Jimmy Uso betrays Jey, hands Roman Reigns the win in the SummerSlam main event

Image Courtesy: WWE

Jey Uso looked set to beat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam when a returning Jimmy betrayed him.

Roman Reigns also remains Chief of the Bloodline after the ‘Tribal Combat’ rules match.

Solo Sikoa was nowhere to be seen initially, with Reigns accompanied to the ring only by Paul Heyman.

Before the bell, Michael Cole explained the significance of the Samoan ‘Ula Fala’ garland, which would go to the winner along with the championship.

Tribal Combat means “anything goes,” Michael Cole said. Despite this, the match began conventionally enough inside the ring.

As soon as the action spilled outside the ring, the crowd started loud chants of “We want tables.” Jey complied and fetched a table from under the ring and set it up, but Roman Reigns forced him into the steel steps.

Back in the ring, the two traded blows. When Reigns was knocked outside the ring, Jey attempted a dive but Roman intercepted him with a kendo stick.

Later, Jey used the kendo stick on Reigns until it splintered. He then attempted the Uso Splash only to be hit with a Superman Punch.

Jey then dodged a spear and hit a superkick and successfully landed the Uso Splash. This only led to a two-count, however.

A frustrated Jey grabbed a chair and nailed Reigns across the back twice. As the crowd chanted, “One more time,” Jey headed outside and tossed multiple chairs into the ring.

Jey attempted to superplex Reigns onto the chairs but wound up being power bombed onto them himself for a near-fall.

Reigns set up a second table in the corner of the ring, giving Jey time to recover.

The two fought at the ring apron, with Jey then putting both men through the table on the floor with a Samoan drop.

Jey then grabbed a leather strap and whipped Roman with it to the point that Reigns tried to escape into the crowd.

At this point, Solo Sikoa appeared and laid into Jey before choke-slamming him through yet another table.

Sikoa then carried a lifeless Jey back to the ring and attacked him as Reigns caught his breath.

Solo and Reigns then teamed up to deliver a Samoan Spike and spear combination. But Jey was able to move out of the way, leaving Sikoa to take the spear.

After a near-fall for Jey, he attacked both Sikoa and Reigns with a chair.

Solo and Reigns got the upper hand again but argued on the outside, allowing Jey to spear Reigns through the ringside barricade.

Jey then delivered a splash to Solo on the announce table, seemingly taking him out.

Back in the ring, just as Jey was about to win, a masked Jimmy Uso pulled him out of the ring by the feet. The twins stared at each other and then Jimmy delivered a superkick and threw Jey back into the ring.

This allowed Reigns to spear Jey through the table he had set up earlier and pin Jey.

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