GCW Clean Up Man Results: Nick Gage over Psycho Clown, Utami Hayashishita debuts

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GCW: Clean Up Man
Saturday, July 8, 2023
The Webster in Hartford, Connecticut 

Alec Price vs. Brogan Finlay vs. Grim Reefer vs. Dustin Waller 

They all ducked some shots, Reefer stood in the center and lit up a joint, he offered it to Waller and Finlay and they both refused. Price was more than willing to indulge but before he could take the blunt, Waller kicked him in the head. Reefer ran wild on Finlay, then hit a flip dive onto everyone on the outside. Finlay leveled Reefer with a boot and he and Price ran a couple of improved dice spots which culminated in Price walking the ropes and hitting a big Lucha arm drag. Waller took out price with a spike DDT and registered the first near fall. Waller went for a dive but Finlay cut him off with a big drop kick followed by a series of hard chops in the corner. Waller tried to fire up but Finlay gif him with an uppercut, followed by a series of Suplexes. Waller fired up and took Finlay out with a kick to the face followed by a standing shooting star; Price returned to the ring as Finlay rolled to the outside and hit a snapdragon on Waller followed by a series of running boots. Price went for the pin but Reefer broke it up and dove to the outside, Price also launched himself outside. Waller picked up the pieces but couldn’t get the pin on Price, Reefer hit him with a Piledriver, Finlay hit Reefer with an Emerald Flosion but Price snuck in at the last second kicked Finlay in the head, and collected the victory. 

Incredibly paced match, Finlay is going to be a megastar. 

Alec Price Defeated Grim Reefer, Dustin Waller, and Brogan Finlay

 Marcus Mathers, Jimmy Lloyd, and Dlyn McKay vs. the SAT 

Mathers and Jose started off the match, Mathers for his leg picked. They both tried for a hip toss but they both blocked it before Mathers landed a kick to his head. Joel and Jimmy were next in, Jimmy took him off his feet with a neck breaker followed by a kick to his face. McKay was next in they too ran some spots, McKay got the best of the situation before he tagged Mathers back in and they hit a series of tandem offensive maneuvers. Mathers got a near fall with a northern lights suplex, he laid in some chops but was taken off his feet, sent to the floor, and taken out with a doomsday device.  Back in the ring, Mathers was caught in an STF, followed by a side headlock. McKay got the hot tag and took out all three members of the SAT with a dropkick, McKay hit a flip dive to the floor followed by a shooting star but was only able to get a two count. McKay was stopped after he was hit with a double team spike piledriver, Mathers came in to try and make the save but was caught and hit with the washing machine. Jimmy entered the match and hit a double cutter, but he got caught on the top rope with Mckay and hit with a lariat. The SAT set Mathers up and hit him with the Spanish Fly but Lloyd and McKay made the save. Mathers hit a rope walk destroyer, and Lloyd and McKay hit a shooting star-assisted Tombstone for the victory. An absolute sprint of a match, they all crushed it. 

Wasted Youth Defeated The SAT

EFFY vs. John Wayne Murdoch vs. Cole Radrick 

EFFY and John Wayne Murdoch started brawling after EFFY cut a promo asking for a match, Radrick came out and started beating up JWM. EFFY hit Radrick with an atomic drop, they slapped each other in the face, and Murdoch returned and laid in some shots. Radrick sent him into the corner and took EFFY out with a moonsault; JWM hit Cole with a lariat followed by a neck breaker into a big boot. They went to the floor where they traded lariats, neither one was able to take the other down so they went underneath the ring for a door. Cole Sabu’d a chair into EFFY and hit him with a big running leg lariat. Murdoch caught Cole in the head with a chair and lit him up with some chops. EFFY hit a double blockbuster followed by a double spear, both men were in opposite corners which allowed EFFY to run wild with boots. Radrick hit a chair-assisted 619, into a Swanton but Murdoch nailed him with a piledriver as the crowd chanted for the door. Murdoch hit Cole with a Deep South Destroyer off the top through a door, EFFY cut him off with the Sack Ryder and an Under the Rainbow. He went for the pin but Murdoch broke it up with a door to the back of EFFYs head and a brainbuster to Cole on a chair for the victory. 

