Saraya says there were multiple production companies that wanted to do reality show about her & Ronnie Radke

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She explained that she’s not in the right headspace to have a reality show centered around her. 

It is coming up on a full year since Saraya f.k.a. Paige debuted for All Elite Wrestling at Dynamite Grand Slam. Present day, Saraya is a part of The Outcasts alongside Ruby Soho and AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm. 

Throughout Saraya’s pro wrestling career, she’s been featured on the reality TV series Total Divas and made appearances on AEW All Access. The topic of reality television came up during her chat with Inside The Ropes. She told the outlet that she did not really want to be on All Access, but appeared on it for her storyline with Britt Baker. 

Saraya went on to share that there were seven-to-eight different production companies that wanted to film a reality show about her and Ronnie Radke, who is a musician and her significant other. She stated that she’s not in the right mindset to do a show like that but if she did, she would need full creative control as far her being on the show goes. 

I don’t know (why I fit well on reality TV). I didn’t even wanna be on (AEW All) Access. Honestly, after doing Total Divas, I feel like I’ve matured a lot and I’m kind of embarrassed about how I was on Total Divas because I was young and drinking and all that kind of stuff and so I wasn’t really wanting to be on the show that much and I was doing it for Britt (Baker) and our storyline at the time… and it was my comeback thing and I wanted to do that with her. But usually, reality shows, I don’t trust them 100 percent and with Total Divas, they would spin things and make it look like something it wasn’t and I don’t have a lot of trust in them. If I was to do it, I want to do my own reality show and I had like seven or eight different production companies all reach out to me to want to do this reality show with me and my boyfriend (Ronnie Radke) and stuff like that and unfortunately, we couldn’t do it currently because you know, I’m just not in the right mindset to deal with a reality show but if I had to, I would have to have creative control completely of anything to do with me on the show and so they were allowed to use bits and pieces of me on All Access and stuff like that but… and I love that Britt and Adam (Cole) and everyone is getting the time because reality shows, they do help, they do and they reach markets that are non-wrestling markets and it brings more eyes to the show and stuff like that but, I don’t want to be a full-time cast member for it. That’s not something that I want to do and for some reason, they always want me to be on it. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m very outspoken or I don’t care what comes out of my mouth when I’m speaking. I have a lot of verbal diarrhea so maybe it’s good TV (she laughed). I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’ve been very controversial in my career so they think something else would have happened that will send people into a f*cking frenzy. I don’t know, but they like me being a part of it and I just — I cannot do that side of things anymore. Not for right now currently.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Saraya spoke about pitching ideas to AEW President Tony Khan. She mentioned that sometimes, she’ll run an idea by Jon Moxley or Chris Jericho and they’ll tag along with her to go present said idea to Khan. 

With us, we were like, ‘We wanna do a slow burn story. We don’t wanna have a microwave story. We wanna have an oven story where we take our time with it and have fun and really sink our teeth into it’ and we kind of dragged our heels with it a little bit and we’re like, ‘We’re not doing that this week. We wanna do this-this week’ and the wonderful thing is that you have (Chris) Jericho and (Jon) Moxley too who are so — if you ask them to help you out, maybe they’ll come in with us to talk to Tony (Khan) and stuff like that and we’ll all have a conversation and Tony’s always very receptive. You just have to ask, you know what I mean? And he’s usually very receptive and if he doesn’t wanna do certain ideas, he’ll just be like, ‘I love it, but I wanna do this-this week and maybe we can do that next week or the week after,’ whatever. He’s always very receptive and it really helps pitching the idea to Moxley and Jericho too to see if they like it and stuff like that and if they like it, we’re like, ‘Okay, let’s go speak to Tony about it’ instead of like, you know, in case we waste our time (she smiled).

In early May, Saraya opened up about dealing with endo belly and shared that it prevents her from wrestling when her belly swells. To read more, head over to this link

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