BLK Jeez provides update on how he’s doing mentally & emotionally since multiple myeloma diagnosis

An update from Jeez. 

20-year veteran Darnell Kittrell a.k.a. BLK Jeez was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which is a form of cancer that causes bone damage. 

Jeez previously stated that he felt positive, mentally strong and added that his mobility was good. He returned to ‘The Wise Men’ show and provided another update on how he’s doing mentally and emotionally since the diagnosis. He appreciates when the people close to him reach out but stated that things get emotional when he’s left to his own thoughts. 

Nah, not yet (Jeez responded when asked if he’s started rehab). Still a lot of treatment, stuff like that. Physical, I’m alright but emotional, emotional rollercoaster.

When you guys contact me, that’s like the best times and the roughest times for me is how you said, when I’m just alone with my thoughts like late at night and my family is asleep and it’s just me and I’m just thinking about the situation and everything and that’s when I get emotionally messed up, you know? I try not to go to that dark place but, it happens. Typically, my days are the same. I’m just at home watching TV or whatever but when it’s days where I have treatment, I go to the treatment, usually there early in the morning. I’m just there until they finish and I come home and I’m either in a good mood or I’m just emotionally down. So it’s just an emotional rollercoaster. The toughest part for me is the mental part. The physical part, I’m fine. I’m not 100 percent or whatever but, the mental part is definitely my biggest obstacle. I still have that problem. It’s tough for me to stay positive. I’m still positive when I talk to the boys and bring a bunch of this emotion down…

Jeez is a member of the National Wrestling Alliance and on 7/8, they held their charity event titled HP Cares for Cooper. On 7/9, they are holding a Powerrr taping. 

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