Matt Taven has ‘never say never’ mindset about reuniting with Adam Cole in AEW/ROH

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The idea of adding new members to The Kingdom was discussed. 

There have been multiple iterations of The Kingdom faction and a constant through the group’s history and its changes is Matt Taven. The Kingdom currently consists of Taven, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett and they are featured in Ring of Honor. 

Taven joined the Stick to Wrestling podcast and was asked about the idea of adding more members to the modern day-version of group. He says there’s been talks about it but the one thing about The Kingdom is that there is a real-life friendship between those in it. He said there must be undeniable chemistry if someone is going to be added. 

There always have been talks about it (adding new members to The Kingdom) but the problem was is that whether it was (Adam) Cole, myself and (Mike) Bennett or Vincent, T.K. and myself, it was such a real thing, you know what I mean? Myself and Cole have been friends since we basically started wrestling and the four of us with Maria (Kanellis-Bennett) were traveling together before The Kingdom even kind of became a thing. So we’re in cars together and it’s just kind of when the idea was approached to us, it was like a no-brainer, so yeah, of course and then when I came back from knee surgery with the next version of The Kingdom, myself and Vincent have known each other since I started wrestling. We trained together. TK O’Ryan came from the same school, Spike Dudley’s Lock Up Academy in Fall River (Massachusetts) and so we were always on the road together as well so it was just kind of another natural fit and so when it comes up, when people ask, when ideas get pitched, it’s one of those things where it’s like, we’re not against it but it has to be something so natural that’s it undeniable. You know, and there’s only a few people that I gotta — obviously, people know myself and Dalton (Castle) travel all the time together but that would be so weird. He’s got his own thing and stuff like that so, it’s not out of the question but it would have to be something so natural and not forced, you know what I mean? Because if it comes across on the screen…

One of the members of a prior version of The Kingdom is Adam Cole. Taven has a ‘never say never’ mindset when it comes to reuniting with Cole in AEW/ROH. He brought up how Roderick Strong was there for him early in his career as well. 

I would say never say never (to reuniting with Adam Cole) but even more than that, myself and Roderick Strong, I can’t give enough credit to Roddy. Just like Jay Briscoe, helped me so, so much when I first started in Ring of Honor. He was — still to this day, such a mentor to me and someone that I can go to and always give me an honest opinion and will help me out and just is very giving with his time and his knowledge and so, you know, never say never and honestly, Cole knows my number, we talk constantly. If he ever needs help, if he needs someone in Boston this week, I’m only a phone call away and I know Mike (Bennett) and Maria (Kanellis-Bennett) are as well so, wrestling works in mysterious ways. Who knows what might happen? But it’s one of those things where I’m like the BULLET CLUB, once you’re a member of The Kingdom, it’s a lifelong bond that never goes away.

Taven and Bennett are going to be part of a four way for the ROH World Tag Team Championships at Death Before Dishonor on 7/21. 

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