Billy Corgan recalls Dixie Carter pitching idea similar to NWA The World is a Vampire tour, TNA putting pressure on him

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Corgan said he declined the idea multiple times. 

From April 15th-30th, members of the National Wrestling Alliance talent roster and staff toured with Billy Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins for The World is a Vampire tour in Australia. The NWA hosted matches at the same shows Smashing Pumpkins performed at. 

While speaking to Slam Wrestling, Corgan shared that when he was a part of TNA Wrestling and even prior to joining the company, Dixie Carter suggested an idea similar to The World is a Vampire tour. The focus of it was to further crossover rock and wrestling and help move tickets for TNA events. 

Corgan stated that he declined that venture a lot, adding that there was even pressure put on him by those in TNA. 

Well, honestly, you have to go back to Dixie Carter pitching me probably even before I was in TNA if there was something we could do with music and wrestling; obviously, from her position, to create a greater draw. They wanted to be able to go into bigger buildings, but they were trying to figure out how to sell tickets and so at some point she reached out to me, ‘Is this something you would be interested (in)?’

I’ve seen enough to know that the way it usually got booked in the wrestling world was the music artists always came across as second-class citizens because of the way that the wrestlers needed to be portrayed. When I was in the TNA office, the idea came up many more times and there was tremendous pressure put on me to help them sell tickets like, ‘Hey, aren’t you part of the team?’ Kind of thing. And I was like, ‘Yeah, but I know you guys aren’t going to do it right, and if you’re not going to do it right, I’m not going to do it.’ So that never crossed that bridge.

Billy Corgan made the announcement that NWA has signed two television deals. For more regarding that, head over to this link.

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