Jordan Oliver reflects on his MLW run, discusses Nick Wayne’s arrival to AEW & idea of joining him

He looks back at his time in MLW and speaks about his tag partner Nick Wayne’s arrival to AEW. 

For several years of Jordan Oliver’s in-ring career, he was a part of Major League Wrestling. In late 2021, Oliver confirmed that he was released from his contract. 

Straight Talk Wrestling caught up with Oliver and he reflected on his run in MLW. He stressed how much he loves the independents and currently has no aspirations to wrestle outside of the indies but he did enjoy his time in MLW. 

I think for me, the MLW experience was good. It was overall good. The issues that were there are I love the indies. I love wrestling for Game Changer Wrestling, I love wrestling for promotions like Demand Lucha. I don’t have any aspirations to wrestle outside of the independents. This is where I belong, this is what I want to do and yeah, that’s why. But the MLW thing was so awesome, I learned so much. I got to be around so many great minds like Low Ki, Savio Vega, even Court Bauer. These guys are geniuses and they helped me go from here to here.

Later in the conversation, the podcast host asked Oliver if the circumstances were perfect, would he consider signing with a company if he was presented with an offer. 

He said he would probably sign with AEW in a heartbeat if he gets to continue tagging with Nick Wayne. They are the current GCW Tag Team Champions. He added that he and Wayne would often talk about the idea of facing The Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi). 

Oliver wants to be the best ever and is aware that he’ll have to head to a major company to accomplish that. If WWE were to offer him a contract that doesn’t include going to NXT, he might accept the offer. He closed by saying that he’s in no rush to go anywhere. 

Because I’m tag team partners with Nick Wayne, he’s currently signed with AEW, debuting on AEW which July (12th) is his first match. July 10th is his 18th birthday, July (12th) is his debut on TV. So I would sign with AEW to team with Nick more because that’s, again, someone I’m so close with and I feel like we have so much potential to be a legendary tag team… Us versus The Young Bucks? Holy sh*t… Me and Wayne always talk about us versus The Golden Lovers (he laughed). So yeah, I guess that seems like the best path right now, but, I do love the indies. My main goal in professional wrestling is to be the best ever. So, to do these things, to be considered one of the best ever, you have to go to WWE, you have to go to AEW, you have to do New Japan, you have to do these things so, whatever the case may be, if AEW was to offer tag stuff with Wayne, then I would probably sign in a heartbeat. If WWE was to offer me not an NXT contract then maybe I would take it, no problem. But at this point in my indie career, I’m 23, been wrestling for eight years, I have so much time to become so much better. Even you said, maybe that (Jacob) Fatu match was two, three years ago and I was just getting good, you know? 

I started figuring it out around that time and then I met guys like Mike Bailey and Alex Shelley and these guys take me from like a level six to what I believe is a level eight, you know? And again, I’m 23, been wrestling for eight years, seven years. By the time I’m 25, who knows where I’ll be at, how good I’ll be, if I’ll even be able to wrestle because I go so hard. I put my body so hard on the line but, yeah, I’m not in a rush. I think that’s the main part. I’m not in a rush. 

Wayne and Oliver tagged over the weekend at GCW and JCW shows. On July 12th, Wayne is making his AEW in-ring debut against Swerve Strickland. 

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