, and took Komander down with a head scissors. Loco returned, reversed a whip, but was caught with a boot to the side of his head. Vikingo went to the top rope, Loco rushed in but was kicked in the face. Vikingo then hit a double jump inverted head scissors, sending Loco to the floor. Vikingo followed up with a series of superkicks on Komander, climbed to the top rope, and jumped from across the ring, executing a springboard arm drag that sent both opponents to the floor. Vikingo continued his high-flying assault with a twisting dive from the top rope to the floor, not giving his opponents a chance to recover. Vikingo rolled Komander back into the ring and connected with a big springboard frog splash for a close near fall.

Komander and Vikingo traded forearms, and they both climbed to the top rope. Gringo Loco emerged from underneath them, balanced them on his shoulders, and hit a twisting sit out powerbomb on both of them. Gringo spiked Vikingo on the top of his head with a piledriver, but Vikingo managed to kick out once again. Gringo then climbed to the second rope, and as Komander jumped up, he was caught on Gringo’s shoulder. However, Komander reversed it and hit a head scissors, only to be quickly countered with a diving crucifix bomb from Vikingo. All three men continued to battle on the top rope, with Gringo executing a variation of a Spanish fly. Gringo brought a door into the ring and set it up in the corner. Gringo and Vikingo fought on the top rope, while Komander rope-walked to the other corner, but he was caught with a head scissors from Vikingo, who was then hit with an ace crusher from Loco.

Komander stood on Gringo’s shoulders and hit him with a poisonrana, but he was caught with a kick to the head from Vikingo, who then sent him to the floor. Vikingo drove Gringo through the door and finished the match with a 630 for the victory.

Vikingo Defeated Gringo Loco and Komander

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: Rina Yamashita (Champion) vs. Cole Radrick 

Rina is a machine and without a doubt second best Deathmatch wrestler in the world behind Takeda and there’s a gap between 2 and 3. Cole and Rina traded fists before they each grabbed a tube, they swing and missed, Cole kicked through Rina’s tube, Rina swatted away Cole’s and broke one over his head and tried to break a tube over his chest but it wouldn’t break so she broke it over her own head and started biting the tube and started to carve away on Cole’s head as the fans chanted ‘over here.’ Rina tied up Cole and curb-stomped him into the broken glass for a nearfall. Rina set up a tube on a chair in the corner and went to throw Cole into it but Cole reversed it and sent Rina head-first into her own creation. He then returned the favor and started to carve away on Rina’s head with the broken end of the tube as the fans once again chanted ‘over here.’ They battled on the apron over a door, Cole got Rina up on his shoulders and sent them both crashing through the door on the floor to the concrete after a Death Valley Driver. Cole grabbed a couple of tubes and placed them in the center of the ring and attempted to brainbuster Rina into the tubes, Rina fought out of it but was still hit with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close nearfall. Cole tried to piledrive Rina into the tubes but she reversed it and hit him with a leg sweep into the tubes followed by a DDT onto the broken glass. Cole hit Rina in the head with a bundle of tubes and superplexed her off the top, but she wasn’t phased as she hit a Brainbuster followed by an errant bump into the broken glass to psyche herself up. They threw forearms at each other, glass was flying off of them as they were making contact as they both connected with clotheslines. Rina grabbed a tube and swung it at Cole who ducked it and smashed her face into the tube for another close nearfall. Rina busted a big bundle of tubes over Cole and set up a chair in front of his face dropkicked it then hit a tube-assisted suplex for a two count. Cole hit Rina with an air raid crash through a pane of glass in the corner but Rina still kicked out, fired up but was kicked in the head with hit with a tube assisted senton for a very close two count. Cole climbed to the top rope, and missed a Swanton, Rina caught him with a running knee to his face. They collided with each other with tubes, Rina broke two over his head and hit him with Gin and Tonic but Cole kicked out again. Rina hit Cole with a tube-assisted air raid crash but it still didn’t keep Cole down. Rina set up a glass bridge in the center of the ring and Rina powerbombed him through the pane and hit him with Splash Mountain for the victory. 

Rina Yamashita Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

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