Brian Pillman Jr. says if he were to have a match at WrestleMania, he’d want it to be against Steve Austin

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He’d want to square off against his father’s former tag partner. 

The focus of a Captain’s Corner virtual signing was Brian Pillman Jr. He is no longer with All Elite Wrestling as his deal with the company expired. Pillman Jr. said he has a ‘huge opportunity’ coming up in his career that he cannot say too much about. 

Elsewhere during the signing, he was asked about the idea of competing at a WrestleMania. He said if he were to do so, he’d want to have a match against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin and Brian Pillman Sr. were known as The Hollywood Blonds during their tag run. Pillman Jr. added that maybe he’d sport his ‘Varsity Blonds’ vest for the match. 

I mean obviously, let’s be real, I’d have to face Stone Cold Steve Austin (if I could have a match at WrestleMania in the future). I can’t just let what’s-his-name beat me on that. Kevin Steen, I can’t let Kevin Steen — sorry for not remembering his name (Pillman Jr. laughed). I’m actually a pretty big fan of his. So I can’t let him one-up me there. I gotta retire Steve Austin. If anybody’s gonna do it, it’s gonna be his best friend’s son, you know? His longtime friend’s son. So I think that should be a moment for me and who knows? Maybe bring out the Varsity Blonds vest for that match.

Looking back on his time with AEW, he stated that Billy Gunn was regularly tough on him. He recounted one occasion when Gunn expressed that he was proud of him. It came when Pillman Jr. challenged Miro for the TNT Championship

Billy (Gunn) and I, I don’t know if it was just him being hard on me to make me better but, he was always pretty critical, getting on my butt about stuff but I’ll tell you one time he was proud of me is when I wrestled Miro for the TNT Title which is another match I’m very proud of that kind of flies under the radar. But it was a live TV match in Jacksonville. We actually did have fans, the fans were back for that one… I can’t quite remember if we had live fans or if it was just that type of energy was in the building that night but, it was an awesome match. I remember going to the back and Billy saying… and he hated to say it. He didn’t wanna say it but he’s like, ‘Well, you know, you’re a star now. You’re a TV star now so,’ so that was kind of my moment where I earned a little bit of respect from him and the guys in the locker room when I had that match with Miro and Miro’s such a great athlete and performer so, he definitely made me look great out there.

Pillman Jr. continues to wrestle on the independents. He is 29 years of age and is in the midst of his fifth year as a pro wrestler.

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