SmackDown Results: Usos Attack Sikoa, Liv Morgan Returns

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WWE SmackDown Results
June 23, 2023
Cajundome – Lafayette, LA

By: John Kleinchester

Respect, Love & Snakes

SmackDown started with a recap of The Usos taking out Roman Reigns last week and Michael Cole referred it as the beginning of  “The Bloodline Civil War”. The Usos came out to the ring and cut a promo about having to fight their family next week at Money in the Bank. Jey Uso said that they still love Roman Reigns but he disrespected them and they were raised on respect. They said that they could forgive Reigns but the biggest snake of them all is Paul Heyman. Jimmy asked how you could take orders to drive a wedge between two brothers that were built on love and respect for each other. They finished the segment by saying that at Money in the Bank it’s “Welcome to The Uso Penitentiary”. 

Rey & Knight

The first match of the evening saw Rey Mysterio taking on LA Knight after the run-in they had last week. Knight had a good portion of the crowd firmly behind him despite facing the beloved Hall of Famer in Mysterio. The finish saw a number of what appeared to be botches from Mysterio and then Knight hitting the BFT for the clean victory. After the match, Knight started pulling at Rey’s mask and Santos Escobar ran down and Knight retreated. 

Solo Spike

Solo Sikoa & Paul Heyman were seen walking in the back when Ridge Holland almost ran into them and said “What are you looking at?” Sikoa responded by spiking him in the throat and saying, “I’m not in the mood tonight.” Heyman, flabbergasted, told his phone to “Call Roman Reigns”.

After the break, Adam Pearce was tending to Holland who was still coughing and wheezing. Sheamus approached and said “Give me Solo” but Pearce declined. Sheamus then appeared in the arena on the microphone calling Sikoa out. 

Unification & A Surprise Return

Next up was the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Unification Match with Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler taking on NXT Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn. The two teams had a competitive match lasting just under ten minutes with Rousey & Baszler tapping out their opponents by simultaneously applying the Kirafuda Clutch and armbar.

Rousey & Baslzer were celebrating and stopped a departing Raquel Rodriguez who had been watching the match from ringside. Rodriguez said that “we” want a rematch for the titles they never lost and Liv Morgan made her return, apparently cleared for action.

The Grayson Waller Effect

Waller welcomed Pretty Deadly as his guests this week and they talked about their Championship match next week against Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens and referred to themselves as the “Iron Men” of Friday Night Smackdown and claimed they beat five teams in the gauntlet match. The Street Profits interrupted and said they want the smoke and apparently that was enough to make a match. Pretty Deadly won the match with feet on the ropes in a roll-up. 

Question of the Night: Remember Uncle Howdy?  

Charlotte’s…a Face?

Charlotte Flair beat Lacey Evans with the Figure 8 in 2.5 minutes. Asuka attacked Flair who was still bridging in the Figure 8 (even though she’s a face) and left her laying. 

Adam Pearce told Bianca Belair that next week she will be barred from ringside for the Charlotte vs. Asuka match but she would be able to challenge the winner. Belair questioned whether Pearce would stick to his word. 

The Main Event: Solo Sikoa vs. Sheamus

Note: Two announced matches did not take place without explanation:

  • Cameron Grimes vs. Baron Corbin
  • Money in the Bank Spot on the Line: Shotzi vs. Bayley 

The main event saw Solo Sikoa take on Sheamus because Ridge Holland ran into Sikoa in the back. The pair had a long match that was thrown out by the referee after Sikoa crashed through Sheamus & the ringside barrier.

The medical team started trying to help Sheamus and Sikoa started attacking them. The Usos came out and double superkicked and Uso-Splashed Sikoa and left him laying. 

Fun Fact: During this match, Michael Cole made up a new word when he said that The Bloodline was “incinegrated”. Maybe Stephanie McMahon was at Gorilla. “Glocal”, anyone?

Announced for SmackDown Next Week in London:

  • WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship: Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs. Pretty Deadly
  • WWE Women’s Championship: Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair
  • Grayson Waller Effect with Logan Paul
  • Roman Reigns Returns

Friday Night SmackDown Results:

  • LA Knight over Rey Mysterio in 8:36
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Unification Match: Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler over Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn in 9:50
  • Pretty Deadly over Street Profits in 8:57
  • Charlotte Flair over Lacey Evans in 2:30
  • Solo Sikoa / Sheamus – No Winner – thrown out in 14:53
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