The Cavinder Twins’ agent: “We’re still in deep and heavy conversations with WWE”

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Their agent spoke to the media after Haley announced her intentions to go back to NCAA basketball. 

Former University of Miami guard, Haley Cavinder is choosing to return to NCAA basketball. She has one year of eligibility left and is going to enter the transfer portal in hopes of playing on a team in the 2024-2025 season. 

TheStreet caught up with Haley and Hanna Cavinder’s agent, Jeff Hoffman. He told the outlet that Haley’s decision is solely about her desire to play basketball. He added that nothing would be lost on the business end for The Cavinder Twins if Haley ends up back on a team. 

This is about passion and sport and competing, and recognizing that that clock is finite… Nothing would be lost (on the business end).

Haley and Hanna were signed to WWE N.I.L. deals. Over the summer, the duo visited the WWE Performance Center for an NXT TV taping. They appeared after the main event of the 6/6 NXT. Haley and Hanna were with Chase University and celebrated with Thea Hail after her victory

Hoffman said their partnership with WWE is not going anywhere and they are still in ‘deep and heavy’ conversations with the company. He said when they were at the Performance Center, they were discussing upcoming training sessions.

We’re still in deep and heavy conversations with WWE. We were out the training facility a few months ago. We were discussing upcoming trainings.

It is noted in the article that Hanna ‘graduated’ from WWE’s N.I.L. program, but Haley’s return to NCAA could change Hanna’s status. Jeff Hoffman added that the opportunity to work with WWE is still on the table and details simply need to be ‘ironed out’. He confirmed that Hanna does not intend on going back to basketball. 

When it comes to what team Haley would like to play for, Hoffman said University of Miami is still on the table. He has talked with Hayley about supporting women’s basketball beyond the collegiate level.

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