Jim Ross discusses how much he thinks WWE ‘missed’ with Gail Kim, calls her underutilized

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Both Gail Kim and Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs praised by Jim Ross. 

The subject of episode #232 of Jim Ross’ Grilling J.R. podcast was WWE’s 2003 Unforgiven pay-per-view. Two talents that were featured on that card was Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs and current IMPACT Wrestling Head of Talent Relations, Gail Kim. 

While speaking about Gail, J.R. expressed his opinion that she’s probably the most underutilized woman that WWE hired while he was with the company. He reiterated how much he believes WWE missed with Gail. 

I thought of all the women we hired over the years, Gail Kim was probably the most underutilized one that I can remember off the top of my head. Classy person, beautiful look, physical, mechanically sound, everything. ‘She is an Asian woman.’ Who cares? (Ross referencing a past conversation with Vince McMahon about hiring Gail) She was also beautiful and sexy and athletic. That’s another one that we didn’t get the mileage out of that we could’ve and should’ve in my opinion. I’m glad that she’s still in the business. I know she’s doing some stuff with… what’s the company? IMPACT, yeah. Sorry, I made a blank. I’m not pissing on IMPACT whatsoever. I enjoy what they do and it gives the talents a place to work and a TV show to be appearing on but I love Gail Kim’s work and I think that we probably missed on her as much as any female that we ever brought in. She just was amazing and she still is amazing. She still contributes to the business and for that fact, we can all be fortunate because the more Gail Kim I see as a competitor, a performer, the better off I like it because I think she’s just tremendous.

In that same vein, Ross went on to heap praise on Glenn Jacobs. He stated he does not know if he’s ever hired a more reliable talent than Jacobs.

I saw Kane when he was The Unabomber, I think was his name at the time, when he was working for (Jim) Cornette in Smokey Mountain and I said, ‘This son of a b*tch, he needs to be on the big stage.’ He’s smart, he’s reliable, he’s impressive-looking, and I don’t know if I’ve ever hired a more reliable guy than Glenn Jacobs.

Kim returned to in-ring competition at IMPACT 1000. She was a part of a 10-woman tag match that headlined part two of IMPACT 1000. She sustained a concussion in the match.

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