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Cole Radrick and EFFY

Charles Mason vs. Joey Janela 

They started off with a stiff lock-up, Mason caught Joey with a dropkick followed by a series of chops; Janela responded with a rebound suplex followed by a series of right hands which dropped Mason. Janela sent Mason to the floor with a lariat and went for a dive but Parrow pulled his leg, which gave Mason enough time to spit in Joey’s face and drop him head first in the apron. Mason brought Joey back into the ring and planted him with a suplex. Mason fish hooked Joey’s mouth, Mason lit Joey up in the corner but Joey fired up and hit a desperation destroyer. Joey turned Mason inside out with a lariat, the crowd was going crazy for Joey as he hit a brainbuster but Mason was able to kick out. Joey hit a big dive to the floor, he jumped off the stage which took out Parrow. Joey hit a super kick, went to the tip rope went for the double stomp but Mason moved out of the way. Parrow slid in a door and two chairs which allowed Mason to set up a door bridge. Joey took Mason off the top through the door bridge with a suplex but Mason kicked out. Joey went back up to the top but Parrow knocked him off and hit a sit-out powerbomb. Joey fired up with a series of forearms, but it wasn’t enough as Mason sent Joey chest first into the exposed turnbuckle and hit him with a spinning Tombstone for the victory. 

Charles Mason Defeated Joey Janela 

Justin Credible came out and stood face to face with Mason and Parrow, but them with the Cane and celebrated in the ring. Very nice moment and you can tell it meant a lot to him. 

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Richard Holliday 

Blake jumped Richard with a dropkick and sent him to the floor where he tossed him into the chairs. Holiday leveled him with a lariat and bounced his head off all four of the turnbuckles; he followed that up with a big reverse back elbow into a sidewalk slam but it wasn’t enough to keep the champion down. Blake went for a springboard maneuver but Richard blocked it and hit a big black hole slam, Blake fired up and took the fight to the apron where he speared Holiday; Blake slowed the pace down as he went to work on with a series of lariats into a figure four. They fought back to a standing base where Blake was able to hit another springboard moonsault followed by a kick to the back of Richard’s head. Holiday ducked a lariat and took Blake off his feet with a series of his own. Blake hit Holliday with a running step up 450 for a close near fall, Blake went for a superplex but Holliday was able to reverse it in mid-air and hit a neck breaker for a very close near fall. Blake thumbed Holliday in the eyes, Blake missed the ref with the belt. Holliday was able to hit Blake with the belt but he held up, handed the belt back to Blake, kicked him in the balls, and had a very close near fall that the crowd completely bought. Blake hit with a Hidden Blade followed by the curb stomp to retain the GCW World Championship. 

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Waves and Curls vs. YoKai vs. Los Macizos 

YoKai cleared the ring, and posed but were quickly attacked by Los Macizos who sent them both to the outside after a suplex, Waves, and Curls attacked Yoya with the tandem offense, they did the same to Janai, and followed it up with a big dive to the floor. Macizos ran wild on Waves and Curls with more tandem offense, Ciclope got caught with a big Chokeslam from Jordan, Janai faced off with the Macizos but was quickly taken down with a neck breaker but Yoya broke the pin up with a Destroyer on Meido which broke up the pin. YoKai cleared the ring and set up a door bridge, Los Macizos returned and beat YoKai down with chairs, Yoya for a quick victory roll on Meido but Ciclope broke it up, they took Yoya to the top rope and sent him through the door bridge with a doomsday device for the victory. 

Los Macizos Defeated Waves and Curls, and YoKai

GCW World Tag Team Championship Match: East West Express (Champions) vs. Gringo Loco and Jack Cartwheel 

