IYO SKY wins women’s Money in the Bank ladder match

Image Courtesy: WWE

IYO SKY has emerged from the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match with the briefcase.

The match was distinct from the “everybody for themselves” theme of the men’s match. Zoey Stark and Trish Stratus started things off by double-teaming the other competitors.

Cooperation and dissent between Damage CTRL’s Bayley and SKY was also a theme of the match.

The feud between Stratus and Becky Lynch also featured prominently. At one point, Stark and Stratus failed in an attempt to handcuff Lynch to a turnbuckle.

Stratus took a brutal-sounding Manhandle Slam onto a ladder by Lynch at ringside.

This was followed by a Code Red from Zelina Vega at the top of a ladder onto Zoey Stark, who looked to land awkwardly on another ladder.

With the ring seemingly clear, IYO SKY climbed the ladder, but was tipped off by Bayley. As Bayley climbed the ladder, Lynch used the open handcuff to fishhook Bayley.

However, IYO then handcuffed Bayley and Lynch to each other so that neither could climb the ladder. She then scaled the ladder and grabbed the briefcase to “You deserve it” chants.

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