SmackDown Results: Belair Defeats Bayley, B-Fab Returns

Photo Courtesy: WWE

November 3, 2023
Fiserv Forum – Milwaukee, WI

By: John Kleinchester


LA Knight & Roman Reigns

This week’s edition of SmackDown was taped immediately after the end of last week’s show in Milwaukee since talent would have to be traveling to or already in Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel, happening tomorrow. LA Knight was out first to kick off the show and talked about how he dropped Roman Reigns last week and would do it again tomorrow. Roman Reigns interrupted and gave Knight credit for getting the people onto his side while he was away on his leave. He then called LA Knight a “redneck version of his cousin” and the opponents went back and forth until officials had to separate them.

Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory

Kevin Owens was out next with a new Augmented Reality brick wall that a wrecking ball with “KO” on it bursts through. Grayson Waller was out for commentary here and Austin Theory was interviewed in the back saying that after he was done, Kevin Owens wouldn’t have to wear a mask for Halloween this year (which seemed to indicate they temporarily forgot they were taping and this would air after Halloween). Waller was distracting Owens at ringside but Owens was able to hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb and Stunner for the victory. 


Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair was interviewed by Cathy Kelley backstage and said that when Damage CTRL took her out, it became personal. With that, Bayley and IYO Sky attacked Belair, and WWE officials had to separate them.


A Wild B-Fab Appears

Logan Paul was walking backstage and ran into Street Profits and Bobby Lashley who congratulated him on taking out Rey Mysterio last week. Lashley said that Logan was a great example of aggression that the Profits should aspire to be like. Suddenly, B-Fab appeared for the first time in a long time. B-Fab asked if she could speak with Lashley privately and he obliged.

Charlotte Flair, Shotzi’s Friend

A video from SmackDown LowDown was shown where Chelsea Green & Piper Niven challenged Shotzi and a “friend” to a match but then laughed that Shotzi had no friends. Shotzi came out and was joined by Charlotte. The commentary team noted that this would be a nontitle match but if the pair won, would be in line for a title match. Flair got the pin after a big boot to Chelsea Green in under three minutes. 


John Cena & Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa came out first for the “face-to-face” with John Cena. Paul Heyman got on the mic and said it was the “end of days for the Doctor of Thuganomics”. Sikoa grabbed the mic and said he was wasting his breath and that they came out to talk to John Cena face to face. Cena’s music then hit and he stormed down to the ring. Sikoa said that he was pissed off that he has to wait until tomorrow to fight him, but Roman Reigns ordered him to give Cena the microphone so he could say goodbye to the crowd because come tomorrow he wouldn’t be able to. Cena then started talking but was hoarse, selling the effects of last week’s Samoan Spike. Cena said Solo only had a job in WWE because of his cousin and then called him a bargain-basement Tazz ripoff.

Damage CTRL

Damage CTRL was backstage celebrating their demolishing of Bianca earlier in the night and Bayley joked that maybe she could take Bianca’s spot tomorrow at Crown Jewel. Nick Aldis then interjected and said that Damage CTRL would be barred from ringside tonight so they could guarantee a winner. 


Yet Another “Good ‘Ol Fashion Donnybrook” Match

Wooden spirits barrels and empty wine and beer bottles were placed at ringside for this match. The Brawling Brutes jumped Pretty Deadly during their entrance and took early command of the match. This match was all kinds of plunder and went back and forth until the Brutes attempted to put Prince hit Butch in the head with a bottle and the team put Butch through a table for the win. 

Aldis/Heyman and a “Weigh-In”

Nick Aldis ran into Paul Heyman backstage and Heyman said that this was the most savage version of Roman Reigns anyone has ever seen and to have extra medical personnel on hand tomorrow at Crown Jewel. Next was the United States Championship Weigh-In which took place backstage somewhere with “photographers” and WWE officials present. Logan Paul went first and weighed in at 213 lbs. Rey Mysterio weighed in at 175 lbs. Then Nick Aldis asked them to face off and they both started jawing at each other. Paul patted Mysterio on the head and Rey slapped Paul in the face. Then a brawl ensued with Rey hitting Logan in the head with the mic. 

Bianca Belair vs. Bayley

In the main event of the evening, Bianca Belair took on Bayley who was not accompanied by Damage CTRL as they were banned from ringside by Nick Aldis earlier in the night. The opponents had a see-saw match in front of a very exhausted audience that clearly was at the end of a long night. Bianca picked up the win after using her hair to slap Bayley in the midsection and following that up with the KOD. After the match, Bianca put Bayley through the announce desk with another KOD.

Announced for SmackDown Next Week in Columbus, OH:

  • Carlito vs. Bobby Lashley

Friday Night SmackDown Results:

  • Kevin Owens over Austin Theory in 7:20
  • Charlotte Flair & Shotzi over Chelsea Green & Piper Niven in 2:58
  • Pretty Deadly over The Brawling Brutes in 12:24
  • Bianca Belair over Bayley in 13:20
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