Alicia Fox comments on how WWE treated her, being put back on developmental deal, issue with NXT talents in 2015

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In a candid interview, Alicia Fox touches on a handful of subjects. 

After 17 years with WWE, Victoria Crawford a.k.a. Alicia Fox wrapped up with the company following her contract expiring in April 2023

She has spoken about her time in the company and memories from her run on numerous occasions and most recently sat down with Elijah Burke to record an interview for ‘The Pope’s Point of View’ podcast. Fox stated that she now understands why WWE treated her the way they did seeing as how ‘our bosses’ did blackface. 

Fox then made a comment that she also was not the one who was bringing in cameras and exploiting her friends on an already exploited agreement. 

As long as that particular company has been doing blackface and our bosses have been doing these characters, it makes sense to me now why they were treating me like this because for me, I didn’t study the history of wrestling going forward. I lived that experience linearly. I did what they told me to do, I drove those hours. I was on a tour bus with my fiancé being driven around… I also wasn’t bringing camera crews in to exploit my friends on an already exploited agreement. There’s a whole ’nother thing. But then in the history of that particular, they got people on reality shows all day long but guess what? Since social media and everybody’s their independent brand. That was years ago, okay? Years ago.

She would go on to tell the story of when she went into Vince McMahon’s office to speak to him about ‘seniority’ in the women’s locker room. At the time, she had an issue with NXT talents that joined the main roster. Fox felt she did not have the credentials to be involved in certain conversations. The specific time period she was referring to would be clarified in a later quote. 

Fox was referring to 2015 when Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Mercedes Moné arrived to the main roster. She recalled being in a talent meeting and being told that as the NXT talents became more involved, those who had been there would become utility players. She did not say who told them that, but she approached an individual about the remark and was met with the response that they were just doing business. 

I kind of remember going into Vince’s office one day and he was always really nice and welcoming when I would knock. But I’ll tell you what… the thing I did not capitalize on is his invitation to say, ‘Knock on my door any time.’ He was so nice. He was like, ‘Who is it!?’ And I’m like, ‘Boss, can I?’ And he’s like, ‘Can you give me a minute?’ And this particular day, I was going in to ask him about seniority in the locker room, because I had an issue with the way some of the NXT talent who had already been comfortable and now at this point, established from the backs before, that you would know… I didn’t have the credentials as far as gold to look the part in any conversation and maybe it’s me self-manifesting misery. But it was just really tricky because most of our locker rooms were the glossy girls, you know? When NXT came in and I, again, started slowly being the last of the Mohicans here, I naturally gravitated to more of the enhancement talent even though it was very stated to us in a talent meeting that as NXT’s coming up, y’all are utility talent and the craziest thing about that is-is I remember walking out of that meeting with a lot of us from FCW, OVW, like us old school, our generation, and wondering if he was telling us the truth. There’s no way we’re gonna have to be these utility talent. I never even heard it put like that, and I think I even went to the one — I’m not even gonna mention his name — and I asked him, I go, ‘What do you mean?’ From the history we had from the first storyline, I thought that communication, in my mind, seemed decent. But, no, it was not. I just remember him being, ‘Doing business!’ Or something. It was such a flat — whatever. But, eventually, I saw a lot of spirits being broken. I saw a lot of people fall into their own situations. Whenever NXT came, it just really changed a lot for a lot of individuals and not just me and it was hard to see my friends suffer like that. I knew in my heart they were.

Fast forwarding to the back end of her time with WWE, Fox claims that ‘everyone’ got new contracts during the COVID-19 pandemic. She revealed that she was put on a three-year developmental contract. She stated that she never got a royalty check during that period. Fox feels it’s a problem that she was with WWE for 17 years and has not been able to build wealth. 

Going back to when she was aligned with Nikki and Brie Garcia as a part of Team Bella, Fox said she saw no royalties from that group’s merchandise sales. She further spoke about being a ‘utility player’ for Flair, Lynch, Saraya and Team B.A.D. (Mercedes Moné, Trinity Fatu & Tamina). Fox said she did that just for talents to get the title and quit. She finished that specific sentence by saying ‘Moné’ before moving on to her next talking point. 

