Cage of Survival 2 Results: Blake Christian cashes in, wins GCW Championship

Photo Courtesy: GCW

Cage of Survival 2
The Terminal, Showboat Hotel
Sunday, June 4, 2023
Atlantic City, New Jersey 

Maki Itoh vs. Janai Kai

Kai surprised Maki by kicking her in the leg. In an attempt to take Kai down, Maki tried some Jainism moves, but they were ineffective, and the crowd remained indifferent. Kai countered with a well-placed punch, bringing Maki to the ground, followed by a shoulder tackle. Maki tried to fight back with a series of cute punches, but Kai relentlessly kicked her in the back, seizing control of the match. Maki attempted to rally, but she was met with more kicks. Eventually, Amani turned the tide, delivering a series of cute punches and a boot scrape, resulting in a close near fall. They exchanged punches in the center of the ring, with Maki gaining the upper hand. However, Maki received a boot to the face and managed to block a couple of kicks before retaliating with a headbutt and a quick roll-up series. Kai missed with a spin kick, leaving herself vulnerable to a DDT, followed by an elevated DDT that secured the victory.

Maki Itoh Defeated Janai Kai

Cardona and SDL came out and cut a promo on the crowd and Maki. Eventually, Maki told them to suck her dick and the lurks came out. 

Matt Cardona and SDL vs. The Kirks

The crowd was divided between their hatred of Cardona and SDL and their support for Kasey. Brandon and Matt engaged in a lock-up, with Brandon backing Matt into a corner. Matt rolled out of the ring, prompting a loud chant for Chelsea. Cardona toyed with the crowd, engaging in playful banter. An elderly man confronted Cardona and threw punches at him, leading to a chant of “fuck ’em up, grandpa.” Kasey and SDL tagged in, and Kasey unleashed a flurry of chops. SDL tagged Cardona back in, and Kasey dominated him for a while before Brandon reentered the match to continue the assault. They retreated to the outside, and Cardona grabbed a microphone to announce a change in match rules, declaring it was no longer a sports entertainment match. He proceeded to break a tube on the ground while Kirk and Ge brawled in the crowd. Kirk held Cardona’s arms, allowing Grandpa to land some shots on him, which sent the crowd into a frenzy. Brandon attempted a running cross-body, but SDL slammed him into the second row. Kirk managed to return to the ring before the ten-count but was prevented from making a tag to Kasey as SDL cut him off and attacked him in their corner. Cardona arrogantly slapped Kasey off the apron, but he was caught off guard by a cutter from Brandon as both teams made quick tags to their partners. Kasey unleashed a flurry of offense on SDL, attempting to secure a pinfall, but Cardona broke it up. SDL pummeled Brandon, and both SDL and Cardona executed tandem boot scrapes. SDL attempted to hit Cardona with the women’s internet championship, but Kasey blocked it. Kasey struck Cardona and then accidentally struck the referee. Kasey followed up with a code breaker and got a visual pinfall. Brandon introduced four steel chairs into the ring, still covered in glass from the previous day, and set up Cardona for the psycho driver. However, SDL delivered a low blow to Brandon and kicked Kasey before hitting Brandon with a DVD onto the chairs. Kasey was about to strike Matt in the head with a chair, but Cardona countered with a low blow. SDL struck Kasey in the head with her Women’s Internet Title belt and pinned Kasey for the victory.

SDL and Matt Cardona Defeated The Kirks 

Kasey had a nasty cut on her head as Nick Gage and Maki made the save. Gage gif Cardona with a steel chair as Jaseg was helped to the back. Brandon grabbed Matt and Gage went to hit Cardona, but he held up and gave the bundle to Maki who broke it over the Indy Gods’ head. Cardona’s shoulder was bleeding pretty heavily as Gage told them to get the fuck out. 

Ninja Mack vs. El Hijo del Vikingo 

They shook hands to start the match, and the crowd was evenly divided in their support. They locked up, with Bunja backing him into the corner, and Vikingo doing the same to Mack. They scrambled for the position, with Ninja successfully faking out Vikingo a couple of times before picking his leg. They exchanged snap mares in a pinfall sequence that saw both men kicking out multiple times. Vikingo began to stretch Mack with various submission holds while taunting him before throwing him to the floor. They traded strikes and kicks in the center of the ring. Vikingo took Mack off his feet with a kick, but they quickly picked up the pace and started flipping out of each other’s moves, resulting in a stalemate. They battled on the top rope, with Mack flipping out of a super rana but getting caught with a kick to the head. They returned to the top, where Mack missed a rana, giving Vikingo an opportunity to recover. The slight mishap actually added to the match, highlighting their evenly matched skills and the need to bring out their best to gain an advantage. Vikingo wiped out Mack with a twisting dive to the floor, sending him flying into the second row. Vikingo delivered a series of impactful chops as they made their way around ringside. Mack retaliated with his own chops and slid Vikingo back into the ring, hitting him on the side of the head with a beautiful kick, followed by a Ninja Mack Special to the floor. Back inside the ring, Mack continued with the chops, followed by a big running uppercut. Mack climbed to the top rope and attempted a twisting press, but Vikingo evaded it and countered with a Black Hole Slam followed by a kick to the head. Vikingo announced the second rule and executed an inside-out 450 for a close near fall. Mack caught Vikingo with a powerbomb but missed a Phoenix splash. Vikingo responded with a running double knee strike followed by a 630, securing the victory.

