WWE Women’s Championship changes hands twice as Belair wins triple-threat and IYO SKY cashes in

Image Courtesy: WWE

IYO SKY is the new WWE Women’s Champion after cashing in her Money in the Bank contract at SummerSlam.

SKY cashed in on an exhausted and injured Bianca Belair, who had just won a bruising triple-threat match with Charlotte Flair and Asuka.

At one point, Belair was dumped out of the ring and there was a loud noise as though she had collided with the ring steps. She was then helped away from ringside. No “X” sign was signaled.

This left Asuka and Charlotte to fight it out. As Charlotte locked in the Figure Eight on Asuka, Belair hobbled back to the ring to break it up with a 450 splash from the top rope.

Continuing to sell her injured knee, Belair could not complete the KOD on Charlotte. It seemed that all was lost as Charlotte placed the Figure Eight on Belair, but Asuka reappeared and misted Flair in the face.

Belair was then able to roll up Asuka for the pinfall win.

IYO SKY and Bayley appeared immediately. IYO cashed in the briefcase after using it on Belair’s bad knee. She then hit the Over the Moonsault for the win. Dakota Kai appeared soon after to join the celebration for Damage CTRL.

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