Erick Redbeard reflects on the legacy of The Wyatt Family: “We were one a kind, we were unique”

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Redbeard states that they were one of a kind. 

The legacy of the group known as The Wyatt Family (Windham Rotunda, Jon Huber, Erick Redbeard & Braun Strowman) was discussed by Redbeard as he was doing a virtual signing with K & S WrestleFest

Redbeard touched on how he feels fans will remember the group. He stated that they were unique and one of a kind. 

I mean, just one word, unique (is how I think The Wyatt Family will be remembered). You look back at the last, like you said, however many years and we were one a kind. We were unique. We kind of came out of nowhere and we did not fit the mold of professional wrestlers.

Earlier in the signing, Redbeard said he’ll think about writing a book after he tallies up a few more years in the wrestling business. 

Maybe after a few more years in this business (I’ll think about writing a book).

In December 2020, Jon Huber a.k.a. Brodie Lee/Luke Harper passed away. In August 2023, Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) passed at the age of 36.

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