El Hijo del Vikingo  Defeated Ninja Mack 

Trios Match: Jimmy Lloyd, Alec Price, and Jack Cartwheel vs. Nick Wayne, Jordan Oliver, and Mike Bailey 

They all began beating each other up, with Jimmy Lloyd being isolated. Speedball started targeting Jimmy’s back with a series of kicks, followed by a boot in the corner for a near fall. Speedball rebounded off the ropes, but Price caught him, causing the match to break down as everyone started brawling on the floor. Price used a fan to execute a sliced bread on Speedball then rolled him back into the ring where his team continued the beatdown. Cartwheel hit Speedball with a delayed suplex, then tagged in Jimmy who continued the assault. Speedball rallied and hit Jimmy with a missile dropkick before making a quick tag to Nick Wayne. Wayne unleashed a flurry of kicks and a destroyer on Jimmy, coming close to a pinfall. Jimmy fought back, hitting a neckbreaker combo before tagging in Jack, who delivered a crucifix bomb on Wayne for a two-count. Wayne made the tag to Oliver, who went on a rampage against Cartwheel with a series of power moves, followed by a big discus lariat. Oliver locked Cartwheel in a cross-arm breaker, but Lloyd broke it up with a senton. All three men continued their onslaught on Cartwheel, with each landing a super kick. Cartwheel tossed Wayne with a suplex but was then taken out by a sidewalk slam from Oliver. Lloyd hit Wayne with a destroyer, leaving everyone exhausted on the mat. Speedball and Price faced off with a series of forearm strikes, with Speedball delivering a vicious axe kick. Speedball attempted a running shooting star press, but Price moved out of the way. Speedball connected with his Speedball kicks on Price but was dumped on his head with an exploder suplex from Lloyd. Speedball executed a dive to the floor, while Oliver and Wayne unleashed their tandem tag offense. They attempted the double cloutcutter, but Cartwheel pushed Oliver off the ropes. Wayne hit Lloyd with a poison rana, and Price hit Speedball with a surprise kick, but the pin was broken up by Oliver and Wayne. Cartwheel and Speedball battled on the top rope, with Cartwheel narrowly escaping the Flamingo Driver but eating a big chest kick. Cartwheel went for the Spiral Tap, but Speedball got his knees up. Oliver and Wayne went on a rampage against Cartwheel, eventually hitting the cloutcutter on Lloyd and Price, while Cartwheel fell victim to a Flamingo Driver for the victory.

Jordan Oliver, Nick Wayne, and Mike Bailey Defeated Jack Cartwheel, Jimmy Lloyd, and Alec Price 

Los Macizos vs. Hirata and Toru 

All four men grabbed tubes and broke them over their own heads. Macizos sent Toru and Hirata to the floor and went for a dive, but they were met with tube shots that allowed Hirata and Toru to take them out with dives of their own. Meido and Rory faced off, and Toru broke a tube over Meido’s previously injured shoulder and back. Guests hit a big splash, but it wasn’t enough to keep Meido down. Meido threw a chair at Toru, and Ciclope attacked Hirata with tubes and executed a spinebuster on Toru. Hirata and Toru retaliated with a series of tube shots on Ciclope, coming close to a pinfall. Hirata took a couple of chair shots to the head and was hit with a chair-assisted senton from Ciclope, but it was still only a near fall. Toru took out the Macizos with a crossbody and a lariat from Hirata, as they all tried to regain their composure. They all got back to their feet, tubes in hand, and started unloading on each other with tube shots. Meido fought off Hirata’s suplex attempt with a low blow, and Ciclope pulled out a sawzall from his backpack and used it on Hirata’s head. Toru set up a door in the corner, while Hirata set up a couple of chairs with a pane of glass on top. Meido sent Hirata crashing through the door with a spear, and Ciclope sent Toru crashing through the glass with an air raid crash, securing the victory.

Los Macizos Defeated. Hirata and Toru 

Post-match: The GCW locker room came out and beat up on Toru and Hirata, Lloyd hit Toru with a piledriver and Murdoch hit Hirata with a brain buster and Sawyer finished them with a double choke slam. Gringo hit a double jump senton as GCW sent Toru and Hirata packing. 

