Roman Reigns pinned for the first time since 2019 at WWE Money in the Bank

Image Courtesy: WWE

The Usos came out on top in the Bloodline Civil War tag team match that headlined WWE Money in the Bank.

An excellent video package set the scene for the match, with the crowd giving the Usos a heroes’ welcome as they came to the ring.

When Reigns and Solo Sikoa emerged, Michael Cole mentioned that the last time Reigns had been pinned or submitted was December 15th, 2019.

A pre-match “big fight feel” was boosted by a raucous crowd, who enhanced the match throughout.

Jimmy and Solo started things off. Solo got the better of things in the early going, as Roman stood in the corner laughing. The tide turned as Jey was tagged in. Roman then demanded the tag from Solo, which was slow to be delivered.

Taunting the fans, Roman soon got the better of Jey. As Jey managed a tag, Roman rolled out of the ring to avoid a double superkick from the twins.

After a pep talk from Paul Heyman, Roman got back in the ring and dominated before tagging in Solo.

Reigns and Sikoa got the upper hand for an extended spell, including denying Jimmy a hot tag and delivering attacks outside the ring.

Jimmy dodged a Superman Punch and eventually made the tag to Jey. 

As Roman got the tag, Jey then hit suicide dives to both his opponents until Reigns countered.

Things broke down into a four-man brawl, and then there were a series of near-falls, including Jimmy powering out of a guillotine.

The referee then took a bump, leaving Roman to survive the 1D as the crowd counted to 10.

Sikoa delivered the Samoan Spike to Jimmy, followed by a spear from Reigns. Reigns then stacked both twins for the pin. As the referee counted, the Usos kicked out for an enormous reaction from the crowd.

A furious Sikoa superkicked Jimmy onto the announce table. As he went for the splash, Jimmy moved out of the way, taking Solo out of the match.

Meanwhile, Jey and Roman traded superkicks and spears, leading to another big near-fall as Jey kicked out. After suffering a low blow, the Usos took over with superkicks and trademark double-team moves.

The crescendo then came as Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns for the first time in over three years.

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