Kairi Sane returns to WWE at Crown Jewel, helps IYO SKY retain Women’s Title

Kairi is back in WWE. 

The WWE Women’s Championship was on the line at Crown Jewel as IYO SKY defended against Bianca Belair. SKY’s teammate in Damage CTRL, Bayley, got involved in an attempt to help SKY. 

On the outside of the ring, Belair lifted Bayley up for a K.O.D. but Bayley was pulled off by former NXT and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane. Kairi took out Belair and when Belair rolled into the ring, IYO hit her moonsault for the win. IYO and Kairi then embraced while Bayley was on the outside. 

Kairi opted to depart WWE in 2020. She returned to STARDOM and along with winning the Artist of Stardom Championship for a fifth time, she became the first-ever IWGP Women’s Champion

Over the summer, Kairi shared that she would be taking a leave of absence at the end of September. She had multiple dates lined up before that end date and now she is back in WWE. 

In her last WWE match in July 2020, KAIRI defeated Bayley and then Bayley beat her down in what would be her final appearance for the company until present day.

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