Joey Janela vs. El Desparado 

They began the match with a lock-up, but Joey quickly escaped with a standing switch as they exchanged arm kicks. Despy attempted to push Janela into the barbed wire door, but Janela countered with a shoulder tackle and dropkicked Despy into the door. Despy had to be freed from the wire, allowing Janela to unleash stomps and a brainbuster. Janela started tearing at Despy’s mask and used a strand of barbed wire to cut into his forehead. He then brought a board with broken glass into the ring while Despy recovered. Janela forced Despy chest-first into the wire, trapping him momentarily. Janela went for a brainbuster on the glass board, but Despy blocked it and slammed Janela onto the board instead. Despy grabbed a gusset plate, attempting to drive it into Janela’s head, but Janela fought back and struck Despy with it, followed by a superkick. Despy eventually succeeded in slamming a gusset plate into Janela’s head as they traded forearm strikes and chops in the center of the ring. Janela leveled Despy with a powerful lariat and a brainbuster, but both men were too exhausted to capitalize, and they collapsed together. Janela rolled to the outside and introduced a door into the ring, setting it up as a bridge. However, before he could utilize it, Despy targeted Janela’s leg with repeated dragon screws. Despy climbed the top rope and executed a frog splash on Janela, but it only garnered a two-count. The battle for control continued, with Janela countering a powerbomb attempt with a falcon arrow. Janela climbed the top rope for a double stomp, but Despy evaded it and drove Janela face-first with a driver. Janela retaliated by delivering an air raid crash to Despy on the apron, taking a moment to plot his next move, which involved a barbed wire door and a giant ladder. They continued to brawl on the outside, and Janela eventually rolled Despy back into the ring, setting up a door bridge and placing the ladder. Janela leaped off the ladder with a double stomp, but it still wasn’t enough to put Despy away. Janela grabbed a collection of tubes and shattered them over Despy’s head. Despy, however, regained his footing and engaged in a punch exchange with Janela before breaking more tubes. Janela responded with his own tube shots and a superkick. He then positioned a bundle in the center of the ring, but Despy fought out of it and hit Janela with two consecutive tiger drivers for the victory.

El Desparado Defeated Joey Janela

Cage of Survival: GCW World Champion Masha Slamovich vs. TOS Winner and GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita 

They stared each other down, Masha was the first one to strike but it didn’t take long for Rina to respond as they both started Théo wind punches and teased putting each other through the pane of glass in the corner. Rina fired up but was caught with a drop kick which sent her crashing through the pane of glass. Masha took the broken glass and dragged it across Rina’s forehead. Rina broke a series of tubes across Masha’s back and started eating the glass for fun. Rina carved away at Masha’s head with the broken end of the tube, slammed Masha on a pile of glass, and broke a tube over her back. Rina was firmly in control as she gathered broken pieces of the pane of glass and put it in Masha’s mouth and punched her. They battled in the apron and Rina hit a leg sweep but the glass didn’t break so she placed Masha on the cage and splashed her from the top rope breaking the pane of glass and Masha in half. Rina broke a bunch of tubes over Masha’s head, Masha responded with a series of her own and locked Rina in a camel clutch, but Rina broke it up with a tube to Masha’s head followed by running knee-assisted chair shot and a power slam for a close near fall. Masha hit Rina over the head with a chair twice but Rina bounced Masha’s face off the steel cage, Rina went for a running lariat but Masha sent her face first into the cage. Rina super-kicked Masha twice and placed a bunch of tubes on her chest. Masha got up and broke the tubes over her head and tossed her onto the barbed wire net. The crew had to help Rina out of the wire as Masha recovers in the ring. Masha hit Rina over the head with a chair, Rina returned the favor and fired the crowd up. Rina won the battle with a Sabu but Masha fired up but was caught with the dead eye as they reached another stalemate. Rina was caught with a Capo kick followed by a lariat for a near fall, Masha locked in a choke, and Rina broke out of it and hit her with a delayed straight jacket suplex. Rina set up a barbed wire door in the corner, but she was caught in an air raid as Masha sent her crashing through the door into the wire. Rina again had to be cut out of the wire as the crowd chanted for both women. Blake Christian’s music hit which provided a distraction for Rina to hit her in the head with a chair and an air raid crash for a very close near fall. Rina grabbed more tubes, placed them in Masha, and came off the top with a big splash, Masha again kicked out. Masha struggled to her feet as Rina taunted her with tubes that she then broke over the champ’s head. Masha was recovering on the canvass as Rina set up a door bridge in the center of the ring; Rina placed Masha on the doors and climbed to the top of the scaffolding. Masha recovered and joined Rina on top of the structure. They battled each other on top with Masha winning the battle and sending them both off the top with a side slam. Blake Christian jumped into the ring, stomped Masha, cashed in his championship shot, stomped Masha again, and pinned her to win the title. 

Blake Christian wins Cage of Survival and the GCW World Championship 

The crowd threw trash into the ring as Blake celebrated with his belt. 

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