During the pandemic, everyone got new contracts because of like, whatever going on and I had signed a three-year under like… maybe developmental I made this. It was pretty whatever but I thought I was under a stipulation because they had paid for my 30-day recovery situation. Because I don’t know if you have to go to rehab, you automatically get fired. I mean, I don’t really know because they don’t tell you anything so these are all speculations. But what I lived was after I got out of my 30-day, I got the call that everyone’s getting new contracts because of the pandemic and everything. I got bumped to a developmental situation for three years which for me, I was almost still so… in such a state of being beaten by that, but just whatever. I don’t even know, I don’t care. Not that I don’t care but it was like, I don’t, right now, have the time to fight with you guys. Y’all wanna sign me a little contract? Fine. But, so I can’t use my name for three years? I kind of still have an issue with that. Because at the time, social media was going and all of the individuals that had popular social media presences because they had titleship opportunities, because they were able to create in the space… During that three years, I had never gotten a royalty check until I went on my Twitch and showed my emotions when one of the fans asked me what it was like to be on Team Bella and I went, ‘Actually, it f*cking sucked,’ and it made me get emotional because it’s true and it’s my truth and why it makes me emotional today is because I can’t pay my bills, you know what I’m saying? I’m not saying in a sense of… What I’m saying is I cannot build wealth. That is a problem if I’ve been in a company for 17 years. I don’t care about being rich, I don’t care about being poor… When I’m asked about something, I’m willing to tell the truth. It sucked to work with Team Bella. You wanna know why? Because I’m Alicia Fox and I was very clear that there were a lot of t-shirts in the audience and I was sure I won’t get a penny. So I went to the office and I asked them, I go, ‘Is this gonna help my bills? Because I think my royalty checks were so flat. I’m not seeing any money…’ So just a decent check, right? Especially because we’re paying for all our expenses and he goes, ‘Those girls make 50 cents. Those girls aren’t making any money’ and I believed it I guess but I went on, I continued my Total Bellas stuff, whatever it was and then when the pandemic hit and they gave me a developmental contract whereas, that’s before taxes. So there’s the tax, then I have my attorney because look at me. I’m not walking around this contract by myself no more. You better believe that. For eight, nine years, I’ve had the same council and she is a college degree, so excuse me and more importantly, the liquid wealth… Really, y’all are borrowing my body to put over your superstars. I am not an employee. I paid to go to work, I paid for that career so I don’t know. They should put more titles behind it because I paid for those too behind my name. The last thing I’ll just say on that is like, you know, so I went on Twitch when I could and I had mentioned after I had said it, I go, ‘You know, the thing is it makes me so mad looking at all that Team Bella stuff because I knew I was never gonna see a penny.’ I knew it from the day that they just randomly put us together so we could be utility talents for all NXT’s Charlotte (Flair), Becky (Lynch) and Paige and then the Team B.A.D., you know? So I wasn’t just a utility spare tire for them, I was also the damn push buggy for — all three of us were — for the rest of the generations to come to go ahead and get the title to quit at the end of the day, Moné… Give me money. So anyway, then, what I’ll say just last about the evolution thing, it’s really interesting to me because I think I get more pissed today looking at the girls’ podcasts talking about their experience, strength and hope and truth… and it’s crazy. It’s so crazy because you know why?… Some of ‘em have been flown to L.A. to get gear, some of them have been doing promiscuous things on-set, whatever going on. I never knew all that but now y’all on podcasts, post social media. So, who was the other character in the locker — it’s just bizarre because I wonder if they’re getting their royalties today because that’s all I wanna know.

Fox, now going by ‘Vix Crow’, appeared for Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion on July 15th. She confronted the promotion’s then-Diamonds Division Champion, Promise Braxton.

Fox stated that she did plan on training with Booker T. She has not wrestled in a sanctioned match since the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble

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