Cartwheel and Oliver started with a standing switch, Oliver hit a back elbow which gave him control of the match. Cartwheel for out of it, tripped Oliver up, hit him with a moonsault followed by a top rope Vader bomb from Gringo. Wayne and Loco paired off, gringo leveled Wayne with a kick to the back of his head,  followed by work to his arm. They hit Gringo with repeated drop kicks, Gringo was able to tag out but Cartwheel didn’t have much better luck as the champions went to work on his arm as well. Cartwheel and Oliver started throwing strikes at each other, Cartwheel ended up bleeding from his lip as Wayne and Oliver continued to make quick tags back and forth. Cartwheel hit Wayne with a crucifix bomb, and they each struggled to make it to their corners, when they did, Loco came in with a series of Lucha arm drags followed by a fallaway slam for a close near fall. Wayne receded a military press into a rana followed by a chin breaker neck breaker combo; Oliver leveled Cartwheel with a dropkick followed by a Batista Bomb for another near fall. Oliver went for the clout cutter but Cartwheel picked him out of mid-air with a dropkick, Wayne went to take out Loco but was caught with an inverted Death Valley driver. Oliver and Loco traded fists in the center of the ring, Wayne leveled Loco with a stiff forearm but he wasn’t able to capitalize as Cartwheel cut him off. East West locked in tandem arm bars. Cartwheel. Locked the clout cutter by knocking Wayne off the top, Oliver lost his balance which allowed Loco to toss him and Cartwheel to hit an elbow drop. Cartwheel hit a beautiful Sasuke special to the floor followed by an incredible spiral tap but Wayne was able to kick at the last second. East West Express ran wild with dives and put away Cartwheel with a double clout cutter. 

East West Express Defeated Gringo Loco and Jack Cartwheel 

Billie Starkz vs. Utami Hayashishita

 They started off with a test of strength, into a standing switch where Billie briefly got control of her arm, Billie took Utami down and had a head scissors locked in. Utami was able to escape as they reset. Utami took Billie off her feet but Billie responded with a basement dropkick and a quick near fall. Billie ran Utami face first into the turnbuckle and hit her with a big boot, Utami lit her up with some for arms followed by a big dropkick, Billie fought her off and they started reading forearms in the center of the ring. Utami nailed Billie with an elbow, they traded suplexes as the crowd got to their feet. Utami rushed in but Billie caught her with a kick followed by a Gory Special for a close near fall. Utami hit Billie with a fall-away slam followed by a sliding lariat for another close near fall, Billie Utami to the floor and wiped her out with a rope. Billie went to the top rope, but Utami met her up there and hit her with a superplexed, Billie held on and hit Utami with a back neck breaker. Billie hit Utami with repeated boots to her face, they traded forearms Utami nailed her with a lariat. They traded quick near falls, Billie ducked a lariat and spiked Utami with a piledriver for another close near fall. Billie went dir a sea fin but Utami fit her knees up and hit her with a sit-out powerbomb for the victory. 

Absolutely incredible match. 

Utami Hayashishita Defeated Billie Starkz 

Nick Gage vs. Psycho Clown

Gage took Clown down with an arm drag as they faced off in the center of the ring. Gage picked the elf, psycho did the same thing, Clown pie-faced Gage which only fired  Gage up even more. They both took each other down with shoulder tackles followed by side suplexes, they traded fists in the center of the ring, and Gage went to the floor and hit Clown over the head with a chair a couple of times. They continued to brawl into the crowd, they traded chips on the hard cam platform, and Gage continued to ram Clown’s head into chairs around ringside. Back inside the ring, Clown bit Gage with a forearm followed by a basement dropkick for a near fall. Gage recovered on the outside but was caught with a dive from Clown. Clown tossed Gage into the row of chairs, set Gage up and put a trash can over his head, and then hit him with a chair. They returned to the ring where Clown hit Gage in the balls with a chair and dragged him into the corner where he hit a split-legged moonsault for two. Clown took off his belt and hit Gage across the back with it repeatedly. Gage fired yo and hit Clown with a DDT followed by a bootscrape in the corner. Gage placed a chair across Clown and hit a recess back elbow for another near fall. Gage set a door up in the corner but was scoop slammed through it which fit a Holy Shit chant from the crowd. Clown set up a bunch of chairs in the center of the ring, they brawled on top of the chair. gage brought out the pizza cutter and started slicing swag at Clown’s head. Gage hit Clown with a piledriver in the chairs but Clown again kicked out. Gage set up a barbed wire door bridge, Clown fought Nick off on the top rope and took Gage back into the ring with a Spanish Fly through the barbed wire door. Clown came off the top rope with a dive, Gage caught him and stacked him up for the victory. 

Nick Gage Defeated Psycho Clown

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