Angels discusses difference in environments between IMPACT & AEW, reflects on Dark Order

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He expressed that there was a ‘walking on eggshells’ feeling for him in AEW. 

Coming out of his run as a contracted AEW talent, Angels a.k.a. Alan Angels returned to the independent scene and would go on to eventually land in IMPACT Wrestling as a member of The Design. 

He’ll be competing in an Ultimate X match at the upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view and to promote the match and event, he guest appeared on Busted Open Radio

He mentioned that he feels he doesn’t have to walk on eggshells in IMPACT which was met with a follow-up question about what places has he worked where he felt the opposite. He stated that from his personal experience, there was that feeling at AEW. 

I think with AEW and ‘walking on eggshells’ is kind of a, I don’t know. It sounds worse than it is I think. I think it’s just a competitive industry in general, you know what I mean? So, I just think when you’re at AEW, you kind of walk around, you don’t wanna upset anybody, you don’t wanna piss off the wrong person or anything like that. So while I’m at IMPACT, I don’t feel like I have to worry about that as much. Not that I don’t wanna piss off the wrong guy. Obviously, I don’t but, there’s not just that worry in the back of your mind all the time.

Bully Ray then presented Angels with the question of what led to the ‘drop off’ of Dark Order. Angels said he would not like to refer to what the group is doing as a ‘drop off’. He dove into how the direction of the group changed after Jon Huber (Brodie Lee) passed away

Um, I would like to not call it a ‘drop off’ (direction of Dark Order in AEW) because all those guys are extremely talented and it really kind of hurt when Brodie Lee did pass, because we as a group were building so much momentum and we were in the main event scene with Brodie as our leader. He was challenging for the belt and were doing some really cool stuff, and then unfortunately once he died, we were — not only did we not have our main event guy anymore, we were almost forced to turn babyface. So I think that kind of hurt just because I think the company at the time needed some more heels. So, we had all these babyfaces and now we’re just one of many babyfaces if that makes sense, and then with all of the B.T.E. skits that we did and stuff, we’re also doing a lot of comedy which is great and I love doing it and all those B.T.E. skits were awesome. But we just kind of had our place I think on the card. So that’s definitely part of it but again, all those guys in that group are ultra talented and every time they’re on TV, I’m watching and I’m very glad they get to do what they’re doing.

Angels is going to be in action against Jonathan Gresham on the 7/6 IMPACT on AXS. To view the updated Slammiversary card, click here.

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